My Disturbing Observations

For the past 20 years I have studied the art and discipline of Aikido. I am a qualified master instructor. For the past 13 years I have studied the field of spiritual healing. Through these passions of mine, I have learned how to "see" auras with my third (inner) eye, and "feel" Chakras and Chi in all living things. Even though I have been given titles, I am now and forever will be, a student first.

With regards to auras, I choose to see the auras in all people. This has served me well in my personal growth and understanding of others. It has also served as a heads-up when I have needed it. Although auras vary wildly from person to person and are sometimes barely detectable, auras are ALWAYS present, always. Untl recently.

Here is my concern and also what I believe brought me to Truth Control. For the past several months, I have encountered individuals who project NO auras! Nothing! I have never experienced anything like this before. When I see these "people" through my third eye, they are nearly invisible. Since this is extraordinary and unpresedented in my life experience, I notice them...and they notice me noticing them! Even from a distance or in a crowd, they stop what they are doing and glare my direction. It is a disturbing look and makes me feel uneasy.

Since I first noticed this disturbing phenomenon, I have seen more and more of them. Some are alone, but more and more often, they are in small groups. Through my physical eyes, they appear normal and unremarkable.

Recently, I saw an average looking man in business attire standing alone in a lobby. He had NO aura. I had to find out why. As he watched me approach him, I got queasy. I asked him for directions and shook his hand. Not only did he not have any aura whatsoever, he had no Chi and no Chakras! Not enen blocked ones. That is impossible in my experience. I got dizzy, developed an instant pounding headache and nausea. I excused myself, and promptly vomited in the bushes outside.

I talked to one of my mentors about this and he said he has had similar experiences recently. He does not understand it either. I do not take drugs and I always speak my truth.

Does anyone here have any thoughts, ideas or explainations for this? Has anyone else noticed this? This is extremely important to me...maybe to all of us. Thank you. Love and light to all.

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Annunaki77: You have seen a Hybred , a Soul-less Being

Created by the Alien Greys to Integrate into Society.
Operation Alien Agenda.

Starperson: If you are correct, do they

If you are correct, do they have the ability to cause physical distress in people, or do you believe I manifested this reaction myself? Where can I find more info on this?

meb1974: How can I see people auras

How can I see people auras,Chi and Chakras? The interest me alot.

Annunaki77: Some People can see Auras , the best way to examine an Aura

If you can't see a Malevolant Aura or a Loving Aura you can feel it. When you go through your everyday Lives you will notice feelings of Love , Laughter , Awe , Interest , Fear & Dispair , depending where you are you will know who is not a Good Aura.

If you fee like your Personal Worth is being Measured and you feel a feeling of Coldness where friends are Measured by Assets or Net Worth and nothing else. You have entered the Relms of Negative People with Malevolant Auras.
Or even these Jehova Witness people who come into your House with Good Intentions then they Snake their Way into your Bank Account.
You will know a Human Aura by the Feeling you get within. Trust your Intuition for it will serve you well.

We live in a World of Massive Hypocrisy and those who truly are genuine , if they are not careful they will by Hurt by the Cold Ways of the World. There are alot of Good Folks on this Planet, but at the Top of this Monolithic Pyramid , it Stinks and Rots like a Maggot Infested Sore.
At the Bottom you have Real Love and Understanding, at the Top you have Sewage where you can't even Trust your Family Members.

Auras can't be seen , they can be felt. Few can see Auras the Gifted Few.


Those who you come to Trust. Trust me I learned this THE HARD WAY.

Auras can be felt more easily than seen.

Power above all Power , Master of Dimensions , Master of Time & Space.

Starperson: When you are ready

The quick answer is you must alter your perception of the physical world around you. Instead of looking with your eyes, you must feel and sense your surroundings. When you first start, you will learn how to study your immediate environment, then close your eyes and feel the lifeforce that surrounds all living things. You must quiet your mind, open your heart and increase your own vibrational frequency. When you become proficient at this, the world will never "look" the same to you again...and you will never look the same to the world. You will be more at peace and "feel" more than you see.

If you are serious about learning the methods and techniques, I would suggest you start by finding a tai chi group in your area and learn the basic teachings and movements. Choose a class that is free and lead by a kind and patient instructor. When this becomes a part of your life, you will be shown your path. You will choose to follow it, or not.

Caring and loving instructors, teachers and mentors are everywhere. When you are ready, you will find each other. I hope this gives you a start, if this is truly what is in your heart.

Love and light.

Tarheel: I am working on raising my Consciousness, albeit differently.

I can sense things around me & different people , especially when they have an objective that is foreign to me.

I can be in a public or private place and I will STOP whatever it is Im doing and I am drawn to (at the very least) observe them, and I take note of this. They almost ALWAYS see me and act like they have an alternate agenda but ALAS, it's too late. They're busted.

I've not seen their aura, but I've sensed their alterior motive/s. It's become a game to me...a game I want to win. I now strive to identify these. Now I look for them and they are about, not in great numbers but I sense more than I used to but I dont know if it's me waking up or more of them.

So far, I've never felt threatened physically, but I have sensed they were "there" to observe me at times.

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel............

Your right about this fact of them being out there around us in society. You sense them more,and this is coming from your gut. When you do notice them, do not intentionally send out the signal that you spotted them,as they really can pick up on you too, when you feel them around you. Not ALL human looking people are THEM. Most people in general can sense a person watching them,and this does NOT mean that they are one of THEM. Keep this in mind. Way back in the Early 90's Bush Senior was standing in line behind me with 2 of his secret service men next to him,(The secret service men HAD ON SUITS,and TIES IN THE SUMMER,and Bush had on his golf clothes)in a grocery store, at the time, I didn't know it was him- At First! This was just BEFORE the Golf War.I had a Strong feeling to turn around to see who,was behind me because it felt weird. AT THE TIME,I NEVER KNEW ABOUT Draco's or Reptilians even existed. HE FELT STRANGE, NOT LIKE REGULAR HUMANS. He does not know he gives off a weird vibe,but he does.I FELT IT! He looked like everyone else at the store. Just preoccupied with his thoughts,and surroundings.You CAN SPOT HIS MEN THOUGH,as they STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB. Looking around ALOT in every direction. Too Obvious. LOL!

angeedove: No aura is not bad

I'm worried that you view us people without an aura as bad or something negative...I have no aura and can tell you it is because we are anointed souls. we are very human just like you except we have deeds to do here.. we are half human but our souls are angel. Your experience of feeling sick is because of the energy that your body is sensing and we are well aware that you see it or feel it. Please don't fear us we are here to help not hurt anybody and when we return to god we will be one of 144,000 king's or judges in heaven...don't fear us we are the overseers of your souls... We live you very much.

chianka: Auras

I have sensed the same thing. I'm empathic so i feel it first...major jolt..then i look with my eyes...and thats just confirmation of my inner sense of knowing. But i agree there are more of Them....around. It's hard for us to not see them for they feel our energies seeing them. They cloak themselves. Not sure who they are yet but they are many...and of different sorts. Before you go out in public surround yourself with a barrier of protection. Keep your vibration high...they can't harm you.

meb1974: Thanks


Starperson: I am still hoping that

I am still hoping that someone here understands and connects with my original forum post and can help me figure this out. Because if Annunaki77 is right, and there is no other explanation, we are more screwed that I ever imagined. I don't have a battle plan for this, and that makes me very uncomfortable.

Tarheel: I cannot SEE them-I feel them.

Anu77 says YOU are gifted to be able to see them, and I agree with him. I dont have that need to see them unless my "senses" fail me, although it would be nice to visualize.

Quinton: My girlfriend sees people's

My girlfriend sees people's auras too. She sees different energy around people and can usually tell certain things about them based off the color. She's super into chakras and all that stuff.

I asked her if she has ever seen a person with no energy around them and she said no. So I will say she has not run into your scenario. I asked what if it was a robot and it had no soul, or a human robot. She said everything in this world has energy and you can see the energy around everything. So I'm not entirely sure.

I don't see anything myself so I personally don't know.

Kingkonger: starperson

First off I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. A soulless being is a good theory though. I recommend that next time it happens try to control your queezies and introduce yourself and start a conversation with that being. See what happens. Maybe you'll find the answer yourself. Anyways about your third eye. That is very interesting. How long did it take you to start seeing with it or maybe feeling with it such as seeing peoples auras and feeling energy
I would very much like to learn this. Can u physically see you third eye? Does this mean your one step closer to finding your inner god or are you already one with your inner god? This subject fascinates me and I'm wondering why I havnt tried this sooner. I read your earlier post and I am going to look into tai chi classes and maybe go from there. Any other info you could share would be awesome for I am already starting to feel a passion for this as I am writing this post. Thank you starperson.

Starperson: It is available to anyone seeking enlightenment

I hesitated writing my intial post because some people find this subject to be way out there. It is not. It is available to anyone who seeks enlightenment. The more passion you feel for finding your true self and understanding, the more it becomes part of who you are. And I dare say, it makes you a better, more peaceful and content human being.

Print out a Chakra chart from the interweb. There are many available. Study it and see if it resonates with your soul. If it does, you'll know your next step.

My latest thought on how someone can show no aura at all is concerning to me. If someone or a group of someones has learned how to block my ability to read them, that would be a first in my experience. I can't do it, and no one I learned from can either. I will find the answer. I have to.

Thank you all for your comments and interest. That must be why I posted against my better judgement. Love and light.

Quinton, thanks for this site and your response. Your girlfriend sounds like a keeper! Just my opinion;)

Tarheel: You never have to apologize for speaking your mind here.

Whatever you do, do NOT Fear them.

And, If people find it "way out there", then either they will be compelled or turned off. The beauty of TruthControl website is Quinton does NOT screen or ban people's mindspeak--almost anything goes. Dont worry about ruffling feathers. Somebody will probably be upset but that is life and part of Source experiencing itself.

I have a couple of thoughts which may or may not help.
1) Machines are soulless.
2) Anu77's reply that it may be a Gray is my first inclination. Certain species of Grays are without souls, which is a great part of why they are here. They want to correct this in their genetics. I doubt I am telling you anything you dont already know.

Either way, I see you are wide awake, and your consciousness is working FOR you. Keep it up and never stop striving to improve, Starperson. We enjoy your input here. Stay close, my brother.

NeedProof: Military has created some Greys

I've heard the military scientists created greys (or at least the inorganic ones) to abduct and cause fear in people, (as well as space-crafts) so when Disclosure occurs, the public will be afraid not welcoming.

This of course would be the intended result by the government, so if we were to be offered help in the case of genuine Extraterrestrials, (who very likely are benevolent) they might be threatened or harmed by human people. This would cause the ET's to stay away and leave the people to the mercy of the officials, being 'turned' humans or soul-less (possibly malevolent) Dracs who have shape-shifted.

obsrvantlouie: No Energy seen..

- Reptilian/human hybrid
- Clone
- Human body/spirit - spirit invaded by lower astral entities (holding down root chakra's as mentioned by Q's GF).

Reading pleasure; You can read some of David Icke but the best source for understand this is the book Matrix V: Quest for the Spirit (Gold edition). This book is extremely rare....the only place I have found it over years is (it's no longer in print). I paid $300 dollars for mine over 4 years ago. Even more absurd, I knew very little about the book when I purchased (it was suggested to me on the website my intent was that the book was allegedly going to help me communicate with aliens....words do the Gold edition no justice....simply wow.

Quinton: Here is some more info my

Here is some more info my girlfriend wrote up for you:

In being a person that is able to read energies I encountered those that have no energy aura around them but then I realized it was a dark energy that was surrounding them. People with black energy to me seem to be the ones that are disconnected completely from the spiritual field and connected only to the physical realm. I have run across several people in my time. One example would be the vice president of my company. This woman was engaged in so many committees she reflected her life based on how many committees she could join. I wondered how could she give them her 100 percent commitment. Everytime she was in the podium speaking I was not able to pick up anything from her aura but everytime I was near her I was able to feel her. Her life seemed very bleak and unhappy she was always trying to impress everyone with what she did and with all the different organizations she joined but I could feel she was a very unhappy soul. I asked the universe to give me a sense of her being because I felt very disconnected everytime I was near her and I felt angry and sadness, I knew this was the feelings she was emanating from herself. One day without me realizing we had a very big meeting where she would be one of the main speakers at that point I was able to see all this energy surrounding her and I realized it was very dark,black energy that co-existed with her physical form. It was hard to read just because it was barely emanating from her and it was very dark. I realized then that her energy was just locked up in her physical form because she was so connected to the physical and very disconnected from her true self so therefore her bright light was not shining at all it was as if her light bulb had gone out. Physical forms like her are somehow very disconnected from the source of energy so much so that they stop shining and are somehow creating disease that they are not aware of in the future I can almost guarantee that I will hear about her having died of cancer or some disease that just came and swept her off her feet. She wont have a chance of really doing much because her connection in this lifetime has been linked only to the physical form. Anyone taking form in this life of energy has to somehow manifest some sort of energy. Even a picture that you hang up on your wall is emanating energy it is solid matter but it is still surrounded by the white light energy. Its funny because sometimes I see more energy emanating from such pictures as I do from humans maybe its just because since it is solid matter the picture is in no competition of any kind with any other solid matter therefore its just being what it is a picture hanging on a wall. Humans on the other hand are always in competition with other humans sometimes without them knowing they deplete others energies but they can only deplete energy of some other humans that are disconnected such as themselves. I have experienced some humans that after I see their energy I completely feel sick but remember these are the ones that need our help the most at the moment that I feel that energy I send some good energy their way. I understand that I am part of a bigger connection and if they are here on this earth they are somehow part of our energy system. No one in this realm can operate without this great energy. My point simply being that even if you are just solid matter like a rock you are still emanating energy. This energy is eternal and anyone living under this cosmic universe will breath in this energy no matter what. So to give you some sort of idea of people that you see as dark even if they are some sort of entity from another planet they have to still experience our white energy even if they are just visitors of our universal energetic realm.

Tarheel: Very introspective commentary from your girl, Q-dog!

-It was nice of her to weigh in for Starperson.

-There is no way that woman (your gal was referring to) can be happy with anyone lese until she is happy herself and she wont find that in any committee-guarantee.

-BTW, what did Einstein say about dark energy and how much of the universe is occupied by it? Dark Energy currently has the scientific community BAFFLED.

-The energy she senses from pictures may be from the artist-my best guess.

-Light Beings identifying The Dark, we are.

Terran resistance: @quinton

is it true about indigos what they say?

Starperson: Quinton, thank you for

Quinton, thank you for sharing your girlfriend's post. Her insight and abilities are inspiring. I think she is a spiritual healer...even if she doesn't know it. She also sounds like an old soul. Very cool. Please thank her for me.

During our spiritual healing sessions, we always remind ourselves to be: "Grounded to the Earth, centered in your heart, receiving light". While working on the person who needs some healing, be it physical or emotional, some will hold space and the healer will try to locate the specific Chakras that are blocked, and clear them. No physical contact, just spiritual. When the block is cleared, healers ask for healing light from the universe. It is a beautiful experience.

Tarheel Cowboy, your comment about not to fear them is hits home. I have a t-shirts I give to my Aikido students when they achieve certain goals. It has 3 Chineese characters which translates to "Fear no man". I think I will tweak it a little now. First, It does not address women...and I think we all know how ferocious they can be;) Second it does not apply to a non-man! If these things are out there, they have to be included in my teachings and training.

isischa17: Awsome post

My mother who can see auras has expected the same situation, some people don't have auras. she also never saw auras from the Royal family, i think we are not the only ones in this planet, this bodies without auras can be lived by the reptilians or other entities that dont have emotions and they are in a low level, thats why we cannot see energy in them.

Starperson: A Man of great wisdom

Welcome, Isischa17. Thanks for your comment and for prompting me to update my original post.

While participating in a spiritual healing group this past summer, I met an enlightened soul who traveled here (the U.S.) from South America. He lives deep in the Brazilian jungle, and is considered to be a "Man of great wisdom" by most everyone who meets him. He is tiny in stature, but not frail. He is very old, but projects a powerful and beautiful aura and is full of life.

When I had the opportunity, I told him of my ongoing experience with seeing and actually meeting people that do not have an aura. Our conversation was translated through his assistant. My Portuguese is spotty and his assistant's English was worse. But we made it work.

He told me that he came here because he has been getting the same question from his spiritual visitors. They come to stay with him and learn in the jungle. He said most of them come from Europe and North America. He had never experienced this for himself, but the volume of spiritual souls that wanted answers to what they were NOT "seeing" in people, prompted him to make this trip.

He told me he "saw" his first aura free people in Rio at the airport...then many more in Atlanta on a layover. He estimates that about one in a thousand fall into this category. So I asked if these people are advanced beings, demons, angels or aliens. Through his assistant, he asked, "Is there a difference?". His smile and the knowledge in his eyes told me more than his words.

I asked what should I do about this. His translated words were exactly: "See them, acknowledge them and leave them alone. We will know what to do soon."

So there you go. For now, I'm going with his counsel. He is much wiser and more enlightened than I am. I just wish I knew what he meant by soon! Love and light to you all.

Tarheel: You should post more often, Star.

Your messages are pure and from the heart.

eevie: no auras, or chakras

:) Hey. No auras, or chakras....clones, unensouled, too. Also, some people are shutting their chakras down as i have, but we still have auras. Chakras are an artificial harness put there by our et prison wards. :) Seriously. I have fired up so to speak my sun center rather than chakras. Freedom!!! :)

bluesbaby5050: You are very correct in this eevie............

Most people are un-aware of this Entrapment done by them = reptilians, and company. I have risen mine fully, and now I have pretty much done the same thing too. THIS IS HOW THEY CONTROL PEOPLE! They ZERO IN = Target INTO people by these Pathways. They HOOK INTO THE LOWER ROOT CHAKRA UP TO THE 3 CHAKRA Levels, and they control people by their emotions, and by their behaviors = actions in all relationships, from the very smallest opening = comments to the raging temper. They control the levels of anger, and lust = sexual, and addictions, by their physic energies. They control the dreamscape also. They also have technologies to aid them with all of this. Thanks for this reminder, because it can not be said enough.

UN.i1-PHI: but you oftenly said you have risen your CHAKRAS

fully, all the way up etc. but doesnt that feed those vampirising from these vortexes, even if you're having happy feelings/energies, as this is what i understood that eevie implied and that you're actually better off shutting them all down?!. this seems pretty contradistic from you tough you agree/mention that they hook unto your chakras(just the lower ones you say)...

but its has been recently discussed that they can feed of the positive energies too and from all chackras and thats matches it quite much up, so in order to prevent/stop them from feeding even from the higher/positive energies/frequencies you'll have to shut down all the chakra drainholes/wormhole/vortex too right?!!

now i'm quite glad i havent spent or waste my time and energies trying to meditate and pray in ritualistic&common ways wich i would have been attracted to in the process without this info as many others do/did!..(no offence& everything is not for nothing)
as i felt this happens naturally and by intentions and doesnt have to follow the ritualistic/common ways of meditating or praying etc... 'its all' an elaborate lie/hoax/deception! once we know that we can start 'from scratch'(not really but..) and sketch it in OUR/YOUR OWN way:)

bluesbaby5050: Yes I have said this before...........

I had risen/opened mine all the way to my Higher Self, and even HIGHER though our silver cord located in the center crown area of the human head, and this connects us to the Universal Consciousness, while I keep myself well protected, and well grounded. THEN I had Purposely CLOSED OFF THE BOTTOM ROOT CHAKRA from the rest, and I can control any level of excitement if I so choose to do. My Root chakra is WELL CONNECTED TO THE CRYSTAL CORE OF MOTHER GAIA, and it is fully functioning with her. The rest of them needs to be keep ON in order to fully function, and these can be controlled also. If you close off the rest of the Chakras this will cause blockages to those that are needed in order to maintain a healthy working Electrical Energy Field around your bodies. They are non- existent if you are deceased, or your a clone, or a reptilian, because they do not have auras therefore, no chakra systems either. These systems need constant protection because of their power source, and it only belongs to you. Also I will add to this........ Your ROOT Chakra allows you to enjoy sex, and the pleasures of the lower levels, THE PHYSICAL SENCES! I have mine ONLY CONNECTED TO MOTHER GAIA, and I do NOT Engage in sex as this is a BASE ANIMAL need. When a person does engage in the sexual act, it SHOULD BE for the purpose only of Expressing TRUE LOVE FROM THE HEART, and this comes from the Higher levels of feelings, and this is called the TANTRIC Level. This is a form of Extreme Spiritual Connection on a very high level of sharing with another soul during LOVE MAKING. ALL ELSE IS JUST THE BASE ACT IN MOTION.

UN.i1-PHI: 'chakra rising' = extra vampirism??

so if someone would 'rise' his/her chakras, wich are artificial energy vortexes harnessing and redericting your energies to feed those who control/operate them to feed/supply themselves and keep us weak, wouldn't that give them more energy than normal or what??

and if one does so, they mostly seem to think or intend they are getting rid of negativity and rise their vibration and so that negative vampiric entities can't feed from them.. but if the chakras are made for this, it would imply the opposite result in an self-deceiving illusion or not?

and that would classify many chakra stories/theories as (direct or indirect/intended or not) disinfo supporting this system for external vampiric usage, instead of your own benevolance..
just like the 'new age' movement wich i think they pretend to get ppl all spiritual and stuff but are supporting this energetic vampirism with their 'spiritual protocols'..

could you expand on that concept if ya know what i mean(that ppl try and think theyre rising their frequency while being a victim of vampirism anyway and probably even more extensively....perhaps theyre generally just rising the amplitude and not the frequency/type of vibration..?)

p.s. were you implying that auras are natural or also artificial?

eevie: chakra rising

Experiment with it. Don't believe me,Don't believe anyone. Find out for yourself. Every relationship i've ever had was a disaster. Why? Love bites. They are done and controlled thru the lower 3 chakras. Shut them down and they can't screw with you. You can always fire them back up. :)

UN.i1-PHI: thanx for you reply

i sure will and this just motivates me more, as i was quite dismotivated for unconscious(or 'lazyness' ;P) reasons to start meditate or even pray(not to any god/='alien'/=person as i'm quite long aware of that and didnt do any such ritualistic practices b4 anyway)
you're saying emotions commonly involved relationships are done trough the lower 3 suckers/chakras?
what about the higher ones? and btw are there really those 7 or so chakras as they portray(i think i know there are more tough in other parts of the body) or is that a bull of crap too intentionally dis-locating them from their real positions for some reasons... or they could be true(mainly located there) to focus it right there so you give em more properly...hmm

i know i shouldnt believe anyone but this just resonates with me and would explain a lot including the so called new age movements(or whatever i dont pay attention to it ;P) with their rising chakras 'for more spirituality'(to feed the vampires their deserts lol)
i hope you could/want tell us more about the other('higher') chakras and how this fit into that negative entities cant stand positivity/love and they flee or something, that could be also not entirely true as the higher chakras could be a way to gather and possibly/probably convert those energies so they can feast on them too...hmm thinking of the 'toughts for food' are more 'food for tought' to me now, and i (hope) i'm eating them on my own;) (makes me wonder/interest it more as it makes a lot of sense u know)
i will try to discover it in my own ways and i know thats important but i'm also very interested in what you have to say about this all ;) and you sound to have quite much experiance already perhaps any tips on how to shut them down besides/regardless of that we should experiance this on our own (but anyway many ppl could (unconsciously) fall for the vampirism too if they do it like those ways/doctrines)

this is if you were saying that ALL chakras 'are/were' implanted for these parasitic reasons right!!?(you were now referring only to the lower 3 so that explains my question for the higher ones...)

eevie: There are also artificial

There are also artificial beings that are here that need no food, air, water to live. Everything you know is a lie. That is step one to truth and true reality. The rest will follow. The dark hats say look left, then always look right. Right is now wrong and wrong is right. See the puzzles and riddles they set before humanity? to even see and know who and what we are takes a damn miracle today.
Nice post. Thanks.

Starperson: Intentionally closing your chakras?

eevie, do I understand correctly that you have intentionally shutdown your chakras? Is this for temporary protection, or do you plan to keep them shut down permanently? In my experience, shutting them down permanently could have some seriously negative consequences.

I have temporarily shutdown (closed) some of mine during my spiritual energy healing work as a guard against inadvertently receiving low frequency vibrations, negative light or even malevolent entities (energy vampires). It is only a precautionary closure, and productive meditation is required to fully restore and completely open mine back up.

When working as a conduit during spiritual energy healing work, I have "seen" the loving and positive results others have experienced when one or more previously closed off chakras are opened up.

That being said, you have peaked my curiosity and I would very much like to understand more about your situation and the reasoning behind your decision. I consider what I do as a spiritual healer my calling, and I have never heard of an individual or group shutting down their chakras and feeling better...freedom as you put it.

If there is something to this, I feel like I have to fully understand it. At this point, I do not.

BB, I am one of the people who is unaware of entrapment by open and clear chakras. Could you expand on this for me...or direct me to a reliable source for more research?

I am open to any and all information regarding this topic, be it personal experience, other teachings or even anecdotal. I just hope I will not be convinced that I have wasted the last 14 years of my life. :)

This post was written with all the love and light I have to share, so please accept it as such.

bluesbaby5050: Good Points on The "NEED"

When humans learn to live their lives from the Higher Levels rather then from the Lower levels of their senses/chakras, then they will Advance at a even faster rate in Human Evolution. When people engage in the lower levels of pleasures more then the higher levels then they will evolve at a slower rate off these lower levels, so it would be wise to remember this. The reptilians feed from these lower levels, and Annunaki77 had mentioned this in an earlier post of his, and it is a fairly recent post. The higher you go, the HARDER it becomes for them to feed from your energies, as LOVE, and JOY is the highest level of Emotion Felt by the Humans.

susanluvs: no aura

I can only tell you what I have been channeling. I was told I have no aura by an ascended master this morning--hence I am seeking answers as to why. I ended up here. I have been told repeatedly I am a Pleiadian.
Maybe that is the reason.

eevie: no aura

susanluvs, don't believe it without confirmation. Do you experience going out of body?

bluesbaby5050: The Reptilians are on the ASTRAL PLANES Also...................

And they will try to trick people in very many ways to get them involved with the base pleasures. IF You do Not have them under control, and in check, then it becomes even harder to resist their tricks, and their games. This will be experienced by many people the more they Astral Travel, and you are always being watched and observed by many different kinds of beings because they are studying you/us. You will be constantly tested during your Astral Traveling by many beings. You will certainly be approached during these kinds of traveling. So Being Prepared is wise. Do not give into them. Keep your Space.

eevie: base

what we call basic instinct or pleasures is really the lower 3 chakras. Without them you are no longer controlled, you are free. The astral is the reptilians home. They visit us thru human dna. another reason to get rid of your dna. see how they operate? Trick us into believing that chakras and dna are natural. They are not. They are not studying us. They know us, have known us for thousands, millions of years. They know us better than we do. So, yeah, protection and watch where you go. Some places we enter, we are just asking for it. ha

bluesbaby5050: I understand what your saying here...............

I am also getting most of my nourishment from the Sun, "Solar Power" energy and it's rays at certain highest times of the day now. I have gradually increased this over time, and I also started doing this very slowly many years ago, and now I can receive even greater amounts. And at this time it is even more abundant with these higher, stronger light particles of light beams we are receiving from the galactic center while we are going though the Photo Band.

bluesbaby5050: I was implying that Humans do not need ...............

To live from these levels to feel alive. This is also a trick that is played on for the humans because the reptilians need us SO THEY CAN FEEL ALIVE THOUGH OUR ENERGIES! So they try to control humans though those levels, and they need to learn, and realize this as the truth. I do not need to learn this, as I already have long ago, and without any master coaching me along.

UN.i1-PHI: and what do you think about shutting the higher chakras also

didnt you shut them all off? bb interestingly and logically that says she keeps the higher ones in order for the electrical energie fields/ currents to fully function (in and?!) around the body and if not it would cause blockages and reptilians dont have them at all...
but what if you'd shut dem all out and still manage to keep/control the higher energies function in the way you want so they would not be able to be controlled at to benefit when have them all off!!? as they are not natural/necessary!

eevie: :)

Then we are just normal humans that haven't been fucked with when we shut down the entire chakra system as i have done. Ridding the dna as well. My connection to source is not interfered with now. No bad connections either. I am a free agent as we were always intended to be. no more shackles, or governors on my personal power. I am now truly my only limit. I contain in order to not consume the negative dark and false light in this world. they are an abomination to humanity. But.....when it is time.....:) and, hey, it doesn't matter what species has what. Just be who and what you are. What can you possibly gain from physical attributes that are changeable at your whim? :)

UN.i1-PHI: what about eating food with DNA

i dont eat any animal products anymore but i do eat plants and i even cook them oftenly as i cant manage to eat only raw now
but this is also inserting (foreing) dna in our system(s) what do you think about this, do we need only minerals and water etc.. and what about the (co)vitamins&other enzymes without them things usually go wrong in our body what can you say about that?!

eevie: WE get what we believe in

WE get what we believe in everything in life. Beliefs are the problem. The word is even based on the word lie. I can give a discourse on the english language and the spiritual trap that it is, but not now. You either know a thing, or you do not. IN between land of belief does not really exist It is a lie. drop the beliefs and admit you just don't know yet about some things. We are all at this point. :)
So, it doesn't really matter what you put into your body. I energetically "bless" my food, drink before consuming. and, my body is working with me, instantly shutting down what is harmful. WE have to trust ourselves again, take control of our bodies. I take vitamins and intend them for good for my body adn that is what they do. What people should be concerned about are the nanites in our food and drink in teh states. They are in everything. We breathe them in from chemtrails, too. They spray us with harmful chemicals,human blood, reptilian dna, viruses, nanites, etc. They can and do switch the nanites on in any mode they choose and we are powerless to it. The next big flu/plague will come thru the nanites, not a contagious virus. If we allow it to happen. Choose the timeline you want. I choose this not to happen. Been working so far. lol Unplug from the matrix, literally, dna and chakras.

bluesbaby5050: You are So CORRECT!

It is really true about the next sources of the Plague, and the NEW Virus's that are coming out for the future of humans, and this is exactly how they are being dispursed into the public areas now. Though the VACCINES, and though our Air/Water/Foods/Clothes/personal products/household goods, and home furnishings etc. We are being bombarded with this on a huge scale right now. We can RE-PROGRAM this by doing what eevie has just said. I do this also, and I know this really does work. Learn to TRUST IN YOURSELF NOW MORE THEN EVER. This is the Inner Power we all have to tap into it, because it is Key to our health , and well being now.

eevie: I have to stick an amen here,

I have to stick an amen here, Bluesbaby! lol Yes, it is time to release the lies and embrace your personal truth and power!

UN.i1-PHI: an amen?!!

how/what do you mean?... saying 'amen' is an closing/capturing word/phrase to redirect ppls prayers into sucker's feeding vortexes as far as i'm concerned about it...this is why religious ppl are conditioned to use it so often... why would you say that or do you mean it in a sarcastic way..?/joke and i'm taking to literally ;P

bluesbaby5050: To UNI............

I think he was being sarcastic, and only joking. My thoughts only, as he can answer this one for you later :)

Tim Lovell: hmm I am sorry eevie but the

hmm I am sorry eevie but the human being does need its chakras, it is part of their being you always have the eternal connection to source as when you die to these bodies and move on as mind only you still have the source connection, the 12 strand human was deigned to function in 12 dimensions at once , it is only because earth is taken over by the reptiles that they are here to enter you etc thru your lower chakras, the plejarens have chakras but there home world is free of the reptillians and their 12 strands of dna are plugged in , no you are advocating denying your being to `live` by your connection to the source this is wrong , BB is correct tho we should be like the lyrians and pliedians etc and move up from the base chakras to the higher ones outside the body

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