MUST SEE LINK, are you going to help TRUMP?

by NeedProof on April 13th, 2016 Share this vital information everywhere on the Internet and among your friends! This is VITALLY important to us ALL!!

We have to back Trump in any way we can! Who would have thought the Colorado elections would have been openly, illegally cancelled and 38 delegates given to CRUZ! It was openly said that the people have never been the ones to choose a nominee as it has always been 'them' doing the choosing!

Check out the link to see what can be done against this corruption!

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Quinton: That's pretty crazy what

That's pretty crazy what happened in Colorado. I think it's interesting how we hear so much about America being a Democracy, how great it was that women and black people got the right to vote and all the other merits of Democracy and voting. But of course now we're not even practicing Democracy anymore. So much for Democracy I guess.

Tarheel: The Establishment hates Trump...

....which I exactly why I like him. Anything anti-establishment works for me as long as we're in this system.
I'm pulling for a Bernie Saunders vs Trump scenario.
Maybe Quinton could step-up his country and we can avoid this.

bluesbaby5050: I agree with you

And it's funny how it changes once they get elected into office, and then the opposite happens. The system was rigged against the people, and it was never set up in favor of the people.

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