by bluesbaby5050 on February 23rd, 2013

Mount ETNA, in Italy erupted into a Lava Flow,and producted a new paroxysmal episode lasting 5 hours only 2 weeks ago. Many volcanos are active now,after being dormant for years with out any signs of activity coming from them. Many volcanos are on the verge of expelling ,and releasing the much needed release of the built up pressures from deep in side the earth.

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bluesbaby5050: I don't know about Now STILL AT THIS MOMENT.......

This was just posted in the news today. This goes along with the recently added stories about Niberu, that is now being seen in the Austraillia skys with the naked eye,and seen in the South Pole Regions,and anywheres below the equator.This information is coming from the science oberservers,,and their news reports they're making right now. It has also been reported in the Cable TV News Medias now too. The Nasa groups were hiding this from the public,but now they are not,and they are coming out in the open about this now. You can NOT Hide something this Big anymore! Even Niberu's Planets can be seen behind it,as it is moving closer. Alex Collier is talking about this up front now,and telling the people to prepare for this event.

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According to Nasa,and Other Scienctists it's on it's way with it's own small solar system. It's located inside the Keptler belt Already,and this is having an affect on our volcanos,and Fire Ring in the Pacific,and the Continental Plates. And there is a full blown war going on between the Aliens according to Alex Collier,and The Andromendans Informates. This is why things are heating up,and becoming alot more active now.

bluesbaby5050: This is why Annu77, and Edisonik are...........

Saying to prepare,and not to give away your Freedoms to the Aliens when they come here. The first ones that do show up will not be the NICE KINDS! This could be the BIG FALSE FLAG,AND THE LAST CARD PLAYED OUT BY THE NW-DIS-ORDER! That you/we need to get ready,and be alert,and that this will happen after the System collapses. Do NOT Resort to LOOTING,AS YOU WILL BE SHOT DEAD! They have been REPEATING THIS MESSAGE TO US FOR A WHILE NOW.

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