by Annunaki77 on December 23rd, 2012

AYA SHIN TARA, Remember this I stand for Knowledge, Wisdom, and Pan Hellenism.
I do not recognize Prince Enlil or Tyrants.

I am of Olympian Decent, what is an Olympian?. I Fear Nothing even during overwhelming Odds I have Feared nothing.
I have the Oceans at my disposal, so you can grasp the Powers at work here.

It is your right to Question Everything, this is why you have Free Will.

Poseidon God of the Sea

Fishy , I am very Fishy.

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Eldertree: Are you trying to say you're

Are you trying to say you're Poseidon ?

Terran resistance: I think hes trying to say

they let him out of the insane asylum early

Tarheel: TR, can you explain the symbolism in me shooting YOU the bird?

What does it mean when I flip you my middle finger? Masonic? Aldebarran? Kuwanis? Ruritan? Jay-phukkin-Cee's? Eastern Star? Come on, man. Certainly you know what it means. Giorgio does.
Ya just gotta throw gas on a fire, dontcha?

Annunaki77: You can shoot the Messenger, but not the Message

If my Message is not for you, you have the Free Will to just Ignore it. But the more I understand those who Shoot the Messenger, the more your Motives are shown clearly.

Peace & Harmony.

Eldertree: My motives are clear, you are

My motives are clear, you are not Posiedon. I don't have any quaims in telling you bluntly. The message is to me because you made this thread directly to me and you didn't respond to my message yesterday.

Just remember who you are playing with...

Eldertree: There is only one Enki, and

There is only one Enki, and there will always be only one Enki.

Annunaki77: Good Very Good , I understand your Position

So I have waisted my time here , and everything I have taught and delievered is a Lie.
And that I do not exist and that I am an anomaly, an apparition caught in the Seas of Time and Space and you Aya shin Tara. You can teach me better.

You have spoken and your Intent is very clear. But you have made a Critical Mistake.
You need to Learn as much as you can before Reality Bites you in the Ass. I am here for a reason and you will not stop what can't be stopped.

Peace and Harmony.

Duality is Reality, Question Everything, and in the end find yourselves because your a Species with Amnesia.

Mortal Kombat 9 - Raiden vs Liu Kang (Liu Kang's Death) HD

I am pro-human , I believe in Humanity and their Destiny. Free Will, Passion & Destiny.
I believe if all these things, but you seem to think you can turn this movement the other way, the way to Enlil , the way to Chaos, Order out of Chaos.

Eldertree: Yes you are here, that is not

Yes you are here, that is not the cause of argument, the point here is you are not Poseidon. That's it. As for your agenda, and what you are here for is for another discussion. I am very aware although..

Tarheel: Cant we all just get along? Anu77 & Edi are Masters.....

...and they have helped Humanity in more ways than 1 could imagine. I have never known either of them to lie, and they profess that which is good and right. If you dont believe in them, why cant you just go about your business and let people believe as they wish?

The Gods aren't allowed to communicate with The People? They can do whatever they want.

Excersize your Free Will and Keep the Peace.

Eldertree: Be your own master, that is

Be your own master, that is your destiny.

Tarheel: Anu77 & Edi preach/teach to tap the God within.

That's what you are saying.

How are the beliefs that different?

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