Morphogenetic Field (MF) - (Crystal Body or Manifestation Template

All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint, which exists as a quantity of crystalline (that’s why it’s also called crystal body), electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of specific patters of frequency.

(See: Universal Manifestation Template, Primal Order, Energy Matrix, Time Matrix)

This morphogenetic imprint sets the pattern for a form within the 15-dimensional Unified Field of energy substance, The morphogenetic imprint holds the instructions and design for form-building in a type of digital or electronic encoding, known as Keylon Codes.

Forms come into manifestation and evolve, as patterns of frequency are drawn into the forms’ morphogenetic field, from the dimensional frequency bands of the Unified Field of energetic substance within which the morphogenetic field is placed.

This drawing-in of frequency progressively expands the morphogenetic field and creates evolution of form progressively upward through the 15-dimensional universe.

(Voyagers II - Page 464)

The essential link between man, matter and the Cosmos concerns something referred to as Morphogenetic (form-holding) Field. - The Fabric of Creation.

Morphogenetic Fields (MF) are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest. This occurs microcosmically and macrocosmically.

Therefore, the universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place.

This Cosmic structure/order is the basis of human order and the human psyche in terms of the Cosmic Divine Blueprint where experiential reality fields are created, of templates of energy, divided into groups and energy patterns, which form the morphogenetic structure of each and all 15 dimensions.

When we attempt to explore the order of energy from which manifest reality arise we are exploring the mechanics and dynamics of dimensionalized Morphogenetic Fields, in which conscious experience takes place.

MF’s can be understood as Scalar Grids (SG) or Scalar Fields (SF) made of interwoven patterns of consciousness that take the form of Standing Waves (SW).

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts -Page 2)

Morphogenetic Fields, or the Manifestation Templates that serve as the blueprint through which consciousness manifests, are composed of the Primal Substance of Partiki Units.

Partiki units draw together or Accrete to form Partiki Strings. Following a set of mathematical and geometrical design inherent to the form, Partiki Strings interweave and overlap, forming a "Fabric of Light and Sound" called Partiki Grid.

Following the precise mathematical design set by the intention of the manifesting consciousness, Partiki Grids further accrete, drawing in more Partiki Units, forming groups of Partiki units that are arranged following 3 different rhythms of Partiki Phasing.

Tri-phase groupings of Partiki Units form patterns of Scalar-wave and Tri-tone wave interrelationships that create crystallizations of energy called Keylons.

Groups of Keylons continue to accrete, forming complex Keylons arrangements called Keylon Codes, through which the Manifestation Template is progressively built up from Ante-matter through various stages of matter density, beginning with Pre-Matter Substance, the first density of Liquid Silica Hydro-plasmic energy to emerge into externalized form.

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bluesbaby5050: Harmonic Universe (HU)

Also called Reality Fields)

In the Universal Structure (Time Matrix) of 15 dimensions these dimensions are grouped into triads of 3 dimensions each, (one Density Level) forming 5 interwoven, over-laid reality fields that are called Harmonic Universes (HU) - Reality Fields - each with its own Matter Density.
HU-1 is the portion of personal consciousness that is stationed within the frequency bands of dimension 1, 2 and 3.

HU-2 is the portion of personal consciousness that is stationed within the frequency bands of dimension 4, 5 and 6.

… and so on to the 15th dimension.
(Voyagers I – Page 136)

Cosmic morphogenetic structure is ordered into sets of systems, each one comprising 15 dimensions and referred to as a "15 dimensional matrices" grouped in sets of 3, forming a morphogenetic blueprint of five, 3 dimensional reality systems, in each dimensional matrix. Each reality field system is called a Harmonic Universe (HU) and corresponds to one Density Level.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts -Page 3)

All Reality Fields (HU) take place in the same space but appears to be separated and "invisible" to each other due to Variant Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS). ARPS determines the Matter Density level.

(Voyagers II – Page 507)

It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes - HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process. the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.

This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.

(Voyagers II – Page 147)

Magnetic Repulsion Zones create separation between Harmonic Universes.

(Voyagers II – Page 517)

Within the Time Matrix the 15-Dimensions are further arranged into sets of 3 Dimensions, forming 5 3-Dimensional reality fields called a Harmonic Universe (HU), and each HU represents a level of matter densification specific to its intrinsic rates of Partiki Phasing.

One Time Matrix is thus a 15-Dimensional Scalar Grid with 5 separate reality fields (Harmonic Universes) and 5 different densities of matter manifestation.

Each of the 5 Harmonic Universes within a Time Matrix represents one Time Cycle or Euiago Cycle, containing six smaller cycles of time called Time Continua.

bluesbaby5050: Bio-Energetic System or Auric Field

Within the 15-dimensional Unified Field, the morphogenetic field creates structures of multidimensional electromagnetic energy (EM), around and through which the matter form will manifest.

These multidimensional EM fields are collectively referred as the Bio-energetic System or the Auric Field of a manifest form.

All manifest forms posses a Bio-energetic System/Auric Field.

The Auric Field has seven primary, inner layers through which physical manifestation takes place and which correspond to dimensional frequency bands 1 through 7.

The Auric Field also has seven outer layers, which represents the form-holding morphogenetic imprints for the seven inner layers of the Auric Field.

The seven outer layers correspond to dimensional frequency bands 9 through 15.

The 14 layers of the Auric Field are connected to each other through a central point within the eighth dimension Meta-galactic Core.

This center point represents the point through which a forms’ original morphogenetic imprint was entered into the 15-dimensional system (Time Matrix).

(Voyagers II – Page 454)

Through the rotation of the 15 Merkaba Fields, an energy structure in the form of an "egg" or capsule is formed within the dimensional Unified Field of each of the 15 dimensions.

The 15 energetic capsules exist within the same space, separated by variance in dimensional particle pulsation rhythms.

The energetic form of the capsules gives the Auric Field the appearance of capsules within capsules, or 15 distinct, interpenetrating, capsule-shaped layers.

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