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by Quaesitor on February 4th, 2014

It's the Bohr model for O2.

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Crackdown: Good, but it's too small

This picture would be resized for avatar and become too small for viewing

UN.i1-PHI: that looks very interesting thanks Q

shows some geometric nature, but i dont have physics so i dont get it really.. would u mind explaining a bit if u can :P?

maybe interesting links

Quaesitor: I will be

The last one to be able to explain the math! I just liked the geometry and had never seen O2 modeled as an octahedron before. Here is the link.
Basically the six outer electrons in the nucleus follow vertices which form an octahedron. They say many "oxygen like" atoms are octahedrons while carbon and carbon like atoms are tetrahedrons. The equations they use are beyond my many years ago math classes. Lol
Thanks for sharing the videos and links. I LOVED the video of the shifting plates! The other one I will have to watch a few more times!
I have my personal reasons for choosing this avatar. I love seeing sacred geometry!

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