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by Tarheel on September 23rd, 2013

Fear never saved anybody from anything. Calmness/coolness in the face of adversity and/or intuition saves people, never fear.

Fear is a liar.

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bluesbaby5050: No one Doubted seeing the painted sign...........

The point was EXPRESSED WRONG by who ever put it there. Fear is an emotion, and I think that everyone would agree on this fact, because FEAR IS AN EMOTION, just like LOVE is, and it begins in the mind/brain, and is of the Physic/ which means in the head/brain by definition. It is a STATE OF MIND, and it will originate in the mind/head. And this is out of NOT KNOWING what caused the emotion of fear in the first place. Fear is used as a weapon to get a certain reaction from a person, or from a group/crowd of people. Fear is a weapon of Chaos, and out of Chaos comes fear, and then panic, because people have been confused ON PURPOSE, and out of this creates the LIE! EXAMPLE: ALL WARS. WHEN THE PROBLEM IS CREATED BY THE PTB, THEY WILL OFFER A SOLUTION TO FIX/GET RID OF/TO SOLVE THAT PROBLEM THAT ---> The PTB CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE! This is a FAVORITE TACTIC/TRICK OF THEIRS. The ANUNNKI have BROUGHT this to Earth in the ancient past. They CREATED this! WARS were ALWAYS USED FOR PROFITS= Drugs/ Oil/ Gold=BLOOD MONEY at The EXSPENCE of Humans=DEATH=DISEASE=STARVATIONS=PROVERTY. This was also used on other planets, and not just Earth.

bluesbaby5050: When people first L00K at this sign..........

Some people will Not have a CLUE of it's Meaning, UNLESS THEY ARE FULLY AWAKE, and are able to fit the pieces together, they need to KNOW WHO THE PLAYERS ARE-----> The Controllers =TPTB =THE ANUNNAKI are at the TOP - Controlling others =Leaders, and the people IN HIGH STATIONS ON THIS PLANET. Many words were Left Out, therefore many people will not understand the three words painted there. But, WE DO. ( They must of been in a Hurry). There is Graffiti already seen in the background on that wall, and they painted over it with one coat of paint, but the graffiti Bled though anyways.

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