Most Touching Performance on 'X Factor'........

Most Touching Performance on 'X Factor'
Triumph of the Human Spirit

Alexandra Bruce
June 14, 2014

If this doesn't draw a tear from your eye, then you aren't human.

Emmanuel captured Australia's hearts with his extraordinary story of being a radiation-damaged Iraqi orphan who was rescued, along with with his equally-disabled brother by an Australian woman, who raised them into self-confident, young men.

Emmanuel practiced - and practiced - singing, to the point, where he gained a spot on Australia's TV talent show, 'The X Factor', with his rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine".

His first performance was met with universal approval by all the judges and a resounding ovation by the the audience.

But as one judge, said, "Emmanuel, you're a great singer. And I'm not saying that because you've had a hard life or because it's 'the thing to say', but compared to the other people here, regardless of your story, you've got a beautiful gift and you moved everyone in this room."

And as the other judge quipped, as he walked offstage, "It just makes everything you worry about about just so pathetic!"

Emmanuel is an amazing example of the triumph of the human spirit, indwelling within each of us. A reminder that we can make anything happen.

Never forget Emmanuel.
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