My Disturbing Observations

For the past 20 years I have studied the art and discipline of Aikido. I am a qualified master instructor. For the past 13 years I have studied the field of spiritual healing. Through these passions of mine, I have learned how to "see" auras with my third (inner) eye, and "feel" Chakras and Chi in all living things. Even though I have been given titles, I am now and forever will be, a student first.

With regards to auras, I choose to see the auras in all people. This has served me well in my personal growth and understanding of others. It has also served as a heads-up when I have needed it. Although auras vary wildly from person to person and are sometimes barely detectable, auras are ALWAYS present, always. Untl recently.

Here is my concern and also what I believe brought me to Truth Control. For the past several months, I have encountered individuals who project NO auras! Nothing! I have never experienced anything like this before. When I see these "people" through my third eye, they are nearly invisible. Since this is extraordinary and unpresedented in my life experience, I notice them...and they notice me noticing them! Even from a distance or in a crowd, they stop what they are doing and glare my direction. It is a disturbing look and makes me feel uneasy.

Since I first noticed this disturbing phenomenon, I have seen more and more of them. Some are alone, but more and more often, they are in small groups. Through my physical eyes, they appear normal and unremarkable.

Recently, I saw an average looking man in business attire standing alone in a lobby. He had NO aura. I had to find out why. As he watched me approach him, I got queasy. I asked him for directions and shook his hand. Not only did he not have any aura whatsoever, he had no Chi and no Chakras! Not enen blocked ones. That is impossible in my experience. I got dizzy, developed an instant pounding headache and nausea. I excused myself, and promptly vomited in the bushes outside.

I talked to one of my mentors about this and he said he has had similar experiences recently. He does not understand it either. I do not take drugs and I always speak my truth.

Does anyone here have any thoughts, ideas or explainations for this? Has anyone else noticed this? This is extremely important to me...maybe to all of us. Thank you. Love and light to all.

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UN.i1-PHI: yea i was not just talkin bout materialistic/physical food/feast

they ALSO feed from (emitted) 'etheric' energies everywhere and have harnessing networks from moon to planet and planet to stars and others etc.....

bluesbaby5050: Yes Uni I.....

I understood what you meant by ALL their methods of feeding on humans, and not just in the physical.

Tim Lovell: Don't worry BB I know this ,

Don't worry BB I know this , we will , ALL of us, WILL end this once and forever this time.. there is NO doubt !

Tim Lovell: BTW something different to

BTW something different to change the subject , thew Corrs live...

lol.. it makes this all seem a joke of a past better forgotten?#


lets move on now guys...

Tim Lovell: live! live your life NOW don

live! live your life NOW don't give it away to other , LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW, fuck this shit nothing matters but what you do now..
you must live your life , if you don't you will only regret later .. trust me , the ETs are real yes but why should this dominate your entire life?

isn't YOUR life more important? isn't that just giving it away like they say to other power?

what do I say?


UN.i1-PHI: i get what ya sayin but can't just REALly forget and ignore it;p
can't just REALly forget and ignore it tim ;p
while its still the matrix your LIVING in...
well you can ignore ,and keep F-lowing livINg life BY the MATRIX...
but then who's left to BREAK it?
so we can escape IT...
so 'TPTB'-THEY do everythin to keep you going!
without resistance IN their systems,,
even if its just IN-joying!
you want to live and spend your life IN their MATRIX dimentions while they (ab)use your power
or..,is it more important to help get your&our own REAL life OUTside a virtual reality machine matrix of control that is spending you(R life) by every 'hour'!?.
Tim Lovell: yes I agree uni but I was

yes I agree uni but I was meaning that time is prescious lol , yes get out of their matrix also I agree on that totally of course.

UN.i1-PHI: yea i understand what u meant... :)

but if this life aint that real real life then are we wasting time just continueing living it in&by their systems...but its not wasted if we figure/manage to escape it (but ofc we also need to enjoy it when we can, but just sayin if we only enjoy and keep on livin in here without changing&escaping the root of evil controlling matrix and ONLY trying to supress its symtoms/minions (even while we also IN-joy), then it will just continue, going on and on...while we're sitting in a matrix and we aint in/perceiving the real life reality!?)
Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

Crackdown: Question

When you are reffering to "matrix" - are you talking about electroplasmic grid around our planet, or something else?

Crackdown: so, Matrix = Holographic Universe ?

if yes: by liberation from matrix, do you mean the escape from "holographic universe" to "real universe"?

Crackdown: Re: Holographic Universe

How are you going to liberate from matrix - if it is holographic universe and is everywhere?

UN.i1-PHI: unplug/deactivate control systems
(if i haven't got anything wrong;)
with the will of your spirit=YOURSELF(your real self)
unplug and get rid of DNA,
SOUL; EXpell(its sent from a collective hive to/on you and controls your spirit )
becoming the REAL you, inside AND outside this matrix, as you could leave when you're free
some have come here to help us with this and are on a mission, and we all are in one way or another
some are already more REAL-IZED than others but came to help free others and fight archons & other malevolance
; ask eevie (and read all he said) this is where i get this so clear from and i'm very thankful for him and all he did and shared!

ps.oops looks like its gettin much too narrow here...!!
but these three are implanted controlling & harnessing systems in the matrix;

susanluvs: My higher self has also

My higher self has also confirmed it. It is all ok. Lighten up, I am told. All my chakras are open and I am in a continuous love state of being.

susanluvs: My higher self has also

My higher self has also confirmed it. It is all ok. Lighten up, I am told. All my chakras are open and I am in a continuous love state of being.

susanluvs: eevie--- I have had many

eevie--- I have had many visions not of this planet. I have shut them down, I am told because I am here for a reason and it is a distraction from the work I am doing. No, I do not go out of body.

eevie: oobs

susan, are you sure you don't oob? Can you oob is more the question. Many dreams are just that, oobs. If you know for sure that you can't oob, it is possible you could be a clone, or OP. They cannot oob as they have no spirit/spark of life/energy being. What you remember could be your memories, or those of the original body. I am not saying this is the case for you, but given the info you have provided, it leans in that direction. The important thing is CAN you oob.

eevie: my higher self has also

susan, your dreams of these other worlds, they aren't dreams. You are really going there, out of body. the one who told you that you have no aura was lying. Channeling only connects us to lying lower realm entities, truth. Your chakras are a harness, how they control us. Don't shut down your dreams, actual oobs to other planets. I"ve done the same. We are doing our most important work when we oob.

eevie: Your cells don't need to be

Your cells don't need to be told what to do by outside sources. They have been harnessed with dna by our so called benefactors, the ets, many, many different species of them have screwed with us, changing us according to their will, dumbing us down, cutting our connection to source, etc. Making the slaves of us that we are today. You have had DNA shoved down your throat and up your ass so much, ever wonder why? Not because it's a new frontier. that's more bs. It's because they know we are awakening to truth and they are reinforcing their lies on humanity. Seriously, believe not a damn thing they publish. news, science, economics, health, spirituality, not a fucking thing. dna is a prison and keeps us from evolving, from already being the cosmic citizens that we have forgotten we are. Wake up.....again......and again.......and again.......until we are out of here.

bluesbaby5050: People Should stay away from all the "NEW -AGE" .............

Advice in the books, and videos that is so widely given in the stores, and though the internet. This is THEM and THEIR Products/Tools to Dumb Down the humans that are IGNORANT to the Truth here. Just to let you know, I also agree with you about the human DNA and the manipulations done with it , and we all have gone though this because of them. It's now time for people to wake up, and to take back the freedoms from those thieves that have stolen from us.

UN.i1-PHI: yes as i tried to say before theyre promoting chakras&DNA system

its very obvoius (how) they(NWO NAM) want to highjack/control the course of spirituality/spiritual evolution with their tactics/deception, many good hearted/intended people follow/fall into it but if they knew what its all really about they would be shocked and not comply but and even(tually) 'fight' against it!

eevie: Yes! It's so obvious that it

Yes! It's so obvious that it's ridiculous! And, they don't care if we know. :) They truly are insane. Any and every thing they promote is something to run from with everything in you. :) Truth lies in the opposite direction.

eevie: Yes, people need to distance

Yes, people need to distance themselves from new age. It is a government organization set up to derail the awakening they saw coming. :) Screw them and religion. We are waking up again and again, more and more awakenings and with each one we regain more of our power. taking up your personal power is your way out of this false light universe. :) It's time, bluesbaby. It's time. It seems all i can do to contain my energy in this body, i just feel like exploding forth! :)

bluesbaby5050: HAHAHA!

YA, I ALSO GET THIS WAY TOO :) I get so energized, juiced up I just want to clear all of it away like a bulldozer at full speed! I just want to CLEAN HOUSE on this planet! TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!

eevie: lolol take out the trash

lolol take out the trash indeed!! My favorite thing now is oobing into battle. guess that's what i was made for. :) I love taking the garbage out, the refuse, the rotted dead shit. haha

eevie: Do you know that if a clone

Do you know that if a clone has a high enough vibe we can request a soul for them if they want one and they get a soul. :) Nothing has happened that does not have an answer. :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes I did read about.....

About this also. Clones are still a life form, and so this is to be granted to only those that are high enough in vibrations, and they are VERY LUCKY to get a soul! Not every artificial life form gets one, and that's why, because of their vibrational level. If it stays of the dark- lower vibration, as this was why it was created for, and to SERVE THAT PURPOSE, it will remain so, unless it chooses to rise higher by good intentions, and it's deeds depending on it's experiences.

UN.i1-PHI: what about the greys etc stealing souls

do they fill/force them into their own cloned bodies too or is this not possible...
i heard they kept em bondage and force them even in artificial humanoid clones in quarantine to be raped eaten etc...
i think its said to happen in the moon too and in the van allen belt or something...
they must have find some ways to manage too do that huh, i wonder if they fill/force in their own dark/grey beings/bodies with other souls too or/and theyre just hive mind controlled and possessed by their higher reptilian overlords/masters/commanders...

bluesbaby5050: I read that they- the Greys have/use a ...........

A machine to do this. The souls are sucked out of THEIR OWN HUMAN BODIES with this machine, and then the souls are kept inside a cylinder that is tightly sealed. The clones are completely programmed for many purposes, and they do not have a long life span. Ten years at the most, and they will start to break down on many levels before the 10 years are up. Speech, and motor skills regress rapidly. This is all I know about this as of this moment. Sorry I can't give more knowledge on this.

UN.i1-PHI: yea i heard you before on that but what about filling their grey

their own grey bodies with a soul entrapped and programmed so they acheive some abilities of 'life' or whats left of it for them... not just the extra(external) OWNED clone bodies, but their OWN bodies, as the greys are mostly always clones themselves cause they cant even reproduce thats why they're trying so hard to fix and mix their problems with their genetic abductive experiments...and to feed/please their 'masters' ofcourse... i wish they rise their own vibration someway even by accidentally in some vain attempt for more power or whatever and they also get volunteered rebel souls steering their(physicality/bodies) to rebel, infiltrate and fukup their no-longer masters system of hierarchical tyranny and gettem back for the shit they have done to them and made them do and be...

they're all used marionet puppets when will they all cut their strings from the childish playing puppeteers and then finally get/deserve Alife...

bluesbaby5050: Yes they are HIVE MIND Controlled,and............

They are Controlled in this manner at all times. They have been programmed by the Greys. Yes this happens on the Moon as the Moon is also used for their storage areas.

eevie: There are many varieties of

There are many varieties of clones, depends on who makes them. Some are made to last a few months, bones made of plastic. So cruel. Some made to last years and all in between. The Obama clone is replaced every 3 years. I have been in one of my cloned bodies. It was beefed up for battle of course, titanium bones, etc. You can die while in battle in these bodies. They grab you up and put you back into your body, or another clone.
The spirit of earth left here some time ago, returned to source. She has now returned and she is on reset. All of creation of earth is in reset mode, it is being executed as i type. This is why we are putting souls into clones, those who are high enough vibe and want a soul. We don't want what is not in the reset to be destroyed, or just disappear. I knew things had changed, but wow!!
btw the archons cannot contain our souls within themselves. no matter how many experiments are made, it will never happen. You will either have a heart based human/rep, or a non heart based rep/human. I am the former. It is your soul/energy being that matters and it is all that matters....i'm talking about our hearts, our true selves.

UN.i1-PHI: awesome fresh info again eevie thnx!

perhaps you could do an topic/thread on archons or/and;p what more this re-settings implies once you feel like and have the time to you seem very experienced in these thing and you're sharing awesome important info that should be out there to learn and know for the public if they want to, i've only read vague things about these archons perhaps you could do a great job on that too eh!

eevie: Thank you. I will see what i

Thank you. I will see what i can do. I should have time over the holidays. Soul families are banding together. There is much strength and power in this. :) I gave up on even having a soul family and that's when they found me. :) We are warriors, wizards, mages, healers, you name it. We have it all covered. Each one bringing their special abilities to the mix. Lots of MILABs, too.
If i don't make it back, I wish everyone a very happy and wish filled holiday. :) Love you guys.

UN.i1-PHI: if you dont make it back...

we/i'll sure miss you around here as short as i 'know' u, you'll be understood and remembered for the good and brave things you've done, are doing and will keep on doing and thanx for that love you too man i wish you much strength,survival and deserved happiness!

eevie: :) Thank you so very much. 4

:) Thank you so very much. 4 weeks ago this sunday night, i was abducted, along with a friend who is also a MILAB super soldier and SRA survivor. We have the same training and have the same crowley/bush blood in us. We are rogue from the nazi rothschilds.
We were abducted by MILAB and taken to the west coast. Crowley is hq'd under disneyland. We both have disney programming as well. I was taken there after hours as a child for trauma based mind control. We were taken before crowley and my memories were downloaded and false ones uploaded. Black goo was forced into us. But, before these things were done to us, we delivered a timely message to our "grandfather" crowley. We told him his time is up, to stand down. Scared the shit out of him. Real fear is something to see in one like the beast. We also remember going again into the underwater base off the west coast. Something to do with the dolphin people. Not sure. They have used me to abduct other MILABs for missions, training and programming in this underwater base. Long story short, a soul family member retrieved my memories for me and rid me of the false ones. I never actually allowed the false ones. They were kind of orbiting about my head. Really weird. still trying to pull back from that mind fucking. The pain from having your memories messed with is indescribable. You wish for death. The same young lady stopped the pain as well. I was unable to help myself. They intended me to die that day. But, she stopped them. the black goo i vomited up, over and over as it would crawl back down my throat. The effects it had on my consciousness is amazing.
I've since learned that the bush/crowley nazi regime is backing down and wanting to negotiate.

bluesbaby5050: You said that a soul family member ......

Had stopped them from killing you that day. I'm just curious, as to how she was able to do this, and if she has high rank, and this was how? How did she retrieve your true memories, and give them to you? She must of downloaded them into your mind somehow, and also relieved you of the pain. I'm glad she was able to do this for you. Is she turning towards the light side for the betterment of her soul you think?

eevie: We are all powerful and we

We are all powerful and we have to remember this and i mean truly remember. IF you have to go back to ancient past life and pull the memories of the feelings you had as that person. That will bring skill sets back to you and open up your memories.
She has stepped into her personal power is all. She trusts herself. It takes trust of self to reclaim your power and then you understand that you are your power. You won't abuse it. I can do the same for others, i was too messed up and ill to do anything for myself that morning. So she leaped before she looked. She suffered a horrible all day attack later from crowley and 666 minions. She is more than effective as are we all. :)

bluesbaby5050: Thank You.........

Thank you for those answers. I'm glad you have your memories back, and I'm sorry she had to pay the price for doing this for you. I knew that she would suffer from them for helping you. This is how they operate. Maybe she will turn sides, and finally see/find the light for the sake of her soul.

eevie: I am so sorry. I didn't

I am so sorry. I didn't explain very well. :) Problem for me these days. I tend to be blunt and to the point and miss out on details, important ones. She is of the true light, the positive light. :) One helluva warrior on her own terms. Energy is how she works.

bluesbaby5050: I see now.............

Thank you again for making this clearer for me, and for everyone else. Then Crowley, and company must be aware that your speaking all about them, and what they are up to now in this forum? I hope that they will leave you alone. And Thank You for all the hard work your doing. I sure hope you live long, and that you will survive it all. The galaxy is huge, and the job is great! Then there will be more galaxies to clean up. Know that we care now that we know about you. Thanks for joining TC.

eevie: Bluesbaby, you are just

Bluesbaby, you are just awesomely amazing! Thank you so very much. Yes, they know i have a mouth that won't shut. lol My emails are always read, even before the big NSA announcement. I talk to them in the emails to others. lol My google + page header tells the spies to fuck off in big bold letters. :) btw fuck off is one of the most powerful phrases you can use against archons. with much feeling and anger. ha it isn't bad. they just made us believe it is. words of power against the bastards. :)
I have more than likely worked with you. Your energy is familiar. :)

bluesbaby5050: Ya...........

I get a lot of flak about my kind of methods, and my chosen words also. Maybe we have worked together. I don't take any crap from anyone, and I also use this same phrase too," FUCK OFF!" Only when I have had enough of the BULLSHIT! I JUST SERVE IT RIGHT BACK TO WHERE IT COMES FROM. This really gets under the skin, and even the thickest of em. Lol!

eevie: btw anya briggs was involved

btw anya briggs was involved with our abductions that night.
I confronted her about it, just want to talk, you know? Not a word from her. :)

bluesbaby5050: I really do not believe that this would/could be........

Trusted with them. They are SO DECIETFUL, and VERY UN-TRUSTWORTHY by their past, and present histories. They would just RENIG on what ever was agreed on anyways. They are GREAT LIARS!

eevie: There is a degree of trust

There is a degree of trust that says if you don't keep your word, woe be unto you. :)
the black goo is not evil. It is sentient and the oldest "living" being. It has moved into our solar system, it eats as it goes. Negative energy, positive energy. They have programmed it to mind control the ones it is in. My first experience with the goo was in Panama when i was in the home of general albert stubblebine and wife rima laibow. When he became angry with me his eyes would turn totally black, no whites. The programmed goo controls you. I have learned how to assimilate this goo harmlessly and allow it to help me as i help it. i was about to remove the black goo from my friend, usually rip it out, but this had incorporated into the muscle and bone. I didn't know what to do at first. I found myself reaching out my hand and calling to it lovingly. It responded, called me momma and entered my body. It is expanding my consciousness:) I can totally relate to all sides of any and every issue. Matters not what it is. I find that a bonus cool. lol

bluesbaby5050: I wonder if this is related to the BLACK EYED CHILDREN......

I had wondered if this black goo is in the hybrids of the Greys/Human HYBRIDS, and these Human hybrid children are seen all over in different parts/regions of this planet? They are called by people as the "BLACK EYED CHILDREN." Many talk shows on these Black- Eyed children have been spoken about on the "Coast to Coast" talk shows with Art Bell, and George Noory,( the shows hosts). And many people have called into this show to talk of their Scary/Creepy Experiences with these Black- Eyed kids. This is the color of the whole eyeball in these kids. NO white color is seen in the eyeballs at all, none, only pure Black color. And these kids appear in groups of 2-3 or 4 children at a time, no younger then 8 years of age, and they always ask to be let inside of these people's houses! They never use the door-bells, they always have a slow drawn out knock that stops when you open the door. They appear in parking lots and ask the same questions to be let in to their cars, or their trucks. They ask to use the phone, or for some water, and some just out right demand to get inside your house for no reason. A word to the wise, if you should encounter any of these, NEVER LET THEM INUNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Once a woman, and her 10 year old son went to get some gas, and the mother had to go inside the store to pay for it, and when she came out this teen was sitting in the back seat with her son. She had asked him why he let the teen boy into the car, and her sons reply was, because I thought he wanted to go home with us to play with me. Days later the son ended up sick in the hospital. Cause of illness was unknown. (The boy lived after). The mother called into this show, and spoke about this weird Teenager with the total black eyes. These people that have encounters with these children all have said that they wear hooded sweatshirts, and out dated clothes. At first they have their heads down looking at the ground, and then they look up at the person talking to them, and the Eyes freak them out, and they say they feel a sinister vibration from them, and dread sets in, then fear sets in, and they just want to get away from them fast, or close the door fast! They say that they feel threatened somehow by them. This could be the new hybrids/clones? Weird for sure. Has anyone had any experiences with them before that they want to talk about here? If so, please do.

UN.i1-PHI: yes i tought that too!

black goo programmin (but dont necessairly have to be a hybrid species!?-->just blac goo takeover...?!)
Black eyed Kids | could be the black goo programming

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