Murder by Stealth, The Art of Vaccines, Sept 16 2011 Report!

by Annunaki77 on September 19th, 2011

I do not have to Educate you folks on the Vaccine Treason being committed.
The Mainstream Deceptive Illuminati Media (CNN,FOX,MNSBC,BBC AND OTHERS) fully Endorses the Eugenics Vaccine Agenda, they tell you to take your Innoculations (Shots) for your well being and personal health and on the Surface it all sounds good and innocent, but when you study the Vaccine Agenda more closely you realize that many people have Died due to Vaccinations.

When Lord Enki Created Humanity he already developed a strong Immune System in Humans to fight off fungus and for Centuries Humans lived healthy lives.
The Secret Societies have changed that with the introduction of these Deadly Vaccines.

From our Gulf War Soldiers who where Human Ginea Pigs in Vaccine Trials in the 1990's and who have suffered and Died from what the Medical Industry called Gulf War Syndrome to Millions of young Women who have developed Cancer and Tumours, many innocent Women have died from the HPV Vaccines which suppose to protect the Young Women from Cervical Cancer which is being endorsed now in 2011.
In the 1960's the African Children were given Vaccines to stop the Small Pox fear which was being endorsed by the Illuminati World Health Organization, many children died because they developed the Aquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome.

What is being done is nothing short of Treason, now there are proponents that endorse Vaccines as a blessing for eradicating Polio and other Diseases but what humanity has to understand is that there is a Eugenics Agenda in place on Earth compliments of the Scaley and not so friendly Extraterrestrial Reptilians from Orion and Alpha Draconis.

So with my sincerity and being of Sirius Bloodlines I must Warn all of Humanity , DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINES, stop this Practice Immediately because the Secret Societies are loading you up with Cancers, Tumours and they are Sterilizing Humans so they will no longer be able to reproduce. This is an Abomination, remember the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance. The European Union will soon Collapse , then the USA.
Your Supplements and your Organic Farmers are under attack by the Extraterrestrial Illuminati.
This is simply the truth so you better wake up folks. (1 of 9) (2 of 9) (3 of 9) (4 of 9) (5 of 9) (6 of 9) (7 of 9) (8 of 9) (9 of 9)

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Annunaki77: Correction it was the Polio Vaccine that Africans took

The Polio Vaccine was an AIDS Bio-Weapon.

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