by bluesbaby5050 on November 6th, 2013

With the appearance of " The FLY BY" of Comet ISON so near, presents numerous possibilities for a staged, engineered geophysical disasters despite the national security state controls now in place that have neutralized, and ignored the U.S. Consitution, and "The Rule Of Law", at the present national security LOCK DOWN now in place in America is not sufficient to satisfy the cravings for despotism of the SSG Rulers or their masters " THE COUNCIL OF TWELVE." The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) always want more like a drug addict mainlining Herion. Does the presence of Comet ISON present just too much temptation for the SSG to let this go without a staging of some type of a major engineered geophysical false flag event like Earthquakes, or an Aerial Burst = EMP created by them from space? Or an Aerial Assault on Hoover Dam to drown millions of people? Or creating Sonic Blasts from off shore under the waters to SET OFF the west coastal areas to erupt the San Andres Fault Lines, just like they did to JAPAN? Or to missile strike the nuclear power plants that line along the western shores, and the eastern shores of both oceans in these United States of American, and it's populations, and then RAIN DOWN MORE VIRAL PLAGUES, and then call them all NATURAL DESASTERS ON THEIR OWNED NEWS MEDIAS??!! And with the" Given Permission" of this Treasonous president Obama, and his administration that are ruling this country into the ground with the aid of the Chinese soldiers on the west coast, and with the aid of the Russian soldiers on the east coast, and in the waters off both shores to make mass assaults on the American populations when they have been cut off from heat, water, and food to weaken them into submission, and then herd them into WHITE TRUCKS, AND INTO WHITE BUSES, AND ONTO TRAINS TO GROUP THEM INTO THE MASS OF FEMA CAMPS LOCATED ALL OVER THE USA AFTER THESE FALSE FLAG TERRIORISTS DRILLS, BY SHUTTING DOWN THE ELECTRICAL GRIDS AS THEIR EXCUSE FOR THEIR ACTIONS? DO THESE SICKCO - PHYSCO - MAINIACS REALLY THINK THAT THE REST OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WILL ACTUALLY FALL FOR ALL OF THESE CALAMITIES ON IT'S OWN PEOPLES??? GUESS AGAIN !! These are just some of the plans that ALL OUR governments have in store for ALL the peoples on this planet by ALL the TOP leaders, and with those in NATO TO REIGN IN THEIR NWO OF MASS MURDER, AND TRYANNY FOR COMPLETE CONTROL OF THIS PLANET, AND ALL IT'S RESOURCES!!! PLEASE WAKE UP, AND STEP FORWARDS TO STOP THIS TAKEOVER. IT'S THEM OR IT'S US! WE OUT NUMBER THEM BY FAR AND WIDE!! For more on this please go to this link: { Then go to this RED COLORED TITLE: 50 ARTICLES OF THE WEEK, and THEN GO TO THE RIGHT COLUMN and scroll down to this Title of: SECRET SPACE WAR IX COMET ISON GAMBIT: This is the COMPLETE PLANS for the American people coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Lets defeat those criminals on Capital Hill, and take back OUR country from them.

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bluesbaby5050: The LINK ABOVE IS SUPPOSED TO BE...........

ALL LOW CASE Letters. Sorry. Here is the correct link again:

bluesbaby5050: MILLIONS of U.S.VETS will be............

Will be marching on Capital Hill, and the White House this coming Tuesday on November the 11th which happens to be Veterans Day. Please keep watch on these important events to take place. read more on this event at the link above. Thank You. BB5050.

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