[MUST READ] Methods of Self-Protection from Psychoenergetic Attacks

by Crackdown on September 20th, 2013


One dear friend was bothered by Reptilians, who visited in transdimensional state. I have composed the special instructions - and the reported results are found to be positive! This stuff really works, the situation is easier now :-) Thus, I decided to share the instructions with you - readers of Truthcontrol ;-)


The first part of this letter was inspired by my educated guess, various books and experience. The second part of this letter contains an original and translation of Russian book, with my notes.

1) Thinking about various stupid garbage could give your enemies a nasty headache. If you could feel when they are "listening" to your thoughts, that is great - you do not have to think about garbage all the time ;)

2) Try the "egg shield" method

STEP 1: Imagine the transparent ovoid-type shield around you. You are the center of this ovoid shield. Shield is large enough to include your whole physical body, but at the same time not too large. Larger shield is more difficult to maintain; smaller but more powerful shield is better than larger and weaker. Your shield has no holes, all the sides are protected, you feel yourself safe. After you are able to imagine your shield more clearly, move to STEP 2

STEP 2: Let the surface of this shield to turn from transparent to colored. Gold color is good, but you could try blue or others. After you are able to imagine it more clearly, move to STEP 3

STEP 3: Make this shield to spin around you with your imagination. Not too slow, but not too fast as well - because the rotation of shield takes power from shield. Too fast speed of rotation means the reduced protection ability of a shield. At the same time, preserve the color and shape. Perhaps, for beginners, STEP 1 + STEP 2 could give a better result than all three steps together.

Power of shield is responsible for blocking the negative energetic influence. Rotation of shield - for breaking this influence, which is a type of connection.

There are also "wall-type shield" and even "mirror-type shield", but I feel that "egg shield" is better

3) After you mastered the "2)", or just feel that it is the right moment to try something else: "Strong Imagination + Concentration of Power" combination is a strong force. Magic could be used in dreams, but what if it could work there as well, although at invisible way? Supposedly, if you will be confident in capabilities and use imagination + concentrate your power, that could make damage to your enemies at invisible level. However, it is not "good" to use this with negative charge. Also, negativity attracts negativity. Thus, let this force be neutral, but very powerful at the same time. It is just like you strongly push someone away from you - a strong rejection.

Do not know if I should be happy or sad about it, but I was able to test only "3)" at practice. Please try methods and tell your experiences - they could help a lot to me and other people!


There is a Russian book, written by Ponomarev V.T., called "Encyclopedy of Safety" ( Пономарев В.Т. - Энциклопедия безопасности ), released in 1997.

Amazingly smart book, which is aimed on children. This unusual book desribes, how to avoid the various dangers in our society. And, as a part of that, it teaches how to protect yourself from psychoenergetic attacks! I was very excited when read this book in my childhood, because I discovered a serious theory about what I considered to be the "magic" at this time! Now, I understand that these are the natural capabilities of every human - but most of humans forgot about their spiritual, most important, part. Sadly, I could not translate all 400+ pages: even if I will just scan the whole book, use optical recognition software and then the automatic translator, it still requires a LOT of time. Thus, I am going to translate only parts of this book with are directly related to spirituality.

Chapter 11 is a very small chapter, situated close to the end of this book, desribes the psychoenergetic defense. Because the book is large, there were no financial reasons to include this small chapter: people would still buy this book in the same quantities. The part of introduction describes the strength of spirit. There also other interesting small parts, like "how to get rid of poltergeist" at natural disasters chapter - in the same row with tornados and lightnings!

Notes of translator are marked with *asterisks*.

I am sending both English translation, and Russian original. If there are unclear moments, you could, in addition to asking, also try to clarify by yourself




Life - is a constant process of accumulation and consumption of the energy. If the prana (a form of energy in physical body) for some reason disappears, the death of physical body comes.

=== The most widely available ways of accumulation of the bio-energy ===

Trees have the abilities to heal the people, by removing the negative energy and charging with the positive:

a) Beech removes the stress and normalizes the vascular pressure;
b) Linden deals with the soul sufferings;
c) Cherry tree is irreplaceable for healing the sexual weakness;
d) Oak gives the powerful bioenergy (you should hug the tree for 4-7 minutes);
e) Ash strengthens the will, but the session should be not longer than 5 minutes - otherwise, there would be a negative effect: you are becoming indifferent and insensitive;
f) Pine tree heals the breath system, regulates the exchange of substances in physical body and reduces the vasular pressure.

Vegetarian food is great for recovering the energy potential. It is better to consume it in unprocessed state.

Constantly move, dance or do gymnastics. It really raises the life tone!

Water (especially cold) instantly removes the negative energy. Five minute shower will restore the calmness and balance, especially at the evening, before sleep.

( * however, it is expensive to filter the shower water - filter wears out quickly - and, without filtering, it contains flourine, which also vaporizes *)

Music for soul (especially classic) removes the irritation and makes you calm.

Strong drumbeat breaks the bio field. In ancient China, there was even the death penalty of such a kind. Human, which was sentenced to death, was put under the big bell, and then the executioners started to ring.

Humorous books will make you to laugh sincerely (the so-called laugh therapy was discovered by American writer Norman Cazis) Also, the good influence is caused by Walt Disney cartoons, and so on.

The accumulation of energy is occurring in "storage", which is situated between stomach and lungs, in so-called celiac plexus ( * "sun plexus" in Russian * ) (branches of many neural fibers of white and grey brain substance, which spread to all the parts of abdominal cavity, lungs and heart)

Energy goes there, concentrate, and is being transferred to different parts of physical body. It goes through the mucous membranes of digestive system, through the breathing way, and also as a current of high frequency through the bio-active points of the skin (waveguides of Kyungrak system)

(* interesting fact: the Kyungrak system was discovered by North Korean professor Kim Bok Han *)

Human physical body has 7 energetic centers, which are the capacitors of prana - energy. Energetic centers of physical body are called "chacras". At the every chacra, there is occurring the accumulation and transformation of prana to its specific types, which are different in relation to each other by wavelength (the frequency of vibration raises from lower chacra to higher) and color - from red to purple.


=== Strike by the inflow of energy ===

The "inflow energy strike" is conducted from the outside, comes from one entity to another. According to information, which was told in press by Doctor L. Medvedev (the member of Committee of social protection of human rights), starting with 1973 year, KGB with the usage of special satellites experimented the microwave psychoenergetic weapons on the citizens of Moscow. Results: horror, fear, anxiety and other negative psychophysical states. In other words, it is negative strike of the negative charge. The charge, sent by conductor, proceeds on energetic (the most exterior) level, rapidly causing the energetic misbalance. Life field - energetic shell (field of physical and ethereal body) - is mobile and restores its structure quite rapidly, thus this phase of psychological attack is relatively safe. The only visible sign is the decreasement of life force, which continues from several hours to several days.

If the negative charge goes to emotional shell (field of astral body), the patient begins to experience the strong emotional misbalance and in a panic tries to figure out the cause of this state. Eventually, that leads to complex misbalance at all three levels and causes the conditions for a mental illness.

=== The strike by the outflow of energy ===

The "outlow energy strike" - psychical attack by the outflow of energy - is much more dangerous. If the field is less than 30 cm, the strike causes serious misbalance. If the field is less than 20 cm, it could cause fainting or even death.

There are several causes of the decreasement of performance of the protective shell, but, in most cases, it is caused by "energetic vampirism". "Energetic vampires" - entities, who are psychological parasites, draining the life force from the energetic shell of other people. There are contact and remote (without contact) "energetic vampires". In the body of contact vampires, near celiac plexus (*sun plexus*), there appears a quite wide opening, and around it - long black tapes (tentacles), which come to the field of victim, which staying closer, and cling to this field. Remote (without contact) "vampires" drain the energy by voice or eyes. They do not require to be close physically.

The victim of "psychoenergetic vampire" experiences the unexplainable sadness, indisposition, fears of loneliness, loses the interest to life.

The most harmful results of "psychoenergetic vampire" attack are when a draining of the energy from a human occures when he is ill.

Emotions of anger, envy, irritation and others are causing the strong psychoenergetic vibrations around the source of these emotions.

In this state, the entity with a high concentration of anger is able to push or punch the bio field shell of human.

The consequences are different: from heart attack and other illnesses, to death.

Usually, "psychoenergetic vampires" are beings of strong egocentric soul, often get to the top positions at companies and government (those, whose psychoenergetic ability to acquire energy on their own is limited, seek the power specially to feed on subordinate people)

Psychostructure of introverts is so that they cannot accumulate the energy from space and have to feed on energy of other humans.

These "vampires" pay a high price for their actions, because the addiction to feed on the energy of donor leads to disturbances in heart-vascular system (heart is the generator of psychomagnetic waves), and, as consequence, to disturbances in psychoemotional area (mental instability).

=== The protection from electrostatic fields ===

The most effective way is taking a bath and shower. Also, you need to stay at the floor, so the water will go from top of your body to bottom.

Get rid of synthetic clothes, curtains and carpets, or use antistatic. Hair are needed to be lubricated by balsam, for prevention of the electrostatic field.

Electrostatic field could be redirected to ground with metal chains, which are coiled around ankle, in the way that one end of chain touches ground.

=== The protection from electromagnetic fields ===

In the flat, with the help of compass, it is needed to determine the geomagnetic meridian "north-south". All the acoustic devices need to be placed in the perpendicular way in relation to geomagnetic axis (loudspeakers "Earth - Space").

Avoid sleeping on the top of electric wires and communications (even if they are in basement - because, their bad influence could spread up to the highest floors of house). Sleep should be not closer of 1 m (* 4 feets *) to fridge, and not closer of 0.3 m (* 1 feet *) to electric wires.

Under or at the front of bed, never place alcohol-containing liquids, and also objects (such as dishes and paintings) which could contain the zinc, cobalt, chrome or ferrites.

Mirror - is a screen. And, during the night, the vibrations of harmful voltages could be really intensive. Thus, the mirror should not be in the front of bed. Also, it is not recommended to place the mirror in the corner of room, where the screen of mirror is aimed diagonally.

(* I believe that mirrors should not be placed inside rooms openly. Mirror could be hidden in a cabinet - when you do not open the cabinet, you do not see mirror. Probably, transdimentional reptilians could come through the mirror, if it is a sort of portal for them. This idea was found to be credible by a friend of mine *)


=== Active defense ===

Static (fixed) shell - is a method of defense from psychological attacks, which are based on natural bioenergetic processes.

Inspire to yourself: "I want, I can, I have that skill, I can do that" before the beginning of any training.

Every morning, tell to yourself: "Life is beautiful, I am healthy, I am happy, I will achieve my purposes!"

Sit down, lay the hands with woven fingers on laps. Legs should be attached firmly to each other. Reveal the eaves (* semi-open your eyes *) and look at one point, breath rhythmically. Repeat the psychical breath several times, concentrating the prana in your celiac plexus (* "sun plexus" *). Then, rhythmically, 2-3 times, release all the accumulated storage to the environment, at the same time imagining that around the body there is a egg-type shield. Do not think about just occurred event. Listen to the voices in your head - if they are still there, strengthen the density of aura by sending the additional quantity of prana, bringing it closer to body. More dense structured and more energetic rich, than the charge of attack, the shell will protect its owner.

Dynamical - method of "rotating protective shell" ("golden egg") is a stronger psychological defense, if you have enough time. Rotating bio-field does not let the attacking charge to cling, grinds the charge and absorbs it. This shell is impossible to create for non-professional (* but everyone could become a professional, with enough practice, especially you - the starseed *)

Urgent protection from psychoenergetic attacks - removing the roughness of bio field and irregularities of shell - needed to be done by psychic. After the correction of bio field, he performs the general energy charging, increasing the bio field defense to the max limit. (* you do not need a psychic. you are already psychic by yourself. everyone is psychic, just need to practice *)

Any live creature is the container, which could be filled with energy. It could not accept more than the max volume.

There is only one stable in time defense from harmful psychoinfluences (* without any "magical tricks" - in commas *). This defense is the raise of spiritual potential - consciouness. The higher consciousness creates the big and strong bio field around human, which, like a boomerang, will redirect the psychoenergetic strike to the sender.

The lack of spirituality is the reason of the lack of protection of human. Such a human will be more susceptable to problems and illnesses.

Anger, bad thought automatically attracts the same thoughts of other people. As result, it creates the depressing atmosphere.

There are people who always have troubles. They blame anyone for their troubles, except themselves. Who desires the trouble for other, will attract it to yourself!

=== Passive defense ===

Passive defense, which is achieved by less effective methods, which could be used by people who are not prepared to stable control of their attention. These methods are based on neurophysiological influence: temperature-contrast shower, fast dance, consumption of hot chilly paper, pressure of crossed arms on celiac plexus ("sun plexus") with the ongoing contraction of abdominal muscles, load with food (eat not much, but with the interval of 1.5 hour) or brain work.

Stand up. Cross the arms on chest and start to gradually swing behind and forward. Soon, you will find your own rhythm of swinging, which matches your internal rhythm. In this moment, the stress is reduced, and there is a feeling of spiritual and physical calmness and balance.

If, during this exercise, there are unpleasant feelings or sleepiness, that is the signal that the power of body is coming to end. Do not worry, continue the movement, and as result of found rhythm, these feelings are being dissolved, and after a minute you will feel the increase of power and cheerfulness.

This exercise needs to be done twice a day, 5 minutes duration each. After a week, you will learn how to remove the psychical tension without swinging, just by remembering the feelings in your imagination. Then, you should rest for a week.




Жизнь - это постоянный процесс добычи и затрат энергии. Если прана (форма энергии в организме) по каким-либо причинам исчезает, наступает смерть.

=== Самые доступные способы накопления биоэнергии: === ( === The most widely available ways of accumulation of bio-energy === )

Деревья обладают свойствами вылечивать людей, снимая отрицательную энергию и заряжая положительной: бук лечит стресс и сосудистое давление; липа снимает душевную боль; черешня незаменима при сексуальной слабости; дуб дарит мощную биоэнергию (на 4-7 минут надо обнять дерево); ясень укрепляет волю, но сеанс должен быть
не дольше 5 минут, так как потом идет отрицательный эффект - вы становитесь равнодушным и нечувствительным; сосновый бор лечит дыхательную систему, регулирует обмен веществ и понижает сосудистое давление.

Растительная пища хорошо восстанавливает энергетический потенциал. Лучше употреблять ее в свежем виде.

Двигайтесь постоянно, танцуйте или делайте гимнастику. Это очень поднимает жизненный тонус!

Вода (особенно холодная) сразу снимает отрицательную энергию. Пятиминутный душ вернет вам спокойствие и равновесие, особенно вечером, перед сном.

Музыка для души (особенно классика) снимает раздражение и успокаивает.

Дикий барабанный бой пробивает биополе. В древнем Китае существовала даже казнь подобного рода. Осужденного на смертную казнь укладывали под колокол и начинали звонить.

Юмористические книги заставят вас смеяться искренне (так называемая смехотерапия была создана американским писателем Норманом Казисом). Еще хорошее воздействие оказывают мультфильмы У. Диснея и т.д.

Накопление энергии совершается в "складе", находящемся между желудком и легкими, в так называемом "солнечном сплетении" (ответвления масс нервных волокон от белого и серого мозгового вещества, которые тянутся ко всем органам брюшной полости, легким и сердцу). Сюда поступает, концентрируется и отсюда посылается в разные точки организма энергия. Она поступает через слизистые оболочки пищеварительного тракта, через дыхательные пути, а также в виде токов высокой частоты через биоактивные точки кожного покрова (волноводы системы Кенрек).

Человек имеет семь энергетических центров, являющихся конденсаторами праны. Энергетические центры организма получили название "чакра". В каждой чакре осуществляется накопление и трансформация праны в ее определенные виды, которые отличаются друг от друга длиной волны (частота колебаний увеличивается от нижней чакры к верхней) и цветом - от красного до фиолетового.


=== Удар подачей энергии === ( === Strike by the inflow of energy === )

Наносится извне, исходит от другого существа или аппарата. По данным, помещенным в прессе доктором Л. Медведевым (член Комитета социальной защиты прав человека), с 1973 года КГБ при помощи спутников экспериментировало на москвичах микроволновое психоэнергетическое оружие. Этим волновым ударом успешно достигали психических расстройств здоровых людей. Результаты - ужас, страх, беспокойство и другие отрицательные психофизиологические состояния. По существу - это отрицательный удар отрицательного заряда. Заряд, посланный кондуктором, протекает у пациента на энергетическом (самом внешнем) уровне, вызывая резкое нарушение энергетического баланса. Жизненное поле - энергетическая оболочка (поле физического и эфирного тела) - подвижно и довольно быстро восстанавливает свою структуру, поэтому эта фаза психонападения безопасна. Проявляется исключительно в падении жизненного тонуса, продолжающегося от нескольких часов до нескольких дней.

Если отрицательный заряд проникает в эмоциональную оболочку (поле астрального тела), пациент начинает испытывать сильное эмоциональное беспокойствие и панически пытается выяснить, с чем это связано. В конце концов это приводит к комплексной разбалансировке на всех трех уровнях и создает условия для заболевания.

=== Удар оттоком энергии === ( === Strike by the outflow of energy === )

Намного более опасным является психическое нападение при помощи оттока энергии. Если поле меньше 30 см, существуют серьезные нарушения баланса.

Если поле меньше 20 см - это может приводить к обмороку или даже смерти.

Причин понижения уровня защитной оболочки может быть несколько, но, в основном, это проявления "энергетического вампиризма". "Энергетические вампиры" - существа, представляющие собой психологических паразитов, черпающих жизненную энергию из энергетической оболочки других людей. Существуют контактные и беcконтактные "энергетические вампиры". У контактных вампиров в области солнечного сплетения появляется довольно широкое отверстие, а вокруг него - длинные черные ленты (щупальца), которые проникают в поле жертвы, находящейся рядом, и цепляются за это поле. Бесконтактные "вампиры" выкачивают энергию голосом или глазами. Они не нуждаются в физической близости со своими жертвами.

Жертва "психоэнергетического вампира" испытывает необъяснимую тоску, недомогание, боится одиночества, теряет интерес к жизни.

Тяжелейшим случаем "психоэнергетического вампиризма" является высасывание энергии у человека, когда он болен.

Эмоции гнева, зависти, раздражения и др. вызывают вокруг источника этих эмоций сильные психоэнергетические вибрации. Человек в таком состоянии концентрации злобы способен продавить или пробить биополевую оболочку жертвы. Последствия разные - вплоть до инфаркта и других болезней, а порой и до смерти.

Обычно к категории "психоэнергетических вампиров" относятся люди сильной эгоцентричной души, частенько оказывающиеся на руководящих должностях (к власти стремятся те, у кого ослаблена психоэнергетическая подпитка).

Психоструктура интровертов такова, что они не могут аккумулировать энергию из пространства и вынуждены подпитываться за счет других людей.

Расплачиваются "вампиры" высокой ценой, поскольку привычка жить за счет энергии донора приводит к нарушениям в сердечно-сосудистой системе (сердце является генератором психомагнитных волн), а отсюда - в психоэмоциональной сфере.

=== Защита от электростатических полей === ( === Protection from electrostatic fields === )

Самым эффективным способом является купание и душ, при этом необходимо стоять прямо на полу, чтобы вода стекала вниз.

Нужно избавится от синтетической одежды, занавесок, ковров или применять антистатик. Волосы необходимо смазывать бальзамом, предотвращая образование электростатического поля.

Электростатическое поле можно отводить в землю металлическими цепочками, которые обматываются вокруг щиколотки, чтобы один конец касался земли.

=== Защита от электромагнитных полей === ( === Protection from electromagnetic fields === )

В квартире при помощи компаса следует определить геомагнитный меридиан "север-юг". Все акустические устройства необходимо разместить перпендикулярно геомагнитной оси (громкоговорители "земля - космос").

Нельзя спать над электрическими проводами и над коммуникациями (находящимися даже в подвале, так как их вредное воздействие распространяется вплоть до верхних этажей дома. Спать можно на расстоянии не ближе 1 м от холодильника и 0,3 м от электроизоляции.

Под или перед кроватью не следует ни в коем случае помещать спиртосодержащие жидкости, а также предметы (посуду, картины и т. д.), в фактуре которых использованы цинк, кобальт, хром или ферриты.

Зеркало - это экран. А ночью колебания вредных напряжений бывают очень интенсивными. Поэтому зеркало не должно находиться напротив кровати. Не рекомендуется держать зеркало и в углу комнаты, когда его экран направлен по диагонали.


=== Активная защита === ( === Active defense === )

Статическая (неподвижная) оболочка - метод защиты от психических нападений, которые строятся на естественных биоэнергетических процессах.

Внушайте себе: "Я хочу, я могу, у меня это есть, я это умею" до начала любой тренировки.

Каждое утро говорите себе: "Жизнь прекрасна, я здоров, я счастлив, я добьюсь поставленных передо мною целей".

Желательно сесть, руки со сплетенными пальцами положить на колени, ноги плотно прижать друг к другу. Приоткройте веки и смотрите в одну точку, дышите ритмично, проделывая несколько раз психическое дыхание, концентрирую прану в солнечном сплетении. Затем ритмично, 2-3 раза, излучите весь ее запас в среду, одновременно представляя, как вокруг тела образуется яйцеобразный панцирь, не думайте о только что произошедшем событии, прислушайтесь к голосам в мозгу - если они еще остались, усильте плотность ауры посылкой добавочного количества праны, приблизив её к телу. Плотно структурированная и более энергетически насыщенная, чем заряд нападения, оболочка сохраняет своего владельца.

Динамическая - метод "вращающейся защитной оболочки" ("золотое яйцо") - более прочная психозащита, если есть достаточно времени. Вращающееся биополе не дает "заряду" зацепиться, перемалывает его и поглощает. Такую оболочку непрофессионалам создать невозможно.

Экстренную (аварийную) защиту от психоэнергетических ударов - снятие неровностей биополя и выравнивание его оболочки - необходимо сделать с помощью экстрасенса. После коррекции биополя он осуществляет общую подкачку энергией, увеличивая биополевую защиту до максимального предела.

Любое живое существо являет сосуд, который можно пополнять энергией. Больше, чем можно взять, он не возьмет.

Стабильная во времени защита от вредных психовоздействий (без всяких магических ухищрений) одна - повышение своего духовного потенциала. Высшая духовность создает большое и сильное биополе вокруг человека, которое, как бумеранг, возвратит психоэнергетический удар тому, кто его нанес.

Духовное несовершенство является причиной недостаточной защиты человека. Такой человек более подвержен невзгодам и болезням.

Злые, плохие мысли автоматически притягивают к себе точно такие же мысли окружающих. В конце концов, это создает угнетающую атмосферу.

Существуют люди, которым всегда плохо. В своих бедах они винят кого угодно, только не себя. Желая кому-то беды, они накличут ее на себя!

=== Пассивная защита === ( === Passive defense === )

Создается менее эффективными методами, которые могут применять люди, не подготовленные к стабильному правлению своим вниманием. Они основываются на нейрофизиологическом воздействии: температурно-контрастный душ, быстрый танец, употребление в пищу острого стручкового перца, давление скрещенных рук на солнечное сплетение с сопутствующим сокращением брюшных мышц, загрузка с помощью питания (есть с интервалом не более 1,5 часов) или умственной работы.

Встаньте. Сложите руки на груди и начните постепенно раскачиваться вперед-назад. Скоро найдете собственный ритм раскачивания, совпадающий с внутренним ритмом. В тот момент снижается напряжение, возникает чувство душевного и физического покоя и внутреннего равновесия.

Если же при выполнении упражнения появляются неприятные ощущения или сонливость, это сигнал того, что силы организма на исходе. Не волнуйтесь, продолжайте движение, и на фоне найденного ритма, они как бы растворяются, и через минуту вы почувствуете прилив сил и бодрости.

Упражнение нужно выполнять дважды в день по пять минут. За неделю вы научитесь снимать психонапряжение уже без раскачивания, одним мысленным воспроизведением испытанных ощущений. Затем следует неделю отдохнуть.

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bluesbaby5050: This is an excellent article , and humans should.......

Learn to use this for their self protection, and teach this to others as well. I have always used the small ovoid type with the white light surrounding me inside of my ovoid, and I also add a extra DEFLECTIVE MIRROR casing on the OUT side of my ovoid, because this will send all negativity right back to its source from where it came from, and it will do the intended damage to it's sender!! LOL! What a KICKBACK THIS HAS! :)

Crackdown: Awesome addition :-)

Thank you very much for this excellent "white light + deflective mirror" modification!
I am going to tell my friend :-)

bluesbaby5050: Your very welcome........

I use this method all the time, and it really does work. I wish I had known about this material 30 years ago. Life would have been a whole lot easier for me back then. I didn't know about all this detailed material on the reptilians, or I would of used it for sure. I never knew that they existed either, like most people didn't. I just prayed and this did work for me.

bluesbaby5050: I posted this information a couple of years ago...............

But a shorter version. And I had explained how to do this, and the reasons why it was important to do this for self protection, but I don't think people back then took this information I gave them seriously, because most didn't believe in the Reptilians, and their existence. I got a lot of negative feedback about this back then too.

bluesbaby5050: When I send back energy from my ovoid..........

I send it as LOVE, and Positivity combined as this will neutralize any kind of negative energy being sent. I would recommend doing this. You see, by trying to get even by seeking to get revenge will only make matters worst. I only allow love, and joy to enter my ovoid, as all else will be cancelled out, because when I set my ovoid in place I also added this extra intention into the shield of protection. This works great for me.

bluesbaby5050: It's a good idea to ask..........

Archangel Michael to bring his legions of angels to your home, and to ask them to do a complete cleansing of your house, and to rid it of all negative forces that dwell there. Ask them to clean outside your house, and garage etc. as well as in your basements, and to go deep down into the depths of the earth, and deep into the core of the earth, and as high up into the atmosphere surrounding your house too. Ask for an angel to be posted at every door, and at every window and to shield them from all negative forces. Ask them to shield all your mirrors with a protecting shield and never to allow anything to enter into your space from them, and don't forget to ask them to do this for all glass covered pictures too. I also put an ovoid around my house from top to bottom, and around my pets too. Yes your pets too, because they can be tormented by negativity also. I have seen a cat once being pulled down into a toilet screaming, and clawing to get out, and it was being dragged down into it. It was a full grown cat! It was in complete terror. I asked the angels to help me to get it safely out without my being harmed in the process. That poor cat was hissing at the toilet, and at the bathroom in the house where I was visiting. I did a cleaning along with the angels before I left there. The people were also being clawed on their skin by unseen forces, and they were hearing growling sounds, and foul smells coming from all parts of the house. A lot more was taking place also. But, that is a long story, and too long for this forum. It worked they said to me later on, and that they were going to move after. I told them to ask the angels to do a complete house cleaning BEFORE they bring their things into their new home. Homes should always be cleaned a couple times per month, as negative energy will always try to find a way in. Even with visitors coming to your homes too. Most people walk around without protection, and the negative forces take every advantage where ever they can find it. This is serious, and there are very true facts.

Sky: combinations of people can be like chemical agents as metaphor

I had a long time not seen an acquaintance/friend and he said something that triggered stuff I needed to improve on. Yet I did not want to say anything since the chemistry of remaining positive was waning and did not have much left over from my star TRECK like reflector shields. I said star trek reflector shields as a metaphor naturally.

I like your post in that I gives power from what I believe to be mother GOD our emotional side when kept in Good housekeeping. Aton Ignotin worship is obsseed with LIGHT to the point of ignoring shadow that leads to all kinds of problems Freud.Young and William Wright warned us about. I so like the protection imagery of mirrors you mentioned. Even caring for glass coverings. Tennis rackets are great to in my opinion for dogging negative incarnations of energy depending on the magnitude. Of course run literally can be an option.

bluesbaby5050: RUNNING Away Won't Solve Anything.............

Because those enities will follow you every where, sometimes just to get a rise from you ( testing you). This is how people become haunted, and then their house will too. People must be strong, and KNOW what/how to deal with this, just as if these Beings were in the 3D Dense Physical body, as we are. People must PROTECT them selves first, BEFORE dealing with anything! We are surrounded all the time, by beings from other dimensions anyways, and just because you can not see them with your eyes, does not mean they are not around, and you can feel them with your inner senses if your sensitive enough. Never let your guard down, mostly when you tired, or sick. I always have my radar on lol, and it's fully charged from my inner self. When I'm at home I expand the circumference of my Aura, and when I'm outside some where I decrease it closer/around myself, because I don't want to feel that much of people. I do this from inside my Ovoid ( my mind, and my breath).This is no different then putting on a jacket, and zipping up, or leaving it open.Nothing hard about it at all :-)

Tarheel: Good post, Crackdown

Thx for the inside track.
May I ask what background you have to render an "educated guess" ? I do not mean this question offensively, I'm truly interested.

THX again !

I'm not sure if we have any Russian members or not, but I guess you were doing your due diligence by posting the Rusky version as well.

Crackdown: About the "educated guess", experience and intuition

"What background you have to render an "educated guess" ?"

Thank you, this is an excellent question. How could I be confident about all the three points from the first part of letter, while I admitted that only "3)" was tested by me on practice? (although successfully - going to tell about it soon)

"Educated Guess" is a way of solving problems with both Education and Guess.
In other words, this way implies the combination of Experience and Intuition!

Imagine that you need to solve a difficult problem.

You come up with an idea that could possibly work, according to your experience. However, your experience does not include everything that you need to know about this problem - in order to solve it without even a slightest doubt. Of course, you are trying to extract as much as possible from your experience, but, when the problem is really difficult, the amount of the information from your experience is not enough to make you confident about ALL the important sides of possible solution.

After you have completed the analysis of your experience, you are carefully trying to guess about the remaining sides of solution with your intuition. You come up with a guess about the particular remaining side of solution, and then trying to fit it with the rest of solution and see, with the help of intuition, to what degree this modified extended solution resonates with you. If it does not resonate better than before, you revert this modification. If it does, you could either move to next modification, or try to enhance the current, to make it a little better. Or even try to see, what would be if you make several modifications in one turn - sometimes, things which do not work separately could work in the union.

To summarize: you get the main idea from your experience, and then fill the gaps with intuition.

You could also try to get the other main ideas from your experience, and determine the best main idea, which could be not only some particular main idea, but also a combination of several main ideas - if the type of problem allows that.

You could clearly see an example of "educated guess" in "2)". I have had some blurry memories about this way of protection, because I read the book in a childhood. I was afraid that I will be unable to find the book, after all this time, for exact instructions. Thus, I had to use my intuition to fill the gaps of this solution - and as you see, the results are a bit different and contain some additional sides, in comparison to what we could see in a book.

After I found the book and translated the interesting part, I still decided not to throw away the results of guess of intuition - because this "educated guess" way of thinking often works for me, and these additional sides could be useful. The main reason of me being confident about all the three points, is that I am confident not only in my experience, but also in my intuition

P.S. By the way, what you think about intuition? Is it a type of connection to informational field of universe? Or something else?

Tarheel: Very well put answer, Crackdown.

Intuition is a gift from experience(ours or others), given through our subconscious. For those of us who are capable of tapping the Universal Mind, yes it is a connection. To those who cannot tap the Source but still have "it", I would say it's a learned gift.

Peace & Synchronicity

bluesbaby5050: This is NOT a Learned gift.............

This is , and always was NATURAL to ALL HUMANS regardless of the strength of one's intuition. It can be Improved in all the areas. One just needs patients when improving their natural abilities. Without them, mankind would never have survived!

Tarheel: This post is highly applicable here..

There are psychic energy/psychic vampires about....

The term psychic vampire is sometimes abbreviated psy-vamp (or psi-vamp). Alternate terms for these entities include energy vampire, energy predator, energy parasite, and energivore, as well as psionic vampire, pranic vampire, and empathic vampire.

Terms used to describe the substance or essence that psychic vampires take or receive from others include: energy,[1] qi (or ch'i), life force, prana,[1] and vitality.

Emotional vampires[edit source]

American author Albert Bernstein uses the phrase "emotional vampire" for people with various personality disorders who are often considered to drain emotional energy from others

Tim Lovell: yes you are quite correct

yes you are quite correct there is a type of psychic disease where people put out psychic tendrils and attach on to others to suck energy /light etc , if you have it you end up mutating your astral body with others energies it is bad, you can feel a tingle or like spider webs on your skin feeling if it happens , others terms for these type of people is a `spider`, `tree` etc , also a person has `gone down the tubes` could be used as in the tendrils :) its stealing others earned light or `gold` etc which incurses a karmic debt they will have to repay in future lives when they have light of their own again etc so don't steal others light or you will be stuck with debts until you pay it all back and you will be cold and not happy :P

Tarheel: Exactly !

Furthermore, it is similar to Fear in that it is employed by the weak. Psychic Vampirism (or whatever you choose to call it) is a sickness employed by those who are weak and underdeveloped.

Love defeats Fear 100 times out of 100. Fear never saved anyone from anything. It's coolness in the face of adversity that saves you, not fear.
It's what one know about one's self on the inside that makes one afraid.

Don't Fear anyone or anything, including psychic energies. They are easily dispelled by those who are aware.

LoveTruthPeace: Good info...

"The lack of spirituality is the reason of the lack of protection of human. Such a human will be more susceptable to problems and illnesses." I totally agree with this for when I was rebelling against God I found myself very susceptible to attacks from demons (once I was even possesed by one who tried to get me to kill a woman, but I was aware that this thing had entered me so I prayed immediately to have it taken out), abductions from aliens, and other negative phenomena. When I rededicated my life to God I noticed a huge difference in my life, energy, and my spirit; also noticed people who tried and continue to try to come against me usually fail and end up getting their karma, sometimes even instantly before my eyes. I also notice that when I'm not so "close" to God (exp. talking to God, being aware of his presence in my life, doing my spiritual work and healing) my spirit feels sick, dark, empty; my mood changes drastically; I feel depressed, angry, irritable at anything; and problems in my life increase.
I also noticed that when I'm feeling emotinally sick I get easily physically sick and that when I'm physically sick I feel really vulnerable spiritually, it seems that's when they [the energy vampires] try to mess with me the most.
I also agree with you when you talked about transdimensional beings being able to use mirrors as portals. My mom who had one of these experiences told me to draw a big happy face with lipstick or put stickers or something on the mirror so that it creates a sort of block where they can't just freely pass through. So she had an experience where she was in the house sleeping alone, all doors and windows locked. She wakes up to some physical being laying behind her and she can feel that this thing is sucking all her energy out of her from the back of her neck. She said she reached back and could feel a slimy bald head there, she awoke the next morning to everything being back to normal but she was very frightened for it was her first ET experience. So now your post explains what that being was and what it was doing.

This also explains to me why for most of my life I've had the ability to feel or sense others' energy. Since I was a kid I remember being able to feel when someone was not doing good or feeling good even if they lied and said they were perfectly fine and I recall being able to put my hands on someone without them knowing and take their bad energy to myself. Usually it was someone that I really loved and cared for and I could feel their pain so I would place my hands on them and pray to God in my head telling God that "I know this person is hurting greatly and that I have enough strength in my love so give their pain to me, Ill take it"; I usally visualized the energy flow transfer and I would always feel exhausted and ill afterwards but eventually I would be back to my normal self.
Thanks for your post, helped me clear up some questions.

Tarheel: Re: The Pain

Pain is weakness leaving the body. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

LoveTruthPeace: forgot...

I will try the steps you posted at top including the one's on how to cleanse/heal your spirit using trees, they make a lot of sense. I usally envision myself wrapped in these big hands and I say in my heart "I'm protected by the hands of God". This helps me when I feel a negative entity or energy around me or in my apartment or when I'm feeling scared or vulnerable spiritually. A really close and wise friend of mine who is very spiritual said that when I'm feeling attacked to repeat the following out loud and with faith: Loose and bind all powers, principalities, and spirits and cast them back into the pits of hell where they belong in the name of Jesus Christ. Render them powerless and void in the name of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus is all powerful and all present.

UN.i1-PHI: oh the jeez-save-us bus is not a rescue-service

its just there to pretend so and take you the wrong way/direction when on it lol..
i guess doing that in such religious way /mindset will have an opposite effect than you require because of the following; (and dont take this too personal i dont know if your really that religious or not but you did say you pray to 'god' and i also guess your friend is more religious. but..)

putting your faith in some jesus or god alien entity and yelling/thinking that wont rescue or cast anybody to anywhere and if they hear that they can have a fun manipulating/feeding from you trough religion control because it makes you surrender your power and gives your faith to some external force , wether you call it to your god of christianity (yahweh/enlil or his jesus hero impostor, its is all programmed behaviour from set up religious systems to control the population, wich is how they would want you to behave so they can operate behind the scenes and feed while they enslave and mind control the population so they are managable and have such expectable behaviour especially if they know your religious
and if one would show up and attack you and if you focus on jesus it won't be his blood present,
using that name for justification for murder or excuse for not saving yourself or not taking (self)responsablity, has brought enough blood troughout history and calling him in hope for some kind of rescue when in a dangerous situation of any kind will evidently not save you when your subconsiously surrendering by praying your last words in the name of 'jesus'
the power must come from within yourself and best in your own individual/original way of intentioning, not in some religious way wich is a mass mindcontrol way/ritual to expect some external power to be handed over by/trough jesus saving the day/your life, to decieve and distract you and change your behaviour & toughtpatterns to be suiting 'their' way

UN.i1-PHI: dont trust jisis command

if you ever get to see him publicly or private make sure not to trust the stranger, even as you might not think he's a stranger because you think to know him from your bibles, this is still like following a stranger with candy, only they've wrapped jesus into being the candy to be craved by religious addicts seeking salvation..
the stories in the book are a whole bunch of mix-mash of ancient stories with lies and tweaks rewritten over and over and the character you think of jesus is fictitious as it is composed of and based on stories of multiple persons and versions.
so they needed some 'good-guys-story' to implement and play this 'good-guy' card as the hero of mankind etc to make the religions more attractive/addictive and probably compensate for the angry god/dog, so they can be worshipped and jesus for his bloody sacrafice so people think their god will spare their lifes if are obedient and put their faith in this virtual imaginary energetic central embodyment of the energy they steal from your prayers to god(yahweh) and jesus into this artificial yehovah 'person'
now all this stuff is done to control the population and altough it has been rewritten as many times as it has, its still the same old song and many people now see trough it but still many people still strictly obey/believe their religions and believe of jesus as the long haired guy in a white robe they imagine.
but this jisis and his second coming story has another more relevant agenda, a possible futuristic agenda of malevolant beings of the Reptilian Ashtar Command /Ishtar/isis and probably enlil too wanting to introduce themselves in disguise of human appearance with a jesus-bot/brid/clone and their army as the savers and salvation of the humans when in an fierce situation, so the religious people will be triggered and think they have now evidence their religions were correct and blindly follow orders, especially under pressure of a global 'situation' (self-orchestrated by them or not).
that extraterrestrial agenda is to introduce jesus as savior of mankind and they will have to follow his orders wich will probably lead to some kind of evacuation so they can imprison them and ship em off and do what they usually do with humans...
They want to enslave , imprison, and ship off the population for more food and labour and to install and activate the NewWorldDisOrder system more easily, for more direct and total global control of the world.
but dont worry because their NWO will not succeed as we will do whats needed to not allow this to happen, but humans need to do their OWN homework, not believe in what they're spoonfeeded the tyrant system, and get to know about all this deception before they're led to the slaughter by their hidden extraterrestrial slavedrivers wich many still worship as superior god(s)

bluesbaby5050: This is EXACTLY CORRECT!

And Watch Out for their PROJECT BLUEBEAM as this is what Second Coming is all about,,,for all your Religious Jesus Christ Believers.

Elijah who_seek...: unfortunately, you've been deceived

Guess what. Project bluebeam is real. Also, the second coming of the LORD AND SAVIOR of ALL HUMANITY is also real. It is good to be aware of the new-age deception but when you take things too far, you become paranoid. Also, it places your spiritual welfare in jeopardy and you end up blaspheming the name of Jesus Christ. FYI Jesus Christ is His calling, a mindset if you will. The man's name, to the best of my knowledge of course, was something like Yeshua ha Mashaya. Look, I'm not saying you have to believe in Christ or else you're doomed to an eternity of flames and sulfur and suffering in the afterlife. Obviously, not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to become knowledgeable and aware about Jesus. But the thoughts and feelings we have towards particular beliefs and faiths as well as towards those of others certainly has impact on our karmic reality. To conclude, I strongly recommend you do some research on the parable of the wheat and the tares. I believe it ties into project blue beam. Jesus even explains how it was meant to be among the most straightforward of his parables/prophecy. Remember, the tares are reaped PRIOR to the reaping of the wheat. (There in-lies the new-age deception) Oh, and lastly, check out Destiny Lab. They're a conscious, new-age rap/hip-hop group that produces what I believe many would call "over-the-top evangelist music. Although how over the top can evangelists really be??? But yeah, check out Destiny Lab, they're thought-provoking. Peace.Love.Understanding.Respect.Compassion.Humility.Obedience.Sensitivity. & Knowledge. to all :)

UN.i1-PHI: project BLUEBEAM is itself a

project BLUEBEAM is itself a false flag PSY-OP pre-explenation for probable/possible events they are willing to play out, it is a NWO inserted version of a 'conspiracy' project to explain the possible futuristic event with the version they want you to think; namely, that they will use the H.A.A.R.P. to project 'holographic' aliens to pretend humanity is being invaded by aliens so the governminds will pretend to be fighting them so they can install NWO after it.

but this is just what the NWO would want people who're digging in 'conspiracies' and/or still religious to believe this version so these people will still be predictable and managable in their actions and minds, they will not expect everyone to convert to being pro-NWO and follow/trust their leaders anymore, so they made this version wich also condemns the governmend ect as the 'bad-boys' in conspiracy so it is more easily believable for ppl who are not willing to believe the system/ their leaders official stories /excuses so easily.
so that they now also follow under an mind control psy-op project and will have a way to steer them too in that event/situation.
they do this to control more sides of the population, so to also (mind) control the 'opposers' in certain ways suiting their agenda.
especially if you really believe you/we will be saved by jesus turning up at that moment and when/if he does, he will be just another clone/hybrid DESIGNED to PLAY THIS RELIGIOUS UNIFICATIVE THEATRE OUT in the way people will expect him to look and act, but he'll be the wolf dressed as a sheep, if he's not just a clone/bot he'll be probably a reptilian shapeshifter disguised as human, pretending to be saving humanity with his (reptilian) army from 'other outside invaders/attackers', while they will be be playing both sides too, and those who think blueBEAM is real will want to make you think its just holographic play and fake or a hollywood project so you would think these beings are fake, while the aliens show up flying and fighting around culling humans for REAL wich is one their first step to imprison and depopulate before they install a global NWDisOrder system
and if ppl go to the evacuation centres the will be locked down & shipped off too

I'm not saying that this is for sure to happen or this is how its going to happen, but this is part of their demands/steps they will probably want to play if they will try to pull of this designed hoax for real counter-invasion..
but they wont succeed if humanity smartens up and they probably will have to figure out something else if that designed second coming hoax is likely NOT GOING TO WORK BECUZ PPL WONT BELIEVE THE IMPLEMENTED DESIGNED EXPLANATIONS WICH ARE TO DECIEVE AND STEER THEM THEN




Tim Lovell: its Lotka-Voltera :)

its Lotka-Voltera :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes,,,,Meaning.........


bluesbaby5050: HELLO!??

I said BEFORE THIS, IT WAS REAL! And I know all about the Government's PLAN to Deceive the world Population with it's OWN SPACESHIPS to fool the masses with the "FAKE" ALIEN INVADSION, to INSTALL THE NWDIS-Order. And YOU, and others just like you, Have Been Sadly Deceived. You Could, and Would Become Reptilian SLOOSH- { Food } IF you Believe them, and Board their One way Ticket" Spaceride this will happen to Millions of Humans,,,,, and this is EXACTLY what they HOPE will happen. It will be staged with all the works of their Hollow-Graphic High Technologies, just like it WORKED for a while,,,, with the TWIN TOWERS IN New York City, In the USA! Many people, and Witnesses were MURDERED for this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!

UN.i1-PHI: holographic..

bluebeams content is a fake-version for a real plan so you don't know what really going on
and that includes making ppl who are already diggin in conspiracies think it's all JUST a HOLOGRAM , WHILE ITS NOT AND SO THEY CAN OPERATE PUBLICLY and make ppl think this is 'FAKE', well there sure will be certain holographic aspects involved, but i think the point of bluebeam is to make those ppl who've heard about BB think its all just a holographic scenario false flag, to make them not believe that these being are real while they see them around!
to keep the population in denial while experiencing their existance/appearance..
so that they too will be decieved at the moment..

and they will be presenting themselves as hero's(jesus and army etc.) in human disguise (with holographic tech &/ shapeshifting) pretending to be saving humans from their enemy, while they're playing both created sides and justificate the culling operation by thinking they're trying to save them from another group, wich is not true, they both will be playing thesame game but diffrent role for thesame goal

and dont forget that if benevolants show up too they will be demonized too,
so then you could have three 'categories';

  • malevolants PRETENDING to be benevolant and saving humanity to make them follow their orders
  • malevolants who're attacking humanity more openly and pretend to not be in bed with the 'saviours'
  • benevolants who care bout humanity and step in because of the anyway public e.t. intervention to really help humanity but are deemed as malevolants by the pretending benevolant imposters
  • so then you would have a malevolant group playing both good an bad guys and a benevolant helping group wich is demonized malevolant by the real malevolants..

    bluesbaby5050: YES-YES.........

    TPTB ALWAYS PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE PLAY/COIN. They will have everything covered-all bases,,, they think.

    bluesbaby5050: I Already DID my OWN Research..........

    And I'M NOT A NEW AGER. You do not know me, or what I'm all about. You are so QUICK TO JUDGE PEOPLE. Your Entitled to believe in what you CHOOSE to believe in, just as others are. I do Not Live in Fear, as this FEEDS the Reptilians, and the Malevolent Energy Vortex. Please read the OLD POSTS, and you will see that all the information about what the COMPOSITE Jesus Christ is really about. And a High Light Being did visit this planet to INSTALL CODES INTO THE TREES,PLANTS, and FLOWERS, and Grasses on this planet, and he had an unknown name, and it was NOT Jesus Christ

    Sky: DOING ones homework and practicing it as homwork too

    My impression is you have been doing your homework in terms of tee research into things hiden in the famous writer revisionist sense of Conar Macdari, Gerald Masey and Comyons Beaumont sense. Thank you for your input.

    UN.i1-PHI: no i don't know these writers

    no i don't know these writers.. ;
    and dont do my 'homework/' by reading books..

    but the more you realize that so many things are really NOT how its presented and seek truth with an open mind and when you understand the E.T. manipulation of humanity better the more intriguing & obvious things become and the better you can sort the info from disinfo in all sorts of sources and make more sense becasue you understand the situation we're in and others one's secret agendas and sneaky tactics

    but there is a mountain of valuable collected knowledge to be studied for everyone on this website of Quinton by all sorts of members.. and theres alot of accurate info to be found in current and previous posts on many things and also about the E.T. reality/situation we live in that can clear up a lot of things!

    Tarheel: I agree, BUT...

    ..but let's respect other's Free Will.

    bluesbaby5050: On WHAT PART of Crackdown's Comment are you............

    What part are you REFERRING TO Tarheel? Your in the wrong space, and that's WHY I ASKED. (Crackdown made many comments on this post).

    Tarheel: Mis-post -shoulda been replying to Unify/sorry

    Our edit functions were disabled because of TR, that sunnybeach !

    UN.i1-PHI: and i do

    i might sound harsh for some religious ppl but i'm just as well expressing my free will and exposing the deception for the lies they are and i am in NO way trying to OFFEND anyone except THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR DECIEVING ON PURPOUSE, as i respect everyone's free will as long as they not disrupt other's free will on intention!

    i'll tell my prespective, and others will tell theirs too but i'm not offending or insulting anyone and if someone thinks if i'm too harsh on exposing religions for some ppl sorry but the'll have to bear with as someone(me) trying to warn others that religions are made to deceive ppl & make them behave inferior and obey is definitely not the worst thing to hear or going around,and actually its not bad at all and its obviously necessary to discuss this and make ppl discuss these issues because it implies that all these religions are MIND KONTROL,AND BAD FOR U IF YOU CONSIDER FREEDOM A GOOD THING AND NOT WANT TO BE (Mind) KONTROLLED!

    bluesbaby5050: AS THE OLD SAYING GOES...........

    It is Wise, when having a conversation with another person, in order to avoid a fight/argument, you must not bring Religions, or Politics into any conversation. In these times, I think it is important to do so, and to risk the ridicule expected. (That's the PINK Elephant in the room again).

    UN.i1-PHI: i agree but disagree on that it should be kept quiet

    and you're telling me this after bringing up races.. lol i guess it started with the PINK elephant ;p

    the problem ppl are taking it too personal but they choose to feel offended in reaction to contradiction in perspective of reality as they think it is and that makes many want to avoid other (contradicting) perspectives/info of reality and on the religious they are so loyal and obedient to, many will not want to hear that their gods are aliens and the religions manipulation systems to manage and divide the ppl against eachother

    but i've all right to discuss what i think on these subjects when someone else does too and i will keep it with the hard to swallow info and express my opinion too, but its not like ill be going around provoking discussions for stupid reasons..
    if someone does NOT want to discuss with me i have no problem and leave them alone, but on this forum we share our conversations with everyone and can comment on eachother, and if someone would not want to be affiliated with someone it should be just requested and respected

    but im not going to leave out info or avoid making a point i like to share for anyone if i think its necessary or suiting to mention

    and if someone would be frustrated by the contradiction they can also use that frustration as a motivation to digg deeper in the information instead taking it personal and or to just deny and avoid it.. if you come here to this forum to discuss it is self evident to acknowledge that there are others perspectives wich can be contradicting, wich should also get the chance to be considerable wich is the point of seeking truth

    like this its fair play and we all have our say
    on Quintons uncensored website

    bluesbaby5050: My last thread was about a quote..........

    I had repeated from an unknown person, and I can't remember where from, just that I had remembered it. I agree with your last statements. I feel the same way too. And my Pink Elephant post was meant for all things that keep/kept humans separated down though out time, that no one feels like talking about, to bring them to the surface. People would rather avoid issues, and they find it easier that way. Not just with colors of skin, but with languages, and many other reasons. So I put that post up for all reviews, and points of views, and ideas, to get the people to THINK, while at the same time, to get people to change towards one another, no matter where they are from on this planet. And yes, I like this uncensored site of Quinton's, and this is about the only one that truly allows for this kind of activity between people. Believe me, I have rubbed people the wrong way in this forum from the past, and in the present, and it is good to hear each other out, and this allows to see each other in a new light, and it brings things to the surface, that other wise would not happen anywhere else. It is all good, and it is all healthy. It removes many conflicting ideas on many levels, and forces people to make changes for the better, even if it's on a small level. If more people could do this in a healthy manner, there wouldn't be any more wars. Many people are from all parts of this planet that visit TC, and they get to see what's really inside another's heart, and this opens up their eyes to see things in a different light. ( Hopefully)

    bluesbaby5050: Giving YOUR POWER AWAY to the ........

    Draco/Reptilian Energy Vortex- Through saying the names of "Jesus Christ " - "ALLAH"- "BUDDA"-"KRISNA", along with the closing phrase people say at the end of their prayers with the word,"AMEN" after EVERY Prayer, and when this is done, all that STRONG ENERGY WILL BE SENT INTO THEIR VORTEX, and into the Dark Forces for their Occult Purposes to be used against the Human populations on this planet! For people to do this is a very Grave Mistake, that was INVENTED by the Reptilian Agenda to fool the Humans by way of their religions, and when they Built the Net to Imprison us with the AID of the Tunnel of Light at our Transition into death for our RECYLCING and our RE-Programming before Re-Incarnating again so THEY can FEED OFF the Human Energy/LIFE FORCES of every human being on Earth. You see, they had all this figured out before hand, and this was taught to the Humans, along with How to Pray though the church. And all the church's are religious schools/insitutions so we would learn the Correct ways to be Controlled by our handlers/masters! David Icke had explained this in one of his long lectures, and don't think I wasn't mad as hell when I had learned all about this during his lecture! You can bet I was! I gave this information out to this forum a while back, and it's now worth repeating again, so that people will come to understand how the Draco's/Reptilians, and the Malevolent ET'S Operate against us, and what they have done to us for thousands of years though these Methods/Tools. Just say simply," Thank You" to the Holy Spirit for listening/hearing you. This is accepted with love.




    and i can understand this may be difficult / hard for some people to acknowledge/realize especially if they have lived a big time of their lives by religious dogmatic programming
    and to de-attach from this expectation of(/ faith in) jesus or their god to be the rescuing answer/soltion for salvation of everything/anything..
    btw many religious ppl say they not understand their god, but they do (want to) know all about jesus.. to be favoured and accepted by that god, i think this is done especially to make glue ppl to these religions and compensate for their angry 'gods'(et beings playing superior) and all the other nasty and weird stuff they not want you to know the real meaning of, wich are remaining included in these religions(while they're adjusted many times troughout to suit the implemented veil of deception of reality they put on societies, so that people not get aware of the extraterrestrial foundation of religions/control systems)

    Crackdown: About Jewsus

    Surrender means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power. Surrender is willful acceptance and yielding to a dominating force and their will.

    Truth Control - Jesus was a composite character

    I completely agree with your thoughts. People have to stop subjecting their free will to "holy characters", real or imaginary! Preserve and develop your spiritual power,
    do not surrender it to anyone.

    Funny stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YouTube - Rapping Jewsus

    UN.i1-PHI: Yho its Ishtar!

    Hush... Hash, hAsh..tar Jisis, soulds like isis.. Somebody is calling her name... Oh their lord..

    Afroman - Hush

    bluesbaby5050: A Sweet LULL-A-BYE...........

    To the Rigged-Suppressed DNA of the Afroapeman/woman-Hush a-Bye, and don't you cry, for we will take care of youuuuu, so don't you worry my underling, for We Are Your Creators.

    UN.i1-PHI: ...

    mind me but, whY would u say that.. like that..?
    all sorts of human dna of humans on earth has been tampered with and supressed in many ways

    btw, my message was in no way correlated to anything to do with so-called 'race' except now when u noticed the race of the musician and that he calls himself afroman in his songs

    and i said 'their' lord with their referring to anyone who takes that god as their 'lord',
    and intriguingly enough i had misspelled 'sounds' into 'soulds' in my other comment..

    bluesbaby5050: Because You said AFROMAN......

    And according to records, the First created Homo Sapian Sapians was from Africa, and they were black as stated in the ancient history, and then the White homo sapian sapians was created secondly from the Kingu'-Babbar ,The Albino Line.They both were from the Ape as I recall. And yes, as I have stated very many times before this, that ALL races had their Genetic DNA tampered with from the many different alien visitors to Earth though out time. It was a simple short melody imagined to be sung at the breast of the creators, with a hint of sarcasm, of course, to show that they were superior. It was a LULL-A- BYE. Without the Rapa- tap-tap-tap to it. No Harm done.

    bluesbaby5050: By the way...

    I forgot to mention, that I didn't look at the video, as you thought I did. I got the idea from your title. Nothing more, as you assumed. I have black on my sisters side,( her son)have a look at my pictures in my personal section for the proof.

    UN.i1-PHI: btw..jtbc

    my title was referring to the title of the video crackdown posted , did you see it haha ?;p (i didnt watch it entirely tough..)
    wich is called "Yo It's Easter" so i made it the title of reply to CD and changing Easter in Ishtar because they sound similar and after jeesus sounds like jiisis with their hAshtar command :p
    this was just 4 fun 4 what i had in mind then
    so thats why i posted that song containging those suiting lyrics but my title was referring to CD and had nothing to do with the rest of that messages content except i was was similarizing names and it had to do with jesus
    so i wasnt assuming anything..
    and i didnt mention race until you did and so i dont know why you're suddenly started to talking bout races few times in a row after that (not only in this topic i mean), but you dont have to proof me anything like with who your sister with :P and for ur info i am not black either if you had any assumptions like that

    so i just found the lyrics suiting to what i had in mind to reply and i liked the music oke
    i like to listen some reggea music too tough many rastafarians are also religious &worshipping Jah(weh)=ENlil .. but i see trough that and enjoy the good intentions&vibrations in their music

    bluesbaby5050: No, I didn't see Crackdowns video......

    It's hard to converse this way, because we can't hear what's in the voice, or see each other's faces when we're writing, and so sometimes things get a little misunderstood. I'm fine with you, and your threads. No more need to explain. I favored many of yours, as well as others too, because I liked the content :-)

    bluesbaby5050: It was a Kinda Poem........

    With a expressed point at the end. And I still like it.

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