Monoatomic gold

by Jakaiah on March 22nd, 2018

I have recently joined this website as another attempt to physically talk to another person who has successfully made and injested MONOATOMIC gold (not colloidal gold). It is growing frustrating scrolling through endless browser suggestions of websites either trying to sell me the stuff or telling me that it will kill me. Where are my like minded? If anyone has had any success in making their own monoatomic gold from 99.9% pure AU (not from sea salts) I would very much love you talk to you. I have so many questions. Thank you everyone!

Love and light!

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Tarheel: We're lookin too !

Will share when it's found, Please do the same.
It is a VERY closely guarded item.
It will not kill you in moderation.
What are you hoping to achieve with it?

bluesbaby5050: Monoatomic gold

Longevity and power. What else!!! Obtaining wealth by selling the elixir to your associates. This could get you killed also. Rumor has it you'll go insane with over use. Yes over use can kill. Is it really worth it?

Tarheel: Agreed

That is why I said "in moderation".
It has healing qualities as well as the BB-noted longevity factor.
I dont think you want to get addicted to it. Could be a costly habit! Maybe if you're rich like Q~dog.

western_yogi: Jaikalah you can get it naturally

from purple skinned fruits, carrots, kale, almonds, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, blueberries etc. just get the fruits and blend it into a smoothy every morning.

if ya buy it get the powder, cuz i dont think the liquid solutions is the real stuff since i read its not soluble, i would precipitate out in solution.

as for is it worth buy, i would say no.

I bought the powder for 250 or so dollars for about a years supply. I took it and didnt notice anything tangible.

If ya buy, get it from a reputable buyer cuz it involves chemistry to make, and a knowledge of chemistry.

If some hack makes is and sells it you dont know if its the real stuff, or if its not contaminated. Read many instances of ormus makers ending up on the organ donor waiting list cuz they made contaminated stuff and they had liver failure after a time from ingesting it. So get it from a reputable source.

End of the day its not a shortcut i believe as new age sells it as.

Its just my experience, i dont think its worth the price. Just make smoothies from natural sources, same stuff and you know where its coming from, and nothing in there you dont want or need.

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