More Unsantized News Regarding American Crash & Isreal Preparations for Iran Offensive

by edisonik on September 29th, 2010

Here is more startling Unsanitized News , America must wake up the TV Media is severely controlled and none of this info will be on T.V. , none of this is getting out!, America is broke and the possible Isreali Offensive against Iran. Utterly frightening, knowledge is power , incredible. Also many people are getting Culled by Vaccines overseas, don't take any Vaccines, Natural Disasters are also coming, a possible Poleshift, or Solar Flare disasters that might come soon. When this happens all hell might break loose. Be Prepared, Stock up on food, water purifiers, protect your family etc.

HERE IS THE MEAT AND POTATOES! ( 1 of 4 ) ( 2 of 4 ) ( 3 of 4 ) ( 4 of 4 )

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