My Chemotherapy

by Tim Lovell on October 15th, 2014

Guys my Chemo starts in 5 days , , if what they say is true I will lose all my hair 2 weeks after this, so I don't really care about all this , guys , pls grow up there are a lot of more important things in this life that aliens and all this crap , grow up guys you are all better than this..., btw I will post a pic of me without my hait lol :P


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Crackdown: Very good idea! :-)

Probably, the time that would be convenient for the largest percentage of members, would be

11:00 PM GMT : at Saturday, or Sunday (will be better, because everyone had a rest from work/study week and have re-accumulated the energy)

If you have a different proposal, please tell

Tarheel: Attention: All members....

I'm okay with the weekend and time IF you tell me what GMT is. I'm on EST and although I know they exist, I don't really know ALL the other times.

I do want to say that I think it should be the time/day/date that everyone wants, not just me.
This is a collaborative effort, so anyone/everyone PLEASE weigh in w/ ideas/time/date.
Thanks for responding/CARING. "Unity consciousness" is alive & well & evolving @

Sorry, Tim. We aren't waiting. The sooner, the better.
Remember Avatar? I think DR Grace Augustine would have made it IF they had gotten her to Eywa sooner.

TillToTheWhen: Yes I've been doing that

Yes I've been doing that anyway. Is there any certain time of the day you guys agreed on? If so, post it here, and then everyone will know...

And to ensure this experiment works....Tim has to agree to stop the chemo pills and try the natural methods first. Please agree to this Tim.

It takes only 5 days to see results...maybe a couple of weeks or longer for you, but trust in it and it's going to work. It worked for all those other people!!

Tim Lovell: Well I cant stop taking the

Well I cant stop taking the pills but I only take them for 5 days a month so if you do it at the end of the month mabey

TillToTheWhen: Well, of course we will send

Well, of course we will send good thoughts, love and pray for you anyway.

But why can't you stop taking the pills? of course you can stop! They aren't holding a gun to your head. The more of these pills you take, the worse your immune system gets. I guess this is another form of their population control, I don't understand why they only allow deadly treatments for cancer. I know the cheap ones, they can't patent....but you'd figure for the price, they could still hook you up with some decent meds that won't kill the dorogov stimulator or something like that. But accroding to crackdown, that is dirt cheap over there in Russia too. You can find online for about 30 USD, I haven't tried yet though. I just know the immune system, and the mind body and soul is the only cure for cancer. And you just have to feed your mind body and soul. Keep meditating too.

Best Wishes Tim....Get well soon

Tim Lovell: Thanks for all the positive

Thanks for all the positive comments guys

Tarheel: Truthcontrol about this Sat. night for Tim?

Do ya'll want to firm it up and set this Sat night as time for sending Tim Lovell prayers/healing energies? You don't have to be online to participate. I wont have a connection, but I will.

Let me/us know if this Sat. evening(11/1) works, and what time ya'll want to do it.

TillToTheWhen: Anyday is good with me

Saturday is fine. Shit, we should all do this every night, everytime we think of Tim, just send him some healing thoughts. But yeah, with a group effort we can do this on Saturday night. I am PST, (so 3 hours behind New York (est)

Oatmeal: Alcoholism

I'm glad my comment stimulated this thread and everybody reached out to Tim. How are you Tim? How's the chemo going? Do you think it's making a difference? Are you showing progress?

I also would like to reach out to everyone for suggestions on alternative methods for Alcoholism. I've been trying to quit drinking for about a year now and I've tried some alternative methods but they haven't worked. I've done hypnosis, The Sinclair Method, energy healing, alchemy, etc.

I would just do an outright rehab but I work full-time. I have already spoken to an outpatient clinic about starting there in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone out there used any alternate methods instead of a 12-step program? I know there are a lot of methods out there besides mainstream and AA. Has anyone had any luck or known anyone that has had any luck with alternative methods for overcoming addiction?

obsrvantlouie: You sound like an intelligent

Person. I would advise this method: do some meditating on what/why you are attracted to drinking? What do you like or dislike about yourself when you are intoxicated vs not intoxicated. If you uncover this and confront it you may find an avenue to beat this mentally. Your mind is not addicted to alcohol....your body is addicted. You control your body from your it out of your mind and you will drive the addiction out of your body.

The Seeker: Strategic Overview: Overcoming/Reducing Dependency Upon Alchohol

Hey man, in regards to your inquiry pertaining to strategies for relieving your addiction, I might have some ideals.

I'd like to start off by telling you that it is unlikely that you will defeat your affliction simply by means of strict willpower, contrary to the ideals offered to you by others whom have responded to your outreach.

- But from a brief overview, it seems western style treatment is your most likely solvent.

- Initial Stratagem:
*Heretofore your neuro-chemistry has been pressing your body to crave substances which depress the CNS; I suggest therefore altering your neuro-chemistry, so to inhibit/reduce the craving of CNS depression* (CNS~[Central Nervous System])

-I suggest purchasing any herbal supplements which serve the purpose of boosting/maintaining the brain's natural serotonin production- } An herbal supplement on the market called: "5 HTP" for example might be something for you to look into.

By nature it is probably unlikely that you would successfully will away your will to drink excessively; therefore, your new game-plan should be to physically alter your neuro-chemical balance (via herbs/pharmaceutical prescriptions) to therefore, inadvertently, allow your willpower to naturally pull you toward your objective, being} [sobriety].

TillToTheWhen: I highly recommend AGAINST

I highly recommend AGAINST taking any prescription drug...unless it's the one that makes you really sick when you drink (maybe that will work...but I cant even recommend that as I have no experience with it) but what I do know is that you don't want to take any prescription drug for serotonin. Those drugs are flawed and can make you suicdal, zombie or crazy. Most of the serial killers were on those drugs. I knew a lady who told me she almost killed her 9 year old son for no reason at all. She then got off the anti depressants and no longer had those crazy evil thoughts.

Those drugs are no good. 5Htp might help, but It never really worked for me. I think it's over hyped also based on my research. There are better supplements to try. Try SAM-e first and see if that works. I have a serotonin dysfucntion and it helped me a bit. It's also good for the liver and the joints.

The Seeker: "SAM-E" is another really

"SAM-E" is another really good option within the realm of herbal supplements.

However, regarding your absolutistical/illogical, assumption ridden input, in which you regard all prescription drugs working with serotonin levels as flawed & harmful to mental health, and also where you proceed to draw equal signs between: Oatmeal's neuro-chemistry & serial killer's neuro-chemistry!; as if all anti-depressant medication would affect them both in an identical way! Hah! Don't be absurd!

obsrvantlouie: Clarification

Are you saying that you trust in western allopathic prescription drugs?

TillToTheWhen: Prescription drugs= The

Prescription drugs= The Zombie Apocalypse


I don't support the zombie apocalypse. And seeker shouldn't either...

The Seeker: I don't trust or distrust

I don't trust or distrust western allopathic prescription drugs.
I prefer not to adhere to such black & white-type ideals, but instead valuate on a case by case, drug by drug basis, instead of deciding; foolishly; to trust or distrust as a whole.

obsrvantlouie: Wise

I would say that it is wise to evaluate everything as 'case by case' basis, however. The 'case' of western style medicine (for me) is pretty black and white. Homeopathic works with and for the immune system and allopathic treats symptoms and works against the immune system in time damaging the body and leading to other needs for prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs are not beneficial to the human condition......this is pretty black and white.

Tarheel: Some people struggle

Some people struggle with turning loose of a forced paradigm and ignore the warning signs and the lights flashing & bells ringing. Unfortunately, they will either return to The Light or face the consequences of their actions and manufactured belief system.
I agree with OL wholeheartedly on this one.

TillToTheWhen: You're overthinking what I

You're overthinking what I said. All I am saying is stay off the prescription drugs. Not worth the risk when there are proven natural supplements like Sam-e which work just as well as the prescription drugs, but without the dangerous side effects.

TillToTheWhen: Also Sam-e is not an herb, it

Also Sam-e is not an herb, it is actually a prescribed drug in Europe, but it happens to be natural as our bodies create it on their own. Look into supplementing with Vitamin b(6 I believe it is, or maybe it was b3) as well when you take the sam-e or homocystein levels in your body could rise. I've taken it with no problems either way but I probably wasn;t deficient on vitamin b. But it is said that it uses it up pretty quickly. I got great results from it though.

Tim Lovell: well tbh I am also on atm an

well tbh I am also on atm an antidepressant called Vanlafaxine , this is an SSNRI selective seretonine/noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, I was on these because of my mums recent death but now I really don't want to be on them AND chemo AND the anti seizure drugs I am on also but my GP said keep taking them for 4 more months I am definatly gonna say I want to stop the antidepressants now I don't care

TillToTheWhen: have they messed with your

have they messed with your emotions at all? I've heard those who take them too often end up like zombies and they don't have any depression or happiness.

Try the works to relieve depression and it's good for the liver and the joints as well. No bad side effects, except maybe some minor stomach upset. They say not to take it though if you're a manic depressive. But I think I might be and I took it anyway. lol

Tim Lovell: well now you say it I do

well now you say it I do `feel` like an empty husk just no emotions atall ... I wanna get of the venlafaxine asap

Oatmeal: Meditation

I've tried meditation many, many times. I think one of the problems is that I'm so toxic due to the alcohol that I can't get into my deeper subconscious to see where the addiction is coming from. I've done a lot of energy work and hypnosis with healers that are very talented and well known for helping their clients overcome any obstacles they have. I've been told by almost every one of them that I'm particularly hard to work on.

I'm also a dependent on alcohol and it runs very strong in my family. Both sides. I have done a good bit of research on this subject. I think I'm going to have to go the traditional route and just go to a mainstream rehab facility. Unless someone else can recommend something that they have seen someone else, or themselves come off of a drug or alcohol that is tried and true. Something that is not a 12 step program or mainstream program. Regardless I have to stop soon. I'm fearing for my health.

Tarheel: Perhaps you need....

Maybe you should try more fiber in your diet. Oatmeal.

TillToTheWhen: Alcohol addiction is

Alcohol addiction is something I don't have experience with, so first hand I can't tell you for sure....but it is going to take some work to get off of it. I've heard if you quit too suddenly, that it can be fatal, so do not try and quit cold turkey.

In the meantime, if you fear for your health, make sure to take milk thistle seed extract every single day. This will help to protect your liver. Also eat lots of fresh veggies, like dandilion greens, these are a great liver cleanser. And do a google search for other info and don't believe the first thing you read. Research all avenues and then connect the dots and do what you feel in your heart is right, or will work.

Best of luck man...

TillToTheWhen: One other thing- Make sure to

One other thing- Make sure to drink LOTS of water. Not tap water. Drink water that hydrates you. You'll know if it's good water or poisoned water by doing a test. (I learned this one ONE website online which talks about CURING CIRRHOSIS of the liver....when no other websites dare to talk about it. Cirrhosis is a big business for the scam medical establishment, because they charge a lot of money for liver transplants)

Well, even though I have never been an alcoholic, I did get into drugs heavily when I was younger. I had an overdose, which I believe caused acute liver failure, or cirrhosis from the different drugs I was doing. I've been messed up ever since. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor though, but I would bet you anything my problem is cirrhosis, because I have all the symptoms, inclduing "Liver Breath" which is unique to cirrhosis patients. Even some doctors use that method for diagnosis, i hear.

So, I am still here 20 years later...because I drink tons of water everyday. So, drink about a gallon per day and this will keep your liver hydrated. That website I found online (Can't remember the link, it's been years, but maybe you could find it by typing in "Cure for Cirrhosis)) he says water and hydration is the key to curing it. He says also it could take up to 20 years to completely cure the scar tissue, but you also need limes each morning and mix it in with the water for maximum effect. I still have the symptoms myself, but I been slacking. I don't drink the lime juice too often.

But just wanted to let you know this is very important to drink lots of GOOD water (If you can afford it, get the RAW Coconut Water....Harmless Harvest is the only raw brand I know of, which has no bacteria, because they use HPP (High pressure processing) to kill the bacteria, so it's safe)

TillToTheWhen: Sorry, forgot to explain how

Sorry, forgot to explain how the "Test" works to see if it's good water or not.

Take a sip of the water and hold it in your mouth for a second, then swallow it. Now see, does your mouth feel dry, or wet? If it feels wet, it's good water, if it feels dry, it's poisoned water.

pasqualie: oatmeal

alcoholism is an escape from life, for what ever reason, you do not feel good about yourself or your life, so you drink to feel good. When you drink, you stop thinking. its puts you in another state where your left brain is not active, and so the ego is quiet.

its not something if its an addiction that you will be able to change. its a battle essentially you will be fighting every minute for a long time if you decide to quit.

what this means is every time you feel the urge to drink, it means you stop right there, and do something that takes your mind off it. it may be going for a 5k run every time you think about drinking.

you have to change your thinking and feeling patterns to quit drinking. so you feel good about yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

every time you feel the urge to drink, i suggest you sit down and just release on it that urge to drink, until it goes away, as well as giving yourself love by saying i love you, and even just the word yes.

Tim Lovell: Oatmeal, addiction is a

Oatmeal, addiction is a personality trait, some people have addictive personalities, you can be addicted to anything, alcohol,drugs,people,tv whatever it dosent matter really but of course the more destructive addictions like alcohol or drugs are worse etc, now usually a addictive personality develops due to some childhood trauma , but on a deeper level this trauma may have been designed by your higherself(YOU!) before you incarnated to either teach yourself a lesson or get rid of past life karma the list is endless, anyway you need to resolve the root issue behind the addictive cover behaviour first to move past it ...


bluesbaby5050: There's many more, and some common ones are......

Porn, and Gambling to name a couple more, and the lists goes on , and on. Anything can become addictive. Gambling, and porn are obsessions, are not chemicals, and so they become addictions within the mind. Alcohol is a chemical, so are drugs, and so they become addictive to the physical body. This was stated just to compare the differences in certain addictions.

Oatmeal: I take very good care of myself.......

Otherwise than the alcohol. I drink plenty of water and I work out very hard to keep the water flowing through my body and organs to keep as much of the toxins out as I can. I sit in the sauna a lot to keep it all flowing through my body. I drink at least a gallon of (usually) spring water per day. I have a software program to treat the water to change the molecular structure of it so my body absorbs it better.

If I quit drinking cold turkey then I start going through withdrawals and I can go into seizures, DT's, cold sweats, hallucinations and yes, even death. Although I'm pretty healthy and take care of myself so I don't think I would die but uncontrolled withdrawal is very hard on the body. I will have to go through a medically controlled detox where I stay in the hospital for a few days until my alcohol is completely out of my system. I've done two of those this year but eventually went back to drinking.

I don't have an addictive personality. I don't watch porn, I don't gamble, I don't smoke. My only vice is alcohol. When I kick it I will be a very healthy person. In rehab they teach you how to re-live your life without alcohol. I will need to do that because I can't imagine life without alcohol. It's always been my friend (and my enemy) since I was a teenager.

I was told by a very reliable psychic that I gave myself over to the Greek Goddess of Destruction in a past life. I determined that it was Medusa. That's what makes the most sense to me energetically speaking. God knows I have suffered a thousand times over because of this substance. It's like a battered woman that loves her abusive husband and she won't leave him. The good times are good but the bad times are horrible.

I've got Thanksgiving weekend pegged as my last detox and then I start an intensive outpatient program. If that doesn't work then I'll do an entire 30 day rehab. Whatever it takes. I simply don't have a choice anymore. I can't continue doing this to myself. I'll keep everyone posted as to how I'm doing.

I certainly appreciate any feedback from anyone on this subject but I think going the traditional route is the best for me right now. I just hate the fact that I can't ever have a drink again. I would like to go out and have a few beers watching football with the guys...........then stop. Having a glass of wine with my dinner.............then stop. Go out to the club with beautiful women and have a few drinks..........then stop. I think if I could go back to being like that then I would easily quit. But I don't know if it's the fact that mainstream thinking that has me believing that I can't go back to being that person, or if this is really the way it is. Whatever alternative treatments are out there, I haven't found one that works for me yet. I hope one does exist so that one Saturday a year from now I can go to a football game and have a few beers and leave it at that. But I haven't found it yet.

TillToTheWhen: I understand where you're

I understand where you're coming from. That's part of the mind addiction where you just don't want to live without it altogether. (Like when you said you wish you could just have a few beers....I was like that too when first stopping cigarettes and weed) but who knows maybe you can get to that point? I can't recommend trying it, just because of past history...but what if you could cut down slowly, on your own, without rehab, and then get to the point of just having 2 or 3 drinks a day? Then it won't be too much and you'll be able to enjoy them when going out. Or some days you wont have to drink at all, since you won't be as addicted anymore. I'm probably wrong here, and this might not be possible since it's in your blood. For me, luckily I actually can't stand drinking a lot anymore...because then I just get sick and get a headache. I used to be like you though (not alcoholic, but just when I did drink, I always had to have more...) and after several years, and so many hangovers, I finally got to the point to where I hated it....and now, even if I drink everyday, I don't need more than a couple of tall cans. I got a really good buzz tonight from just one 25 oz I guess you just have to get used to it maybe. But maybe there's a different habit you could get into when you go out, a more healthy one. And that way it will keep your mind off the alcohol.

Tim Lovell: yes this is like an addictive

yes this is like an addictive personality, , you have to confront the root cause of the problem to erase the stem of the problem...

Quinton: Hi Oatmeal

Your situation sounds very similar to my brother. He started drinking at a really young age and is now around 30 or so and is still battling with it very seriously. It's a very serious drug and can completely run your life. It's not possible for him to have just 1 or 2 beers. He just can't. If he starts drinking he won't stop until he ends up in the hospital or dead. And he's been very, very close to death more than once. Once he starts he will do whatever he can to accumulate more alcohol and drink more and more. Everything else in his life will stop and all he will do is drink by himself in his room. He will drink the 750ml vodka bottles like it's nothing. It's a horrible, horrible thing.

I've obviously put a lot of thought into the whole thing and there are lots of ways to looks at it. I do think that he has created a very strong connection to alcohol with his body, especially because he started at a very young age. He started drinking the same reason most people do, it's fun, it's cool, it's something to do. But as he got older the alcohol became a familiar friend for my brother. He went from drinking socially to drinking privately. When something got hard or he got stressed out from work he had something familiar to relax with. And with time the alcohol became his go to problem solver and he replaced developing himself with alcohol. That's my take on it anyway.

I will say that I don't think a lot of those AA classes and traditional methods work. I think they keep people trapped in the viewpoint that they are an alcohol and they allow people to continue to create that reality for themselves. If somebody is always thinking about something that is what they are going to create. Alcoholics are always thinking about alcohol. It finds its way into every conversation. They need to change the way they think. They need to create a reality without it.

If somebody is always going around fearful of getting sick, then they are going to get sick. If somebody is always going around seeing the negativity in the world, then they are going to live a negative life. And it's no different with alcohol. People need to stop giving energy to the thing that is controlling them. And the way to do that is to find what it is you do want, and follow that. Feed the things you do want. The more you do that, the less room alcohol, or anything else, will have to make its way in.

What you mention about your past life is interesting to me, not because of the content, but because you mention your past life. My brother is really big into reincarnation, but for a different reason than most people. He uses it as a crutch, or a reason to drink. He says that in past lives he was this way and that in this life his lesson is to quit drinking. He get's caught up in past lives as if they hold any control on the present moment of now. It's all just another excuse to me and it sounds like you may be doing something similar unknowingly.

Most alcoholics are liars and manipulators. I have learned this in classes and from my own experience. They want to control the situation and find a way to make it seem like they have no other choice. You mentioned earlier that alcohol runs heavy in your family history. Same with my family. And my brother uses the same excuse. That's all it is, an excuse. Alcohol doesn't run in families. Red hair might and other physical characteristics may, but alcohol isn't that. There isn't an alcoholic gene. It may be things like addictive traits that run in genes? And what exactly does that look like? What genes and traits of addiction are passed on? Most of this is just another excuse and manipulation. The body you are in makes very little difference. Nor do your past lives. These are all manipulations and excuses to avoid you taking responsibility.

If you were to put any spiritual leader like Jesus or whoever into a shitty situation with shitty DNA and a shitty upbringing they would still find a way out. That's because the situation doesn't matter. What matters is who you are. And who you are is always able to create a favorable situation, you just have to allow yourself to do that. I'm not trying to be mean at all but you say the exact same things my brother says, for the exact same reasons I'm thinking.

Everyone is different, but in my brother's case I think his best chance at this point is getting serious 1 on 1 therapy. He drinks to cover pain and parts of himself that he never fully developed when he was a child. There is a huge avoidance of core parts of his life that are buried with alcohol. He needs serious therapy that will help guide him to this pain and then help him release it from his life. That's my view on it. And I've been going through this with him my whole life.

Ultimately you and my brother will have to make the decision to quit on your own. Therapy might help, classes might help, but at the end of the day the final decision rests on your shoulders. It's up to you to make the decision to quit. And it's up to you to align yourself with the kind of life you would like to live. Nobody can do the quitting for you. They can help, they can educate, but you're in charge of the final decision.

I wish you all the best. Alcohol is a terrible, terrible drug and if you're going through a similar pain to my brother's I know how shitty it is. Stay strong!

obsrvantlouie: Don't be victim

To alleged past life mistakes.....your not paying a karmic debt. Past life/past lives is misnomer.....focus on you in the here and now. Your bout with alcohol is due to the choices you've made as "oatmeal" and no one else is at fault but yourself. If you want to make this change....which sounds like a large lifestyle change if this is honestly your only vice, then you are going to need to take responsibility for your condition. Stop looking for other institutions to do this for you.

Don't set yourself up for failure either.....why detox on turkey day? Allow your self to have a couple of drinks this weekend but try to cleanse from today until then. If you want to break this you need to commit to discipline. Start reinforcing that you have the power to make this change by reciting a mantra once, twice, there times or as much as you want. Everyday you wake the first thing you should say to yourself is "I am not an alcoholic, I have the power the control what I put in my body, I appreciate my body, I want to be healthy, I will not allow myself to be controlled by a drug."

It doesn't have to be exactly that but create a mantra.

If you cannot quit cold turkey than ease of the drug as 'Tillto' advised already.

Look at the friends you they support your ambition to cure your addiction or do they guilt you into drinking with them to hide their own insecurities by telling you "it's okay, one more won't hurt".

Discover some new ways to keep yourself busy and avoid typical situation that make you want to drink (like watching football which is continuously advertised by beer commercials).

There is not a pill you can take that will just cure your addiction overnight. Only you have the power to take the necessary steps needed to break this loop of yours. Write a plan and commit to it.

AA classes give in to victimhood mentality as Quinton said by depending on support from others and reinforcing the illusion that you are am alcoholic.

Your addiction isn't the work of some Greek's the work of the choices you've made in this life.

Please don't mistake my directness as insensitivity....we all have obstacles and that you only have one left tells me you are a very powerful person as most people have more than one vice. You have the power to fix's up to you.

pasqualie: Tim hope your treatment is working

a back plan maybe something to look into and investigate as well.

TillToTheWhen: I hope so too! I also hope

I hope so too! I also hope the positive energy we sent will make a miracle. I have a good feeling Tim will be one of the lucky 3% who survives the chemothreapy.

But trying to change fate is a hard thing to do. I do believe we can over come it (Watch that "Human resistance" video crackdown translated for more info...I highly agree with 90% of what was spoken in that video...and how our fates are already picked out for us and we have little free will to stop it,but even so I believe we can over power the "machine" and change our fate for the better if we really truly desire to do so)

Tim Lovell: Hi guys thx for the support I

Hi guys thx for the support I hope it works too I know it is making me really tired tho! Thx also for the positive energy it will defiantly help I am going in an hour for a blood test to start cycle 2 of the chemo ugh

TillToTheWhen: You still never told us why

You still never told us why you won't give the natural treatments a shot? I know you dont believe in them, because you think if they were true, that the doctors would know about it. But didn't you know the doctors were ONLY trained in drugs and surgury?? They don't tell the doctors about the cheap natural cures, they surpress them so they can make profits. Think about it....

Try the natural route. and you won't have to worry about being tired anymore. They will give you tons of energy and get rid of that cancer. THINK about it this way- Even if you are right and they don't work, you have nothing to lose. You know the chemo success rate is only 3% to live 5 years, right? If you arent aware of that yet, ask your doctor he will be forced to tell you.

TillToTheWhen: You still never told us why

You still never told us why you won't give the natural treatments a shot? I know you dont believe in them, because you think if they were true, that the doctors would know about it. But didn't you know the doctors were ONLY trained in drugs and surgury?? They don't tell the doctors about the cheap natural cures, they surpress them so they can make profits. Think about it....

Try the natural route. and you won't have to worry about being tired anymore. They will give you tons of energy and get rid of that cancer. THINK about it this way- Even if you are right and they don't work, you have nothing to lose. You know the chemo success rate is only 3% to live 5 years, right? If you arent aware of that yet, ask your doctor he will be forced to tell you.

TillToTheWhen: Also do some research on

Also do some research on google about REAL people's experiences...and find the info you need. The cancer is NOT what kills people...that's a HUGE LIE.
It's the chemo which kills the people. So once you find this out, I think you'll want to get off the chemo asap. The chemo kills. You'll live much longer doing no treatment at all, then doing the chemo. This is a fact. Please look it up so you can see. And then if you still want to do it, fine, but at least let us know why you're suicidal? Makes no sense Tim...

Tim Lovell: I will look into it I promise

I will look into it I promise

TillToTheWhen: awesome...I hope you try it

awesome...I hope you try it and as I said you can still do the tests to see if you have cancer. If it gets rid of your cancer, of course the doctors will be shocked (wont be the first time) but then you'll know that you dont need the chemo at all (And you still dont need it either way, it's too harmful to your immune system. Even if there was no natural cure, I would avoid the chemo, so that way I could live longer)

TillToTheWhen: Hey Tim,

Hey Tim,

how you doing? I held to my word and stopped posting here like I said. Because I have my own theories and opinions and most people don't want to hear them, so wasn't worth the time and energy fighting here.

But just wondering how you're doing with the cancer. Are you getting better, and did you incorporate the seeds or anything else natural into your treatment?

Hope all is well.

Quinton: You should keep posting here.

You should keep posting here. I enjoy listening to what you have to say :)

TillToTheWhen: Well thanks, I appreciate

Well thanks, I appreciate that.

I'm so used to being hated for what I say, (most people have been programmed to ridicule people like myself who look within for the truth) so it's good to know that I'm welcome here.

Tim Lovell: Hey man yeah I am doing ok

Hey man yeah I am doing ok just finished the last chemo cycle and all is ok it even shrunk the second tumor abut so that's good and stopped its growth for now I also asked the oncologist to put me forward for immunotherapy trials as that shows great promise, I'm just getting over the extreme tiredness of the chemo atm , I didn't try those seeds tho I totally forgot sry , I should be more active soon tho hope you and everyone is doing well tho

TillToTheWhen: Well glad to hear that.

Well glad to hear that.

Tim Lovell: Btw the chemo shrunk my

Btw the chemo shrunk my secondary tumor by 13% and stopped any further growth for now so it's the most encouraging result tho the tumor is still there, immunotherapy and vacinetherapy is the future real cures are going to be coming from these areas

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