My Disturbing Observations

For the past 20 years I have studied the art and discipline of Aikido. I am a qualified master instructor. For the past 13 years I have studied the field of spiritual healing. Through these passions of mine, I have learned how to "see" auras with my third (inner) eye, and "feel" Chakras and Chi in all living things. Even though I have been given titles, I am now and forever will be, a student first.

With regards to auras, I choose to see the auras in all people. This has served me well in my personal growth and understanding of others. It has also served as a heads-up when I have needed it. Although auras vary wildly from person to person and are sometimes barely detectable, auras are ALWAYS present, always. Untl recently.

Here is my concern and also what I believe brought me to Truth Control. For the past several months, I have encountered individuals who project NO auras! Nothing! I have never experienced anything like this before. When I see these "people" through my third eye, they are nearly invisible. Since this is extraordinary and unpresedented in my life experience, I notice them...and they notice me noticing them! Even from a distance or in a crowd, they stop what they are doing and glare my direction. It is a disturbing look and makes me feel uneasy.

Since I first noticed this disturbing phenomenon, I have seen more and more of them. Some are alone, but more and more often, they are in small groups. Through my physical eyes, they appear normal and unremarkable.

Recently, I saw an average looking man in business attire standing alone in a lobby. He had NO aura. I had to find out why. As he watched me approach him, I got queasy. I asked him for directions and shook his hand. Not only did he not have any aura whatsoever, he had no Chi and no Chakras! Not enen blocked ones. That is impossible in my experience. I got dizzy, developed an instant pounding headache and nausea. I excused myself, and promptly vomited in the bushes outside.

I talked to one of my mentors about this and he said he has had similar experiences recently. He does not understand it either. I do not take drugs and I always speak my truth.

Does anyone here have any thoughts, ideas or explainations for this? Has anyone else noticed this? This is extremely important to me...maybe to all of us. Thank you. Love and light to all.

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eevie: We don't need the chakras for

We don't need the chakras for any kind of function. Those of us who have shut them down are moving on up and out. No more limits, no more love bites, no more negative energy to have to deal with. Chakras are the direct pipe connect for entities to syphon our energy. No thanks. You keep doing what you believe and i will continue to do what i know. :)
Source? You will never connect to source thru chakras. The false light hierarchy is what you are in touch with thru your chakras. Sorry, but it's true. This 12d universe is one of deception. It is all matrix. To be truly free one must escape the entire thing, not move higher up in it. True source does not have initiates, or masters, none of the crap we have here. True source does not and will not work thru chakras. You cannot find source thru them. The chakras stop that spirit connection and connect you to the false light god of this negative universe. I am not from this universe and have always known the difference.

eevie: chakras

We are not connected to Source thru the chakras. We are connected directly to source thru our hearts. not a heart chakra. The chakra harness shuts down our natural "power center". Chakras gone this fires up again as it was always meant to be, active instead of dormant.

Tarheel: My advice on this...

I am NOT saying what you have been told is correct or incorrect, but don't believe everything you are told.
Look about for advice and direction but when you want The Answer/s, look within.

Season's Greetings !

eevie: artificial beings

Starperson, yes i have shut down my chakras. Many of us have. It is a harness as is DNA. ha Yeah, we don't need either of them. Our cells know what to do. The DNA is for genetic manipulation only, more control. The chakras are the way to go if you wish to stay in the matrix. This whole hierarchical system goes all the way to the highest dimension. To get out of this hell we have to unplug, shut down the chakras and get rid of the DNA. Seriously. Life is changing by leaps and bounds now. For the better of course!!

UN.i1-PHI: no need for chakras&D.N.A.?! awesome!!!

thats awesome controversial info!!! i was looking for this stuff in some ways.!. i've been questioning this too a bit but this really blows the hell out of it..!
could you pls tell as much as you can/want on this??? im really interested and im sure others would be/are too!(that the so called chakras & dna's are artificial harnessing devices to feed&please the suckers, unlike what is commonly told about that theyre essential to all life and that its a elevator for spirituality, but we are our souls in-carn-ated (eaten from/by the flesh lol) we're not just our body ;) )

*p.s. your red dragon avatar just strikes me as i'm personally into (&.red!) dragons/reptilians too (ORION) but in the benevolant way u kno... could you also tell us or PM me(if its too personal) about this?!!

and thx its very nice&interesting to hear from you again eevie!!!

eevie: no need for chakras&D.N.A.?! awesome!!!

You must be a rep hybrid as well Un.1. :) I am at least 40% reptilian. Many abductions and missions are done thru the chakras. Shut them down and they can't do shit with/to you. Not in all cases, but in many. Stop feeding the bastards!! lol Seriously. We want out of this matrix then we must unplug and that means literally.
Do me a favor and pm me first. I"m having all sorts of probs with this site. sorry. :)

UN.i1-PHI: aigh just to be clear i have not been intentionally activating

them(chakras etc) but i believe it isnt necessary as most of the population wouldnt/havent been doing that anyway and they would/are still able to feed from them massively(without the so called 'uprising' of the kundalini)

eevie: chakras

They feed on us regardless. Without the chakras they cannot boost the emotions to insane levels to gorge on. :) The world is kept in misery so they can feed on it. Sick shit really. I want to go home where beings don't feed on one another.

UN.i1-PHI: yesss well said

i really agree that's the/our situation here thats why we need/should to do something about it in order to stop and change/transform it into something 'good/positive' for us all...but it seems as 'we' first need to fix it to something better for the good ppl that has been&is being surpressed (for so long) to balance things out first and 'get em back' for our freedoms i too wish everyone could get along/mature and share life harmoniously but things also happen for more reasons/experiences than just enjoying life to its fullest with everyone, but i guess things always change.!?

eevie: yesss well said

We have surprise endings we are almost at the end of. :) Everything had to change. We were compromised from very high up. That will be dealt with. Pisses me every time i think about it. Our timelines are changing rapidly now. Big bumps when they happen and people are "disappearing' with each one. We are gradually moving up higher in vibe, so you will see the timeline get better. Something is imminent though. I feel we are leaving the matrix. Stay in your heart, allow/surrender to love. :)
I am kicking/killing archon ass almost 24/7 now. Narcoleptic oobs into battle, even while i'm driving. lol I'll be glad to fully bilocate on a regular basis rather than narcoleptic type behavior. lol

UN.i1-PHI: well they 'kinda' asked for it, and so they got em coming too xD

yeah thats awesome to hear from ya i read you kicked enlils ass/face offf his balloon etc. thanx!
i understand its not a way you/we would prefer to live in/by...
but someones gotta do it right ;P so greatly done and good job(S) from you!

eevie: chakras

:) I volunteered. Not everyone is a warrior. Most can't understand how beings of love can battle and kill. Well, that's not their job. If it was they would have no probs understanding. get a lot of judgment on this, so i truly, truly appreciate you and your kind words. Thank you. :) Helps give me incentive to keep going at it. Nothing like beating yourself up in battle for those ass holes, right? lolol
Where do i know you from? Please.

UN.i1-PHI: benevolant warriors

even the 'few' reptilian/draconian ones, thats what i meant before, its fascinating eh i have no problems with it, infact i would be really worried if there werent any!!!

eevie: few

lol Ditto on that!

Tarheel: Fear not !

They cannot feed on those who are aware and can fend for themselves.

It's what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you afraid.

eevie: Not to argue with you, but

Not to argue with you, but yes they can feed on any and every one they please and in fact they do. Being awake and aware does not stop them. Higher vibe? No, they are higher vibe. It takes real time protection and battle.

Tarheel: I respectfully disagree.

They feed on the weak & weary and uneducated.

Any of us can learn to fend for ourselves. There are people/forces at work that fend for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Focus on employing your strengths, work on developing and turning your weaknesses into strengths.


eevie: I'm good, thanks. Reps aren't

I'm good, thanks. Reps aren't my problem. MILAB, military, government, shills......these are my problems.
False light hierarchy is fighting hard to keep its lies as truth. We are each free too know what we want to know. You can't believe something, beliefs are well practiced thoughts that are lies, as the word believe denotes. I am not trying to force anyone. I am simply stating truth and everyone can do with it what they will. :)

UN.i1-PHI: being/getting aware is the first step,next doing sumthng bout it

and we just may need to do much more (&harder) than we tought to get rid of the sucking suckers, we're all wired up with dna in every cell and got these energy drainholes/vortexes socalled chakras and i understand we need to get rid of that(trough our consciousness) too to get rid of the (most) vampirism and even then i could bet theres a frequency field/veil/net/membrane around this planet/&solarsystem feeding from the energies emmitted all around as well as re-moving our ('past') memories when we (re-)incarnate here...
but everythings gonna be alright, we just got a LOT of (cleaning&healing) work to do than we can realize yet ;O !

bluesbaby5050: YES OUR CELLS DO KNOW WHAT TO DO............

And they are doing it without our trying to a thing to help it along. IT WILL HAPPEN ANYWAYS! PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN UP THE DOOR OF THEIR HEARTS TO FEEL FULLY ALIVE! THIS IS WHERE TRUE LOVE RESIDES FOR EVERYTHING, AND FOR EVERYONE. Love From The Heart, without using the Root Chakra. This is where the problems of many people stem from. Knowing, and learning WHY is very important for one's self.

UN.i1-PHI: yes thats very interesting because mainstream sciense is

kinda convincing that dna is doing all the (brain&chemical/physical) work and is essential to life and so i really wonder how things 'work' without the dna's!

eevie: They have to be convincing

They have to be convincing for everyone to 'believe" their stories. We have all fallen for their untruths. Science, medicine.....they have sold us a bill of lies on all of it. Nothing we have been told is true. Begin there and everything will fall into place for you. :)

Crackdown: Thank you for valuable knowledge, Eevie

although, you probably forgot to share, what we need to do in order to shutdown the chakra system...

NeedProof: Yikes!

How do we shut down our chakras and how to 'get rid' of our DNA? Surely we need DNA for life in the physical body? Also, I thought we needed to get the other 10 strands back, that we were supposedly born with initially to regain our earthly abilities?

eevie: artificial beings

Starperson, yes i have shut down my chakras. Many of us have. It is a harness as is DNA. ha Yeah, we don't need either of them. Our cells know what to do. The DNA is for genetic manipulation only, more control. The chakras are the way to go if you wish to stay in the matrix. This whole hierarchical system goes all the way to the highest dimension. To get out of this hell we have to unplug, shut down the chakras and get rid of the DNA. Seriously. Life is changing by leaps and bounds now. For the better of course!!

obsrvantlouie: Hi eevie

I am confused, can you perhaps teach me here? How is the chakra a harness? A harness for what? How does our DNA interact with our spirit? Without an open crown chakra how does a person with spirit connect to their higherself? Do you think connecting with the higherself is needed/important? How do you define an OP?

Thank you for your consideration.

eevie: re hi eevie

OPs are organic portals, original people. They are like the animal soul groups. No separateness, dissipates at death, not eternal/immortal. There is nothing left to carry on once the body dies. Unlike those of us who are energy beings/spirits. They live once, we continue on in avatars from various places.
The chakras are a harness, a control system given us by malevolent ets. Keeps you locked into this matrix, this false reality. When we say ascend, it is still in the same system. What we want is out of this matrx. This false matrix goes from the lowest dimension to the highest.

Love bites are brought about thru the chakras. You cannot experience true spiritual freedom with chakras operating in you. The earth began shutting my lower chakras down in 2009. I didin't understand what and why at first, kind of shook me. :) But, i have since removed the system and my consciousness is expanding like mad. No more being controlled thru my chakras is the main plus!! I am a MILAB abductee and have been used by so many groups, factions. Over used. I'm burnt out from it. The scopolamine takes its toll eventually. As do the horrid things they do to us and/or have us do.
WE don't need chakras. We have a powerful center that bursts into eminence once the chakras are gone. That is the real deal, the real us and our personal power. The amygdala rather than the pineal. We have had everything real substituted with inferior copies.

Tim Lovell: eevie you can say that but

eevie you can say that but all people living lives here on earth have an eternal higher self they are soul extensions that are from souls that are extentions from monads of higher vibration we all come from the samtime cycle e source even if we go into death after each life until we get of the planet does not mean we don't have an eternal higher self , we are just evolving back ouyt of this matrix to reunite with it , I personaly remember many of my past lives in different and multidimensional aspects of myself im sorry it is very arrogant to say just because I am from another universe or time cycle that we don't have eternal spirits we ALL origionate from that spirit source and all will return to it wether or not this reality is co opted by the reptillians dosent mean the souls in it are not and do not have eternal spirit sources as they do..

eevie: re eevie

Tim, i did not say that. You misunderstood. I am from another universe. Where you are from as an immortal being does not matter. What you need to understand that on earth people were created from the animal soul groups, neanderthal, etc. Souls are wrong. If you as an eternal spirit also have a soul, then you are being controlled, manipulated from that dimension. The differences between soul and spirit are extremely important to know. Spirit, us, comes directly from source. A soul is created by the false creator gods of this matrix to control you and make sure you stay in this matrix. I cleared mine. =) Many of us have. More freedom!!

Tim Lovell: Review the problem is that

Review the problem is that nearly all people are stuck in the frequency control matrix and can't leave because they have karmic debts and cannot leave until they are paid off and the reptilian a make us stay in debt

eevie: karma

Tim, karma is another lie they have perpetuated on us. Nothing they have allowed us to believe is true. All lies, even the spoken and written language we use. They are runes/spells that work against us even as we use them in positive content.
The only truth is we are from source. Source does not judge, there is no karma. Only inside this matrix control system is there judgment. Consider the word belief. be lie f. That is what beliefs are and should be malleable so as to grow in truth when we encounter truth. :) These judgments and guilt against humanity were created by the false creator gods of this matrix. We are here to rescue those who became trapped in this reincarnational prison. Immortal beings trapped here for eons, most have forgotten who they really are and we are trying to trigger their memories which have been heavily messed with.

NeedProof: Much Truth in This!

Deep goings on here, but I understand a little of it. True almost everything we have learned if it be from other humans can be designed deception, even going far back.
I've recently learned (and like it enough to want to believe it) that when our souls (spirits? Eevie, I'm a bit confused as to the difference here) shoot out from our dead bodies, we hit a grid where Archons can grab us and usually send us straight back into the fray. BUT, it seems we should turn our back to the light and look at the Universe in front of us, and say (or think) I WANT TO GO HOME, TO SOURCE!

What does anyone else think of this?
I hope animals go back to source as they can be such loving, intelligent wonderful beings.

obsrvantlouie: Thank you for clarifying

But this has perhaps confused me further. Are you saying that the planetary spirit is not immortal/eternal? And also because of this animal spirits are not immortal? According to my research their is a large percentage of the population who's spirit is from the animal kingdom and observation of certain groups of people seems to confirm this.

Regarding your take on the chakras, this does not resonate with me completely. I agree that the chakras can be manipulated and influenced by people who desire such control over persons who are unaware but (speaking for myself) I have opened up my chakras: first the heart, then the 3rd eye and then my crown.

Open heart - realization of the ability to operate in the present. Show love to all.
Open 3rd eye - clarity, recognizing my emotions do not control me, that I do not need to act out of anger but that I can "paint" with my emotions. Having clarity that overcoming unknowns and fears is a key to creating our reality. That the laws of intention, attraction and allowance do lead to harmony and balance.
Open crown - opens by deep meditation on aforementioned materials according to heart and 3rd eye chakra. This is different for all beings as unique individual awareness and experiences are all around, desires and intended to be allowed. I have gone within to connect with my higherself.

I have never discarded my chakras and my abilities with regards to seemingly "superhuman" functions continues to blossom. Although, these are not truly superhuman, it is that I am now I am aware that the possibilities for me to connect, create and enhance these abilities exist and I have focused and dedicated time to doing so.

I have to completely disagree with you advising anyone to close their chakra.

Perhaps advise persons that they can be manipulated (elf waves, astral, advanced electronic/magnetic technology) if they are "unaware" their chakras exist. But to close down the chakras is to close down your connection with your high self and also to lower your vibration which is ill advised to say respectfully.

eevie: chakras

We have many higher selves, not just one and some of them work for the negative light and negative dark factions. You cannot depend on what higher self tells you. Yes, i am upsetting everyone's applecart, but it would be wrong of me not to express truth to your benefit. You can do all the things you mentioned and so much more without the chakras. They are regulators, never letting you get too far in the system. even thru chakras it is an hierarchical system, completely contrary to Source. You can see without the pineal with your amygdala.

All spirits are immortal. Animals have souls, not spirits. A spirit is a self aware energy being. Souls are not, they are simply consciousness in group form. Earth has a spirit, not a soul.

obsrvantlouie: Why can I

Why can I not depend on my higherself?

eevie: hs

Because you have more than one and some of them operate in their own interests, sts. You must have a clear line of communication, not being deceived by those that pretend to have our best interests at heart. All you need to ever know is already within you. That is all you can trust. and all you should trust. All the knowledge is there waiting for you to tap into it.....again. :) Do not look outside yourself for knowledge. Look within and validation will supply itself and in synchronicities.

eevie: hs

Because you have more than one and some of them operate in their own interests, sts. You must have a clear line of communication, not being deceived by those that pretend to have our best interests at heart. All you need to ever know is already within you. That is all you can trust. and all you should trust. All the knowledge is there waiting for you to tap into it.....again. :) Do not look outside yourself for knowledge. Look within and validation will supply itself in synchronicities.

eevie: I simply ordered them to shut

I simply ordered them to shut down. Eventually i rid myself of the system altogether. They have attempted to reinstalll them, like they do implants, which chakras are. I do not allow it though. The earth began shutting my chakras down for me several years ago. I kicked them back up until i understood earth was helping me.
I am ridding myself of dna as well. some have fear of going this far, but our cells don't need dna. Being predisposed to diseases is nothing more than being programmed with them thru our dna. I removed dna the same way i did the chakras. Commands. Your physical body, your mind/computer should be at the beck and call of your spirit. I know we have had this backwards, born into it backwards most of us. Just reverse the process. Command your body, your mind. they will align. :)
The war rages in the astral. I am there more often than not in battle. We have forces off planet fighting and dying for us. No one knows how much is being sacrificed for humanity. this is the final war. Prison planet earth is being set free. It really is a prison planet, designed as such eons ago. The matrix is the prison and warden.

Crackdown: DNA question

Are you sure that we don't need DNA?
I thought that we need to restructure our DNA (with a help of built-in vacuum cluster) - not to get rid of it...

eevie: :) I thought the same, but

:) I thought the same, but was getting no where with reprogramming it. It had to go. lol Just more harnesses for them to control us with. What ever you rid yourself of, if you aren't happy with it, you can always get it back. If that is your wish. My life is becoming more my own life since ridding myself of chakras and dna. It is a personal choice.

Crackdown: Re: I thought the same

please check "01" page of this document

Maybe, you couldn't reprogram your DNA because have not established special conditions?

eevie: =) So i thought as well, but.

=) So i thought as well, but...... I could have changed my dna, but what is the point when it is unnecessary? Just more shit to take up valuable time imho. lol Plus, plus all the way and the new found freedom is opening ancient memories. Memories that are needed NOW.

Crackdown: Interesting approach ;) but I dont understand yet...

I thought that we are going towards improving our DNA and developing new strands:
"We used to have 12 strands of DNA. Ten strands were taken out by a group from Orion in order to control us and hold us back. Why would they want to hold us back?"

and about human-like aliens: I thought that they do have DNA (although their DNA is surely different from ours:
it is free from "implanted malware" and has more strands)
am I wrong here?

UN.i1-PHI: DNA trappIN Matrix (double post edit;)
-OOps double post glitch/burp
if it happens to you better just edit it out/short if you're in time instead of make a new comment sayin soz double post ;P---my comment content is below here...
UN.i1-PHI: DNA trappIN Matrix (with DIMENTIONS/CHAKRAS/SOULS OP's etc)

from what i understood is that dna itself is unncessary/you dont need it, you'd even be MUCH better off without it at all, as their controlling and harnessing devices, just like chakras & souls(controlling the spirit) to keep you in the matrix
dna (activation/progress) makes you able to perceive/experiance in other dimentions and abilities/realities IN the matrix, but the whole dimentions hierarchy is part of this ('holographic')matrix control system/matrix keeping us trapped, even if we ascend IN its other dimentions, we're still IN the system/matrix, we need to escape the matrix and the only way for that is by un-plugging ourselves from our DNA, CHAKRA SYSTEM AND SOUL CONTROLLING OUR SPIRITS, it's an virual reality game, and it has levels to keep you playing...
we've played enough and been played enough, time to get out of the game!!!(and help others/us get out as well, for true liberation, not phoney 'ascention')

Tim Lovell: wonder what will they all do

wonder what will they all do when their vibrational food supply starts to become so small as more and more of us leave their energy siphon system lol where will they go what will they do ? shrivel up like the worms they are like a goa-uld parasite then we stamp on the last one Bhaal ...etc etc :P

UN.i1-PHI: devour, feed, eat, feast on their fuckin selves

like the o'uroboros would suggest xD

fuckin wormy parasites, y'all can go feed on yourselves and your own children and keep on dying when we're gone and your left alone

Tim Lovell: lol good one UNi , :P

lol good one UNi , :P

Tim Lovell: lol good one UNi , :P

lol good one UNi , :P

bluesbaby5050: Don't forget Tim, and Uni...........

They have much more human food resources on other planets etc. Earth isn't the only place for their sources :( We will just have to go to these other planets/places where Humans are being held as prisoners on these slave planets when we are done here, and kick those reptilians asses hard, and share our knowledge with those other humans to teach them how this process is done. We will become experts at this by then LOL! The Plajarens have already succeeded in doing this just a little over 10 years ago on their planet, and we can/will join them in doing this also. We will be the dread/nightmare to the Reptilians/Draco's that devour humans in this universe!

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