by edisonik on December 9th, 2013

Men & Women should be Ruled by Just Laws and not by the will of Tyrants or Dictators.
Or better yet Men & Women should learn Self Rule and learn Personal Responsibility.
In this manner you will experience true freedom.
The Story of Moses was always a Heart warming Story of One Man who stood against an Empire.

One Man that Delivered the Jews out of Bondage.
With the help of the Annunaki of course.

The Prince Of Egypt 1998 English (Multi-Subs)

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Tim Lovell: I am sure the annunaki didn't

I am sure the annunaki didn't help moses they were to busy mining gold whilst their royal family fought amougst themselves and the pitiful attempt of them now to say they are sorry is quite pathetic tbh but I guess its forgive and forget lol...

UN.i1-PHI: enlil freed the jews from the

enlil 'freed' the jews from the pharao's 'bondage'(obedience & work but supplied with shelter&food), but for the reason to train/indoctrinate them to blood-thirsty warriors to take over enki's beautifull lands wich had beautifull & big flora&fauna..., the promised lands, but ofc enlil had more to it as they were trained to fight what they can, but they were just used as a distraction in the beginning of an invasion, they were quickly crushed and gave enlil the right moment to start attacking with his fleet...
this is another example that they were fighting among eachother for the (royal) rule... enki was the pissed off, aggresive tyrant trying to murder his own brother' enki and the humans he created different than what was prescribed to be (just gold diggin slaves)

bluesbaby5050: EN;KI was the Loving Father/Brother to this EN.lil............

Because EN.LIL WAS A CLONE of many others that were created by EN.KI who had created them as his children, and instead of killing the LAST CLONE=NUMBER 7 WHICH WAS EN.lil, EN.KI ALLOWED EN.lil TO LIVE, hoping he would advance in wisdom, and Love. But later on EN.KI said he was sorry for allowing his life to be spared by him when the Priestesses had confronted EN.KI after he got back from a journey he had taken OFF planet Earth. EN.KI never tried to murder his Own CLONE/CREATION. The 6 other EN.lil clones was done away with by ALL the Priestesses BEFORE EN.KI had arrived back to Earth. EN.LIL WAS THE REAL TYRANNT TO THE HUMANS! He even tried to destroy all of them during one of many floods on Earth.

UN.i1-PHI: i'm only not so sure about the A.P. addition/edition

but hey thats just me...
i see you added anton parks information to what you have known before about all this
but i am really not trusting this anton parks guy, and edi told me he was a fraud so i dont trust him at all
still i'm not saying the cloning part etc. is not true, or that it is.. but i'm told anton parks is a fraud sent by the cia to monitor the interests in enki, thats all i wanted to mention to you previously but i believe you got me wrong/offensive somehow and got 'mad' at me :S ...

sorry if i talk about it again but i feel to so do you, just like you do when adding that info, and in the previous conflict we didnt even come to discuss the material matters at all...
i wonder why edisonik did not tell this in public, i think i asked/requested to, so that he may say something valuable and critical concerning/regarding to anton parks (dis)info

just being suspicious on what this AP is going about...

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik never told me this...........

NOR did Annunaki77, as they were both very aware of this subject matter as well as everyone else was in this forum, as I do recall from all your negative earlier postings. Neither one of them said this to me, because we discussed this subject in private. Maybe he said this to you for a reason, hoping that you would drop it once and for all.

bluesbaby5050: By the way.............


UN.i1-PHI: handeling information...

i see you just added/edited that some people can just not handle the truth, i totally agree
but you need to handle the information before accepting it as truth... i did not see you handling/discussing anything of this 'extra/new info' except preaching it, that WHY!

thats why i was mentioning and raisins suspicsions to not take everything immediately as truth!, just because it fits the subject matters!!!

especially if it would come from the cia or anton parks.. xD

bluesbaby5050: AS I SAID BEFORE THIS...............

I will believe as I CHOOSE TO, as this is STILL MY RIGHT TO DO SO,REGARDLESS of what you, or others think. Ya I did edit it, as I forgot to add the rest of my thoughts to my thread. I was interrupted That's Why, if you must know. So You have a nice day now.

UN.i1-PHI: really..?

what do you consider negative? i was trying to mention my suspiscions very politely&carefull , until you took me wrong and tought i was conspiring something against you or whatever and since then it blew up and we werent even discussing it because you started to talk false stuff about me, i know this as i know my own intentions and you have mis-interpreted them , (probably because you was not even wanting to understand them/me...)

by the way... they dont need to sent AP to this site if they can make you promote it as well!
just because its the subjet matters that youre so into! perfect occasion to take advantage and spread dis-info to those who where on the right track...
just my toughts...
i dont just drop things i consider critical or important, and i think you should consider that too but whatever i am intending to make a discussion out of this again.
and again its all up to you how to interpret this message again i just hope it doesnt go wrong again as i have no reason or intentions to create a fight;)

all i want is to mention my suspiscions and perhaps rise some consideration on it for others...

bluesbaby5050: I am not a PAWN.............

And I am never used as a pawn to do the Dirty Work for the Dark Forces to spread disinformation to this forum, as my LONG STANDING on this site proves other wise from my work. This is what was just suggested by you in your remark/reply to my thread above. I got The OK, and that's all I needed. This Topic is closed for good, and no one wants to hear any of your RANTS about it either.

UN.i1-PHI: last saying

i did not say or intend to imply that you would be doing this on purpouse/deliberately
you have found that website or whatever and you seem to fanatically promote it without questioning it,
am i wrong for saying/questioning this?am i the one making hard feelings from this??? am i the one who want to spread confusion or ignorance? while i'm just questioning,addressing and considering the validity of it? another thing you forget to consider is that i am almost just as long an standing member here as you! and btw that we were onto the same info and you were mostly agreeing with me and my perspectives, untill i began to question the anton parks though..

but i see clearly how your implementation that i cannot handle that information is just another excuse to try to demean me, as you know very well i am/was into the same track onto this information as you! why would i suddenly not be able to handle this? because it involves clones as a means of extraterrestrial royal reproduction and other things? lol not much special about that... because it gives a twist to the story what we already knew, or tought to know... maybe, but still that does not make me unable to comprehend or accept these things
no i would be very interested in such new information etc,,, i sure would be able to comprehend it as its not that much to handle it once youre in it already..
but that does not give immediate reason to believe it!!!

and if it was the truth and edi would know it, i dont think he would not lie to me to shut me up, why wouldnt he instead say its the truth and make me accept it? xD!

so no thats NOT IT, i did not trust this info because i felt it in my intuition, because it is SO probably/possible dis-info, because edi confirmed it, and finally the way you undoubtedly accept it and substitute and add their info to the info/truths we already knew in this forum, wich showed me how easily this could be used to spread disinfo, without you consciously knowing it, or doing it deliberately

bluesbaby5050: For your infomation.........

I DID Question it, and I got "The ALL IS WELL ANSWER." I am NOT a FANANTIC on anything as you Implied in your last thread, just a realistic person. Anunnaki77 liked it very much. Maybe You SHOULD take your beef up with Annunaki77 cause he is just fine with my material. He said so. GET OVER IT!

UN.i1-PHI: ho, i'm over it all along and have NO BEEF with ANU77

its you who has to imply this and demean me whenever im saying suspiscious things about anton parks...
yes later he told me perhaps he once worked for enki, but edi told me first and clearly(without the perhaps) that he's sent by the cia and is a fraud, wich i personally find much more plausible, have any problems with that??? i dont have that with you, i just express myself as you do.
and i did not even say i was dis-agreeing with this all!!!just raising suspicion to discuss, but you avoid and demean me instead
believe what you want, i dont have to say this, i'm just saying watch out what you believe;)
happy holidays:)

bluesbaby5050: I TRUST what Anunnaki77 has to say about this AP subject........

Subject material. WE both discussed this in private, just ask him! I also know by MY INTUITION the Real Truth. And I don't need your approval, or warnings on anything. I already received approval before I posted the AP material. And this is No longer up for discussion, because it was Closed ALREADY OVER 2 MONTHS AGO!

UN.i1-PHI: just to let you know

i 'open my mouth'/talk whenever i feel like
and at first it was not intended only to/for you

and me too dont like to have discussions with you in such terrible manner/way/misinterpretations
i'm over and out( but i wont let you talk shit about me unrighteously)

bluesbaby5050: Then Why Don't You State/Address Your Thoughts to........

To the WHOLE forum, instead of to me, and under my threads with my name with it? You said you were going to open this subject of AP again, well you will be doing this all by yourself, because I am not interested with this subject anymore. Also, I do not use vulgar words to express myself to people either. Example: "Talk Like Shit" like you say. I Speak the Truth Freely on this forum, and with out vulgarity. Please address the person, or persons your talking to in a decent manner with intelligence, and not though ignorance, such as limited vocabulary style. I do not hate anyone here or anywhere for that matter. I might not agree, or like what is being spoken about, but I will not hate anyone for what they believe in, as this is their opinion, and their human, OR NOT Human right to do so. And all I said was, "That I was done discussing ANTON PARKS, and his material"" with you. Your offended because of this. I spent too much energy on this subject already, and I am simply finished with it. It's that simple.

bluesbaby5050: Talk to The Hand.............

Talk to The Hand. I wasted enough of my energy with you in the past, and right now. Merry Christmas.

UN.i1-PHI: oh i see... i was talking to your hand all the time!!!

thats why you did not see what i meant!and i had a hard time trying to explain myself and you still not understand my intentions, and so i wasted a lot of energy of mine as well(tough i dont consider it waste as others may find appreciation in suspicious consideration)
but i never wanted to make a problem out of it, and i didnt! you took it this way dont you get it?!
i have absolutely no hard feelings for you and i always love you for the fountain of information you are

now i am and was just worried about that someone or some five-oh somegroup may take advantage and spread disinfo trough this anton parks, and pollute the blue waters youre flowing about baby!

you dont have to continue to be mad at me you know, but its ofc up to you, just letting you know i still love/care for you but i also express my self and never did i meant to imply you have to agree to believe anything as you said again in you other comment!!!


edisonik: Very Sad but true UN.i1-PHI

Back then there was a lot of abuse of Free Will from Extraterrestrials, from Monarchies, which went straight down to the Beasts.
All of what happened in the Past was wrong.
Yes Enlil had an Agenda and he portrayed himself as Kod/Creator.
And the Beast could not understand and out of Fear they Worshipped the ET.

Remember what I has said before the Magic Word "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY".
Once Humanity understands that they are Sovereign Beings and wake up they can move to the next level of developement.

Earth History is a Sad tale of Obedience to ET's , and a Sad tale of Dominance War & Carnage , Famine Enslavement. That was the destiny of the Beast.
But I say unto you this will not happen again for even these things will pass as Humanity Evolves from within and understands Personal Responsibility , Love and Wisdom.

edisonik: Now for some Wisdom

Ascended Masters' world message April 2013: "The Birth of a new Earth, The 7th Golden Age"

bluesbaby5050: EN.LIL was the Murderous brother/son of EN.KI..........

There was originally 7 CLONED EN.LILS at one time, and 6 were disposed of because they had dark intentions of criminal activies such as murder, and rapes, and brutally that they were committing on the priestesses at will. And he was even eyeing King Anu's Throne, and planning in his heart to murder the King Anu. And King Anu was very aware of EN.LIL'S plan, and so this was why King Anu Ordered EN.LIL to go to Earth to oversee (keep him pre-occupied, and busy) the slaves and the gold mining progress, and to make constant reports back to King Anu of the conditions, and activities down on planet Earth though the ARC ( IT WAS A COMMUNICATING DEVICE). King Anu was the head leader of this whole Earth project, and his sons had their orders from this King Anu. It was a huge project, and this covered the whole planet, and not just in the middle eastern areas.This planet was going though many great changes during that time period of growth, and many different species of flora, and fauna, and trees, plants and animals were being brought to this planet from other star systems, and located in healthy habitats for the growth, and ecology of this planet. Many Anunnaki colonies were set up all over Earth. Also, the EN.lil ENVIED, and his PLAN TO FINALLY GET RID OF EN.KI though his relative INANNA. EN.LIL's power hungry Grand daughter Inanna was the one that stole some Nuclear weapons from EN.KI when they both had been drinking, and passed out, this was when INANNA had went to visit , and then later on those stolen weapons were used on Sodom, and Gomorra. These two had conspired to murder EN.KI's because he was in the way of many power plans.,'s murder finally happened as was planned, and then later on was buried on Mars.

Tim Lovell: tbh earth would have been

tbh earth would have been better of if none of them ever came here but....

UN.i1-PHI: but then the humanity would not exist like this

but then the humans on/for this planet would not have been created...
and all this suffering and abuse has and will lead to something so awesome&beautifull growing 'out of the concrete'
it was not for nothing, i agree it is not good to inflict such tyranny, but atleast we have learned and grown hard from it in special ways, tough you may think perfect conditions would made us evolve all better and quicker, but the important part is the lessons and reasons we have learned and brought attention troughout all this history

Tim Lovell: well I still think enlil and

well I still think enlil and the annunaki can die in a fire but still , homo erectus would have evolved into a 12 strand dna human perfectly fine in time but Lillian stripped the dna when they created the slave race then they released a species specific disease to kill all the homo erectus it was interfeance and it was wrong and they paid for it their evolution was stopped until they made us equal to them haha , sry but I hate being on this planet atm in these stupid dna screwed up bodies when I know what its like to be in a 12 strand body grrrrr.....

UN.i1-PHI: anyway it helps us advance in a very special way...

i agree.., with exception to the benevolant ones of the annunaki like
but still we need to experience diversity, for spiritual growth, somehow we cant have everything perfect all the time without experiencing and understanding the negative stuff/aspects...
as having everything always perfect could lead to destructive consequenses when confronted with that wich causes it..
maybe in the future the 12-stranded humans would have gone a horrible mistake or some fatal event wich could be prevented by what we would have learned trough this tyrannical hostage/bondage...

but i must say still there will (always?) be those who choose for the dark side and cause havoc etc... and those obediently supporting it, thats why we need to learn to deal with them in many ways... even enki was requested to be obedient/loyal to their (tyrannic) system, but he choose to rebel and not follow the orders, and give humanity something much more special than was allowed and than would happen/was planned anyway by the negative system of control where freedom is considered an evil crime, he choose to improve and make the best out of something wich was designed to be only for self-profit and labour...
that was an sirius crime to them and he had to pay for it, but he had left and created something with such a heavy magnitude involved in their destiny, that it(humanity) will bring back the benevolant order and pose a threat to their malevolant one...
something with very different specialness and emotion attached to it than what would naturally evolve without intervention in this case... only it takes much time, effort and suffering to go trough
im just trying to point out the positive consequenses, i'm not saying advanced civilizations should intervene with primitive evolving ones, but i'm also not sayin it SHOULDNT BE POSSIBLE,
things happen you know, thats life, and now this has happened and thats why we're here to help us/eachother/humanity out of this, and become strong and hard in a special and spiritual way...
its not just about the physical body and its spiritual powers, but also its spiritual experiences and efforts...
and about the lessons we live in these lifes on earth, are teaching/advancing our souls much quicker than many other places where everything may be o.k. ...

dvogel: Lets not get too caught up in the annunaki.

It's a good statement that we need to take responsibility which anyone hardly does. And as stated in this post, it's just a story about Moses, not reality. See the page's info on Moses
And the Jews were not really slaves, since they all of sudden had horses and gold with them when leaving Egypt or Khem, but indeed a good story.


They say that the New World Disorder is a SATANIC ORDER and that it will be Ruled by SATAN or LUCIFER as they like to called it.
But the Annunaki are very clever folks and they had everything twisted very well to prevent the Beast from understanding their Real Divine Origins. Earth is your Throne not the Annunaki, Humans were Born on Earth and being that of Earth & Heaven , Humans have the Divine Right to Self Rule.
The New World Disorder and the Alien Agenda is One and the Same!. It's World takeover and the attack on Humanity.
Jesus will Head this New World Disorder along with Enlil, at least that was the Plan but it looks like these cunning Annunaki have forgotten afew things.

This GOD/SATAN thing is all a Trick to make the Beasts Fear and make the Beasts Worship a God that will take away their Liberties & Freedoms to follow an ET OVER THE CLIFF.

Like I said multiple times here on this Planetary Forum, Exercise PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
Learn to reach the Heavenly Creator from within and not from a Church or Cult.

Learn to exercise Personal Sovereignty.
Satan won't save you from yourselves.
Jesus won't save you from yourselves.
God won't save you from yourselves.
No Phropet will save you from yourselves.


Break free from the System of Servitude, and unleash the God & Goddess from within!.

During World War 2 the Jews Died in Mass , no because of Hitler , but because of Compliance and Fear, if the Jews fought back without Fear there would be many more Jews living today.
Become Renegades my Loved Ones.

Bon Jovi wanted dead or alive WITH LYRICS

HebrianDaniel: not all of them rebelled but

not all of them rebelled but there was rebellion in Varsha lead by Mordechai Anielewicz
dont think that all jewish people are feared of nazis. there some ghettos who said no to nazis
but they still havent survived yet they caused heavy damage to the nazis some of the survivors ran to the forests and became partizans they still fought nazis in the forests.
yet its sad that most jewish people bealived that their imagenery friend will save them...
how pathethic....


Judea declares war on germany a video on youtube that specifically states the holocost was a hoax and twisted around by the jews. What is you're opinion on this subject?

UN.i1-PHI: i do not know to who you are

i do not know to who you are asking this, if specifically but i can tell you that anti-semi-tic-ism is an anti semi tactic (just playing with words) wich is (ab)used to hide the incestous inter-related bloodlines of those royal rulers in positions of what they think is power, and to blame those who are exposing them as racist to make people mis-understand what they are trying to saying and label it/them under the name of anti-semitism or racism towards the jewis or hebrew people, while many of them are referring to the zionists who are controlling the world and doing harm and conspiring against the people while lying and spreading prop-agenda about it...

hitler himself was from jewish or zionist bloodlines and the british queen too (tough they were not really on the same side/agenda) just like many other ones who were royal rulers and they try to hide that because the people would realize theres something 'fishy' going on if all sorts of world leaders are from similar and inter-related bloodlines, and the holocaust was NOT just for the 'jews' but it was made to seem like it was mainly about that as an excuse to hide the real reasons and those behind them ALL KINDS OF PEOPLES HAD SUFFERED FROM THIS AND WERE KILLED, MASSIVELY! it was A holocaust, not just the definition of 'the' holocaust of nowadays wich especially refers it to jews, it was another genocide for all kinds of people --> Depopulation
but the excuse of referring it all or commonly to the jewish people is another tactic and excuse for their globalism and to set up the state/empire of Is-Ra-El etc...
and you can see their influence behind the scenes and even in public on other countries as their strings are now all tied together and pulling on eachother in the way the ones who play the marionets choose and design to..

UN.i1-PHI: holocaust was not (just) an hoax

but it depends on the interpretation and how someone else interpretates it...
nowadays its easily to offend people or make people offend you therefore because you would say or imply that the 'holocaust was an hoax'
the holocaust was real, but the story has many hoaxes in it, and not necessary that some things are not true, but the way they are brought over, taught and implemented can lead to many ways of deception and more lies and excuses/reasons too...

it was an global excuse for global change!
tough hitler was actually trying to take over the globalists and to hand em over to the queens of/in ORION, they both were leading to thesame kind of global control/tyranny but with different leaders
they were/are both against humanity, just fighting among eachother for power as usual!
tough most fights/wars on earth are staged/false flagged while being 'in bed' with eachother so the humans end up fighting themselves, this was another good example of fighting for the throne of earth between different(yet similar) (extraterrestrial)groups, and in that view different than most/many other wars that are just staged for centralization of power--> globalism

but most wars in ORION more REAL(in purpouse) because they dont need to be staged, as theyre openly fighting for power among eachother/different groups constantly and forreal(way worse and destructive than what we're used to!...)

Tim Lovell: erm the holocaust was no hoax

erm the holocaust was no hoax the deaths of millions of innocent people was a crime against humanity , the reptillians ciakar etc controlled the top Nazis it was their last blast to harvest light of us humans down here b4 the light team came in to systems bust their frequency control drama..

UN.i1-PHI: i think he does not deny the genocide BUT...!!!

QUESTIONS the official story/version&implementation of the holocaused that there are lies and implemented toughtpatterns to make people think things wich support their deception!!!

and this( reaction:"holocaust was not a hoax!!! >:( " ) is an frequent reaction to such an statement while its not referring to what he actually intended and cause confusion, and i believed this to be another designed side-effect to hide,shut-up and demean people who question the holocause story(official version, ofc lies included and trickery) and make them seem anti-semitic! to hide the zionist and other rulers and their crimes and sneaky collaborations and conspiracies they participate against mankind!!!

i'm not saying these were your intentions TL, but even you did have an similar/ the same kind of reaction , while if i'm correct, this is not what he meant to say with holocaust was an hoax!

(wich covers many of my points in my previous posts if you can see...)

Tarheel: It was not a hoax.

That they would even deny it is THE HOAX. Eisenhower ushered the Germanic people into the concentration camps (post-war) to show them what their "mighty country" was doing to those of Jewish lineage. Most of the people of Germany were not aware, and were appalled. All too late.

Quinton: Also look at the historical

Also look at the historical definition of the word holocaust:

historical a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar.

Why are Jews being sacrificed in a Jewish sacrificial offering?

Another definition:

a sacrifice consumed by fire

What is this sacrifice and for whom?

UN.i1-PHI: confusion about 'hoax'...

people who mention the holocaust being a hoax have oftenly to deal with people mis-interpreting them and assuming they are denying the genocide because they are questioning the official story and that is mostly what they are implying, to not believe what the history writers tell you! but they're quickly to be judged as anti-semitic and horrible person for denying an horrible event...

thats why we should i think we should consider/bear something extra in mind when defining or interpreting the word 'Hoax', and not define it as total denial in every aspect, but the implication that the way something is brought on/over is/was in reality not how it is made to seem like!!!

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