by bluesbaby5050 on February 12th, 2013

Montana's Emergency Broadcasting Alert System was hacked into with LIVE REPORTS OF THE DEAD RISING OUT OF THEIR GRAVES IN THE CEMETARIES THERE !! Be on The ALERT,AND KEEP YOUR EYES Open for Zombies in your Path IN MONTANA! To Kill them, you will need to Chop their heads off ! Or you can Shoot them in the Brains! Settings them on FIRE will also kill them! This is the ONLY WAYS TO KILL THEM !! Do NOT LET THEM GET NEAR YOU,OR BITE YOU! THIS IS NO JOKE !! Here is a picture of what they will look like. Most will have on clothes,and some will not. REMEMBER THEY ARE DEAD PEOPLE WALKING!

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bluesbaby5050: The Montana TV Emergency Broadcasting System was......

Hacked into ,and a voice spoke,while it's ticker tape was running across the TV screen announcing that there was sightings of Dead People/ZOMBIES that had Risen out of their Graves, and they were seen walking around there! This is not a joke! The Channel was the CW-NETWORK this report was aired on. IT WAS AN EMERGENCY ALERT BEING AIRED AND INTERUPED THE TV PROGRAMMING ! NO Other Explanations were offered at that time.

bluesbaby5050: People will need their GUNS!

People will NEED their GUNS to be able to Deal with any types of ZOMBIES/DEAD PEOPLE WALKING! You will need to AIM FOR THEIR BRAINS! MAKE EVERY BULLET COUNT ! Just in case you should need to. It's a crazy world,be ready for anything.

bluesbaby5050: @ Tarheel??

What is your Opinion on this report from the CW-Network? It even has a Live ( At the that time.) Video of this taking place on the YAHOO News very early in the morning hours.

Tarheel: I have to admit...It's a dubious (at best) report.

I cant see it as anything other than a possible PROMO for an upcoming show they may have.
At first I thought you were joking.

bluesbaby5050: No......... IT'S NO JOKE!

It was NOT about promoting a TV MOVIE, or a TV SHOW ! IT WAS AN ACTUAL ALERT! You MUST of seen The Emergency Broadcasting System on that Live News Report Video? IT INTERUPTED THE REGULAR TV PROGRAMMING. It was all over the early Morning news. I got it at 3AM-EST-Tuesday-USA.

Tarheel: Zombies. It will be in Ben Fulford's next "report".

If you dont want my opinion, dont ask. Because if you ask, I do have one and I'll give it to you. And you did ask.

Let me guess, the picture is "file footage". not

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