The Moon is not what you think it is!

by edisonik on September 26th, 2010

Alot of people out there think that the Moon is just a Rock in the Sky that makes the night sky look pretty, and that the Moon assists in the Magnetic field of the Oceans.
I will tell you what the Moon is and it will freak you out of your own skin because very few people on Earth really know what the the Moon really is, when NASA sent the Astronauts to the Moon ( and they really did!) what they saw was nothing short of terrifying and when they came back they knew under their Contractual Agreements that any disclosure of what they saw on the Moon was punishable by Death that they had to keep their mouth shut, many of these Astronauts know that we are not alone, not by a long shot but they swore under oath to Secrecy which is punishable by Death.

The Moon is an Alien Battlestation , it belongs to the Seekar (Draco), the Moon does not rotate like other objects in space, if you see the moon you can clearly see it doesn't rotate, it is basically parked by Earth and has been parked there for 12,000 years, this battlestation came from the Star Systems of Ursa Minor in a Star system called Chow Ta.
When the Astronauts from the Appollo 13 Mission went to the Moon they saw the other side of the moon and what they saw ( and you will here this only from Truthcontrol) was Large Glassed domes like large Aquariums with lush vegetation and animals , Alien Beings , waaterfalls, Alien facilities , adavnced weapons and a huge dimonde type dome that is blue in colour thype could be the black hole propulsion system that makes the moon move under it's own power.

The side of the Moon you see at night was designed like that (Rocky and empty) to fool the Humans into thinking that the Moon is basically empty and not alive, but it full of life up there.
The Global Elites which work for the Draco have Resorts up there and actually go up there from time to time for some R & R but is you are pathetic humans (Their opinion not mine!) they will never disclose this information to you.

Like I said before Truth is way stranger then Fiction. It kind of changes your views on this reality doesnt it!.

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Richard will brief you on the Moon but he won't tell you everything, he is holding back what I basically told you because the truth is more frightening then you know. The Dudes on the Moon are very Carnivorous and Human Meat is their food of choice, they Created some Religions and they have Control Via Bankers but Richard will never tell you that and your Governments will never tell you period because the information is heavily Compartmentalized, that is why you must say No to NWO Globalists. ( 1 of 3 ) ( 2 of 3 ) ( 3 of 3 )

I know you will not believe me but I do feel you should know the truth and the truth will set you free, do not trust Big Brother because they work for the Aliens, plain and simple that is why humans should not fight humans period they are the same species and they should stick together whether they are Racially or Culturally different they are all Human Family, the Creatures on the Moon aren't human period!.

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