My Chemotherapy

by Tim Lovell on October 15th, 2014

Guys my Chemo starts in 5 days , , if what they say is true I will lose all my hair 2 weeks after this, so I don't really care about all this , guys , pls grow up there are a lot of more important things in this life that aliens and all this crap , grow up guys you are all better than this..., btw I will post a pic of me without my hait lol :P


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Tim Lovell: hair * :)

hair * :)

bluesbaby5050: Tim........

Maybe we ALL should just stick our heads in the sand, and keep on pretending ALIENS DO NOT EXISTS, AND THAT WE REALLY DO LIVE IN A HARMONIOUS WORLD......WELL WE DO NOT!!! That is NOT our True Reality, and we really do live on a prison planet, and Earth is only one of many other prison planets in this galaxy. Did we all forget that our galaxy has been at war with other negative aliens for 10 million years? Did we all forget that the FEMA CAMPS EXISTS, and WHY DO THEY? Should we prepare for any type of natural or man made disaster? Is it wise to stock up on food, and water when some of us live in tornado ally, or on the coast in hurricane season? ? Or should we all depend on our governments to help us when the tough times hit us like they did when Katrina hit the U.S.? Is this all just foolishness as Tim Lovell says? Or are we acting like foolish children as he just stated? Is it wise to listen to Tims advice? As for myself the answer is a BIG FAT NO! None of us terrans are free yet! We all are going through many transitions, and many earth changes are on the horizon, and I am teaching people in my communities how to prepare for any emergency, and I live on the coast, and we are in the hurricane season right now, and the seas get pretty high, and very rough, and the rivers, and sewers swell, and floodings occures in low lying areas where many of us live, and so my advice to anyone is to be smart, and not foolish when TSHTF. The governments are unstable, and they can give way at any time without a moments notice, and it pays to be ready. We live on a changing planet, unlike many other people that live on stable planets in our galaxy, and we are very brave, and they admire us for our resilence, and fortitude, and for our ability to adjust to anything that comes our way. So be wise, and trust in your gut/intuition.

Tim Lovell: Its not that BB, I just don't

Its not that BB, I just don't give a shit anymore, we all talk the same shit everyday, like it makes a difference, does it?, who knows, to be honest I really don't give a flying fuck anymore, I have incurable cancer, I am facing real death so , little one I don't care but you do then buy all means keep on , , because If you ask me I don't give a fuck.


contactorion: Excuse my butting in

But I really took that to heart. It does in a very very small way help and change.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I do not know what it must be like in your situation... its scary, and depressing just to think about. I hope you see the beauty of the world before you pass.

P.s. if you look into near death experiences you may have a different outlook. There is a boat load of evidence out there for that phnomenon. Together with the book "children who have who remebered thier past lives" about around 100 cases of reincarnation. "The furnace"

TillToTheWhen: All cancer is curable. Check

All cancer is curable. Check that link I put. And if you are so sure it's not curable, why waste your time with a deadly chemo treatment? it's only going to make your quality of life much worse.

contactorion: unfortunantly he is correct

Bruzynski did it. But the F.D.A. wont allow anti-neo plastons to be used.

TillToTheWhen: Who is correct?

Sorry not sure what you're talking

I just wish Tim the best. If he does the chemo on this route, the chances of survival will be less than 3%....if he does what we recommended, the chances of survival will be 100%

contactorion: you were.

Because it is. But labeled bogus and the F.D.A. makes it a very expensive. Bruzynskis anti neo plastons that is.

contactorion: even if anti-ne plastons don't work ( 70% time) it is NON-TOXIC.

Just feel like it would be wrong not to say. There is a very convincing court case video with a state troop telling the court how his daughter was given chemo it failed, then they gave her anti neo-plastons and the cancer and tumor were gone....but 9 montzs later she died because her brain fell apart because of chemo...

obsrvantlouie: Death is of the body

Experiences on earth will pale in comparison to experiences in the 'afterlife'. I agree with TTTW.....chemo is deadly and will only exacerbate the condition. There are homepathic cure cancer.

However, you would have to correct your mindset of your condition being 'incurable' before you can elect a homeopathic response....if you are beaten in the mind then surely you are beaten all the way round.

Tarheel: Tim.

Keep hope alive. You're gonna piss me off with that attitude and I promise you do NOT want to upset and see "Big, Bad Tarheel". I try to leave him at home, but when I see bad behavior like "giving up", he can manifest. Let's not go there. People here care about you and you will disappoint us, but more importantly YOURSELF, if you give up. Keep hope alive.

Treat for Tim.

bluesbaby5050: Tim.......

I am well aware of your situation, and I really do care about you, and you really do know this about me. And Yes I am making a difference with people I come into contact with everyday of my life, and I really am seeing a positive difference where I live, and I speak with many people from other countries that are trying hard to make a difference where they live too. I am available to help them if I can. This is my mission in life, and I chose it. I am well aware that some people will not make it, while others will, and I am making a point to stick around for the long haul to help where ever , and when ever I am needed in what ever ways that I can. I do this freely, and at my own exspense, and on my own free time. I aim to see the next generations grow into adults, and to see that they will survice into the future no matter what happens. I will be here to give my love, and my support, and to share in my knowledge to help the helpless, and the needy with what I have. I do this for this planet out of my love for her, and for my love for all of humanity unconditionally.

Tim Lovell: BB it not that ,I always

BB it not that ,I always loved you , This lifetime never gave us our true selves, it does not matter we cannot let it take our selves away , this is what we thought when we came here ,... we are not these older virgin selves , as we are now elder, we cannot compare ourselves now as we are to our selves then , we lost who we were then and now we must learn it again, it is as it is.


bluesbaby5050: I never forgot these facts Tim.......

I just do what is required to help the others to survive long enough to learn their lifes lessons. We all have that right. While TPTB are trying hard to rob them of this right. The people know nothing of what we both know, and this is just the way it is. You see though, I remember this, and I never forgot this, and so I choose to do what I do to help others along the way. I know what's going on, and I can make some changes while I am still here, and this is what the PTB do not want to happen, and it's too late now, as it is working already. They can not stop what is happening, only to slow it down. Even that is not working in their favor now, as they are weakening everyday that goes by. Heaven is on our side Tim, and they are stubborn, and this is their undoing. So be it.

Oatmeal: Alternative treatments?

I must ask you Tim, have you looked into alternative treatments to chemo? One of the main impacts of knowing about how this planet really works has had on me is people's health. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect, especially in the last few years. But I have studied a lot about alternative treatments. Some work, some don't. But I've read many stories about people overcoming cancer with alternatives like, Omega-3 fatty acids, glyconutrients, energy healing, etc. Have you looked into any of this? Or are you just accepting your fate and looking forward to going back to the other side?

TillToTheWhen: I talked to Tim about this

I talked to Tim about this too. I told him how the chemo is what kills you and not the cancer itself. Chemo is a very bad option. I am not sure if they have him brainwashed or not, or if he just wants to die faster, but I would never submit myself to any deadly treatment like that. There are plenty of natural cancer treatments. Apricot seeds are a good one. The FDA did armed raids on the health food stores because of how effective they were. I got rid of my cancer in 2 days using the seeds alone. But there are plenty of ways to get rid of it otherwise. You need to strengthen your immune system so your body can cure itself. The chemo weakens the immune system greatly and once you start on it, there is no turning back. Then you have far less chance of natural treatments helping you. For instance the seeds are said to have a 100% success rate for all cancers, as long as the patient has not undergone any chemo. Once the patient undergoes chemo, the success rate drops down to 50%. So, I urge Tim to please at least take the seeds with the chemo, if he wants better chance to survive. But it makes no sense to do the chemo at all,(if you want to survive and get better) since you're just increasing the chances of dying greatly.

I would also have him look into that medicine that Crackdown talked about, called Dorogov stimulator....I heard that it can also get rid of cancer, but I personally have no experience with that. Waiting to hear back from crackdown on that one.

Also a baking soda treatment with syrup, but I stopped that due to it possibly being dangerous for me body type/metabolism. Everyone is different. Cancer is caused from an imbalance, either the body is too acidic or too alkaline. so, in the case of being too alkaline the baking soda treatment could be harmful. Also it could cause the balance to go even more out of whack. The absolute best cheapest and most simple treatment can be found here....(all you need is bread/butter/habaneros and garlic! And then a certain kind of oil, either primrose or cod liver oil, depending on your metabolim

Best of luck Tim with whatever you decide, but please, please try this natural treatment first. Then go to the doctor and I bet they will tell you that you are cancer free and there will be no need for the chemo. This is said to cure all cancer, since all cancer is the same. They just label it differently to confuse people.

Crackdown: Very true words, about chemo

A survey of 128 US cancer doctors found that if they contracted cancer, more than 80 per cent would not have chemotherapy as the "risks and side effects far outweighed the likely benefits"

Dr. Peter Glidden -- Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money (notice the amount of likes)

They wouldn't prescribe vegeterian stuff like vegetables/apricot seeds/graviola fruits, or cheap medicine like ASD-2, because it is "not economically efficient" to them :-P

Crackdown: Anticancer effect of ASD-2 : reviews by those who have tried it

Sadly, you will have to google translate these reviews, because ASD-2 is mostly used in former USSR -- and most of those people, who have tried this drug to cure the cancer, live there.

46 pages of experiences and discussion... After looking through them,
you could tell that there is indeed a positive effect, and ASD-2 helped many people,
although didn't help some (usually those who had a last stage cancer)

ASD-2 provides a powerful boost to immune system, that's why it could be used for curing so many illnesses, in addition to cancer.

TillToTheWhen: Sorry that link was not right

Sorry that link was not right I dont think- Here it is again

I hope it's not too late. I just noticed this thread was posted over 5 days ago. God it pisses me off that they are killing my brothers with these worthless treatments!!

I wish you the best Tim.

Crackdown: Regarding cancer: A copy of my private messages to Tim!

1) Have you tried eating Graviola (soursop) fruit?
Graviola fruit is claimed to be a strong anti-cancer drug...

Also, please check out this thread, and let me know your opinion about it:
Doctors, Scientists and Survivors Break their "Code of Silence" and... Expose the Truth about Cancer

2) Please check out this information about ASD-2 drug :
This drug is relatively inexpensive, yet could help you to cure



TillToTheWhen: And also Tim, your mind is

And also Tim, your mind is the most powerful thing, more than the physical, as I am sure you know this already. So, never tell yourself "I have incurable cancer" because then it could manifest that way. This is why I think you've taken the wrong route, based on that thought. So, just believe in your mind and heart/soul that you'll be able to cure it, and you know that you will.

Tarheel: I wonder......

I wonder if Tim considered getting Jesus (MA777) to perform a miracle?
If ya'll aren't laughing, I'm outta here!

TillToTheWhen: Jesus/Michael/Adam/God/etc

Jesus/Michael/Adam/God/etc already admitted though, that he limited his own power. So, sadly I assume he is unable to preform any miracles.

Tarheel: So, he unempowered himself. How deflating.

Apparently, he didn't un-empower himself enough to keep him from irritating us.
Hey, I'm claiming all his retracted power! I feel the rush already. (not)

"I need a miracle !" treat

TillToTheWhen: LOL!


Crackdown: S.W.A.G. = Secretly, We Are Gods! ;-)

"God" is someone who can change the world. Everyone, you and me, can do that, while we trust in our capabilities and don't give up! In a broad sense of this stupid religious concept, all the people of Earth are "Gods", but not many people ready to manifest their own reality and set up their own rules of the game.

Do you know about the Transurfing of Reality? I have tried and this stuff really works! @Tim : so, in addition to using those non-chemo ways of curing the cancer, it could be nice to try out that

pasqualie: It really depends on what

It really depends on what form he has and how advanced it is. If its advanced and they looking at chemo and irradiation, i dont think switching to alkaline diets and health food will help at this point.

I am no expert Tim and you should always consult medical advice for things like this. But at the end of the day if its not working after your treatments.

Only other thing basically you can try. One is fresh chapparal leaves with black licorice herb boiled and you drink it as a tea that grows in new mexico and other southern states. I think its 6 leaves you boil for 1 hr and you drink a cup, its a detox. you drink one cup every 2-3 hours and you detox in an epson salt bath or sea salt bath for an hour. it will make you feel weak as it detoxes. have to be careful with chapparal also because you can overdose on it and it will shut down your organs if you take too much. but its been used as a healing herb by the native indians in southern us for centuries. too much alkaloids in your system are not good, and thats why its banned in canada because people were not using proper doses and getting health issues.

only other thing i have heard people trying is marijuana with low thc content but high canabinoid content that you juice and drink. i think colorado is only place you can get this stuff they grow it there in greenhouses for medical purposes.

the whole premise behind all this is, detox and basically getting your blood ph to slightly alkaline. since there is a theory disease and health problems begin when we have diet and lifestyle that stresses us and makes our blood on the acidic side of the ph scale.

also you have to get your mind in a peaceful place, because if you are stressed or in fear, your body doesnt heal in that fight or flight state.

TillToTheWhen: Trust in this...

No matter HOW matter what stage, how serious, is NEVER too late!! Think about our divine power we have inside of us, and in the universe. No physical disease is too powerful to overcome this. If we use the mind power we have, and do the right things, and believe that we will survive, then we will! I have experienced this personally. I should of been dead a long time ago. But I avoid the hospitals and I believed I could survive.

Tim should definitely not do the chemo. And combine that with the fact that he believes this is incurable, it's a guaranteed death sentence pretty much. Maybe "destiny" is true, but I believe we can control it with our own power. We are god and we have the power to control our fates, once we know these secrets.

As for marijuana, it can help greatly with the nausea/vomiting caused by the cancer/chemo. But if you want to get rid of the cancer, smoking it wont be enough, He needs to make pure THC Oil and use that. This has been proven to cure last stage cancer.

Don't believe the docotrs. They don't know what they are doing, they only know what they are taught by the establishment. So, I would never seek medical advice for cancer, or it could be deadly.

Sorry but this is one subject that hits home with me and I just pray that Tim stops the chemo asap, and tries the simple 2 week cure, that Kelley used to cure his STAGE 4 CANCER in less than 2 weeks!

TillToTheWhen: One last thing- Hot peppers are a simple cure

UCLA PROVED scientifically that HABANERO PEPPERS REDUCE TUMOR SIZE BY 80%...this is not speculation. It's been proven. No reason to kill yourself with Radiation!

Wake up Tim!! They are killing you brother! Do not allow them to do this to you!!

TillToTheWhen: Also think how much they charge to do the chemo...

And the peppers/garlic cost less than $1

But remember, the physical is only 10% of the battle. The mindset is the most important. To cleanse the viruses out of your mind, meditation is a must. But the physical is also important too, just not as important as the mind set is. I heard it's 90% mind, 10% physical. But the garlic and habaneros will shrink tumors even if you don't meditate, but to stay healthy and keep them gone, I'd say meditation is key.


Tim take 2 teaspoons of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda , 1 Teaspoon of Molasses & One Cup of Water.
One Cup per day and your Illness will be cured, also think positive, negative energy is causing this illness.
Your Illness is more Spiritual than Physical.

Master your Energy and you will save your Physical Form. But this is up to you.

Good Luck we will Pray for you.

TillToTheWhen: You know the doctor is sincere, when there is no $$$ to be made.

I have haeard of that treatment as well. It works for most cancers, but it could be dangerous for those who are already too alkaline. But it's worth a shot over chemo any day. Tim will be able to tell if his body reacts good to it or not...or if his cancer goes away. He can have the doctor do tests to prove it. But the habanero/garlic treatment works for ALL cancers. All cancers are the same. But our body types are different. So, it depends on the oil type you need. The acidic people need Cod Liver oil to balance the metabolism and the overly alkaline people need the Evening Primrose Oil. I provided the link which gives the full protocol for free.

Tarheel: Tim... look at this whole article by OL.

It has an update on chemo's lousy record.

edisonik: Also you can not Die

There are multiple densities and you are in 3rd, your weak at this time because your being too hard on yourself and though you mocked us we still Love you.
All will be well wether your here or in the other relm , we will alway s with you.

contactorion: i dont know about divine power to save from cancer but

the anti neo plastons are solid facts.

TillToTheWhen: lol..

Well I'll look into that then. But believe me "Facts" are not facts. Don't forget that we live in the matrix, and everything is an illusion.

Don't believe ANYTHING you hear (I know...we all get caught up in it from time to time....that's why we're here! Nobody is better than anybody else)

TillToTheWhen: And...

And I truly believe EVERYONE here has some kind of issue, that they aren't aware of.....nobody here is perfrect. No matter how much truth you have, christ consciosness, etc, I can see clearly now that ALL of us have problems, even the eloheim (I know I spelled that wrong)

Quinton: We all wish you the best here

We all wish you the best here Tim. It can take a toll on you researching and talking about the things we do on this site. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier just to step back into the world that everyone else lives in. I feel like that at times myself. Just know that we all love you here and that we are all your family and appreciate you. You have unique value that nobody else has and you chose to be here at this time.

From my understanding all illnesses are created by ourselves at a higher level. Our thoughts create the positive and negative things in our lives. Therefore any illness is curable and changeable. Our physical bodies are subject to every whim of our higher selves. And your higher self only knows love, peace and harmony. I know you know all this already but I am just reminding you and encouraging you. You are an awesome person and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. We wish you all the best Tim. You will come out from this a better person. Stay positive and know it's your journey.

Also if you happen to be up for a book to either read or listen to I think "Dying To Be Me" would really hit the spot for you:

Take care my friend.

Tim Lovell: Thanks for all the positive

Thanks for all the positive comments guys, so far I have had 2 days of pills , and no feeling sick yet but later I guess, as for the haberneros etc I love chillis I have some Trinidad scorpion chillis in the draw and a Trinidad scorpion moruga growing on the side that's the hottest in the world :) but I am staying positive as edi suggests :) the only thing is it makes me tired all the time these pills so ill talk later :)

Tarheel: Try Edi's recipe

You have nothing to lose and your life back to gain.
You know how I feel about the chemo :(

TillToTheWhen: never got a chance to try the scorpions

Yeah I personally am limited to habaneros because they are the hottest peppers that they sell in the stores here. I wish I could try a moruga scorpoion or trinidad scorpion or one of those hotter peppers. If you look on youtube, you'll see some crazy mofos who have the world records. One guy ate 80 carolina repeaers (which the carolina repeaer is the new, "official" hottest pepper in the world.....according to guiness) but there is a pepper which is even hottter, and blows any of the other peppers away. It just hasn't been recognized by Guiness's called "THE CHOCOLATE BHUTLAH ......" Look up that bad boy on youtube and watch the people who eat it, cry in

Phaminator: I have something to say before you take chemotherapy

Obviously it's not gonna convince you to not take chemo but I'll just type this out regardless. A family friend of mine (my mom's close friend) passed away back in spring from a terminal lung cancer. Despite she took chemotherapy and a bunch of pharmacotherapy, the lung cancer persists and thus her condition got worse. When I first met her in a long time (and the very last meeting for me) along with my mom and my sister, she looked pretty damn pale and frail to the point she's about to die at any moment. Not to mention the visit during that time was exactly a week before she passed away in her hospital bed.

To those who are or were around when I was active in this forum, it's the same person I was referring to having a lung cancer and said something about using a papaya leaf as a tea. Anyhow, my point is that having a chemotherapy may treat your cancer, but it doesn't cure the cancer at all. You should take heed of the alternative method since you really have nothing left to lose as a cancer patient. If you know you're not gonna live for long then you might as well try it out first before doing chemotherapy.

Phaminator: Ah crap, I didn't notice you

Ah crap, I didn't notice you already took chemo.

TillToTheWhen: I did not know chemo came in a pill?

I thought it would be like radiation or laser treatment or something. I never really looked into exactly how it the pills are the chemo?? Yeah I would definitely NOT take those pills man. Forget about them and try the natural method first.

Tim Lovell: yes chemo is `chemical

yes chemo is `chemical therapy` it used to be done as an infusion via a drip at hospital but now is done as pills I take 4 a day for 5 days per month then have a blood test to chk if im rdy for the next months doe , the course lasts for 8 months

Tarheel: Attention: all members !

Is anyone interested in joining me in an intention experiment to send Tim Lovell healing thoughts and energies? I thought we could pick a day/time and say a prayer or meditate ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It cant hurt.

I'm sure most of us pray & meditate on Tim's condition already(I do), but I thought it would be cool if we could pull together and see if we can help. It's easy and not time consuming. Let me (and the forum) know what ya'll think and if you want to do this or not. Private message me or forum post is cool.

I joined an Intention Experiment group about 5 yrs ago. We would recognize who needs help (prayer/meditation/whatever) and send our healing energies. For example-we prayed at a certain time for Fukushima victims. I am certain we helped but that particular issue was hard to gauge.

This is all about Unity Consciousness.

From The Who's rock opera "Timmy" (laugh will's actually"Tommy")

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