the music industry wants a war and racism and more!

To manipulate mankind secret organisations are using backwards lyrics in music to manipulate the masses, they want a war to end all war, they also want the world to move to the beat of one drum...

first off rebecca black, ever wondered why this video was viral?
they need a war!

second, justin bieber, ever wondered why this video was viral?
need a war good stuff!

third, racism in backwards lyrics
the world should not be with a mexican!

fourth, racism again in evolution music video
fuck the niggers

satanism in music videos
foolishness, follishness, god wont save you, god wont want you, infidel.

still not convinced?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!
then wake the fuck up and look at these

haha very funny just watch them....

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Fal: I have a friend that already

I have a friend that already told me about people having to give up their souls to Satan in order to be famous in the music industry. I think Kanye was the one he was referring to at the time. This would give weight to what my friend told me. I don't trust, and have never trusted the media. I heard there was a false Nostradamus prediction about the world ending, and it was based on the "Gangnam Style" song. Either way, at its present rate, the song will reach a billion youtube views by the 21st of this month. That can just be easily charted out and predicted, though.

Good thing I do not believe in that bull malarkey. I mean, honestly, do you think someone would do that? Just go in the internet and tell lies?

Tarheel: Of course Music Industry wants WAR-Look who runs it!

I cant believe you said that, but it is "OH, SO TRUE !" They wants WAR and Racism.
We both know who they really want War with.

I find backwards masking, a BEATLES original, to be quite hilarious. Who listens to vinyl records backwards to see if there is a hidden message ?

The Beatles "I am The Walrus" says ..."I buried Paul" or "Im very bored". The Beatles found it funny too because THey finally said, "Congrats you found the message" in their backwards masking.

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