Monoatomic Gold

by meb1974 on June 1st, 2012

Without going into all the scientific detail, when you consume this mono-atomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the current carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand times.
This would allow a person to process fantastic amounts of information like a super computer and when enough has been absorbed it would allow them to consciously move through other dimensions and shapeshift because suddenly the brain is activated to open those vast areas that we do not use in today's world. It aligns the brain cells so they all start talking to each other again.
More than that, if you consume enough of this mono-atomic gold your physical body would become luminous, I'm told, so explaining the ancient accounts of the reptilian gods and children of the gods who "shone like the Sun". Mono-atomic gold can be made from regular gold and it can be processed from certain ores, many of which are found in places like Arizona in the United States.
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bluesbaby5050: I think it's great !

Post some more information on this subject. More of the processing of these ores etc. Thanks.

meb1974: White Powder of Gold,

White Powder of Gold, Monatomic Gold since 1990
David Hudson who holds the patent for white powder gold uses the term monoatomic gold and white powder gold rather than the traditional monatomic gold in his patents and lectures, we continue that use here.
White powder gold (monoatomic gold), rediscovered by David Hudson and popularized by Laurence Gardner, has been used for ages on this planet to greatly accelerate the ascension process. Lemuria, Egypt, and other sacred civilizations and spiritual sects have utilized this little-known spiritual biochemistry.
White powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium are unique in form and function. David Hudson theorized that the elongated nuclei (2:1 height/width ratio)* of monoatomic elements allowing for a high spin state, along with "paired" electrons, makes them biosuperconductors. White powder gold together with white powder rhodium/iridium facilitate a flow of energy thru the body with little or no resistance: and that light continues to flow, even without additional external potential.

As you move from 3rd-4th to 5th dimensional beings of light the innate resistances (some call karma) to the higher dimensional frequencies can cause discomfort, imbalance, and even disease. These resistances are reflected on many levels: as physical tension and organic disturbances, as convoluted core beliefs and emotional imbalance, as samskaras or seed blocks in the chakras, as aberrant DNA. White powder gold together with white powder rhodium and iridium can supersede these resistances by allowing a continual flow of light that ultimately washes away and heals, all the way down to the sub-atomic level.

The elements that comprise all matter at and above the atomic level are composed of atoms with electrons that are effectively free of each other; the total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, the charge. In white powder gold, indeed in all monatomic elements, electrons can bond together by their mutual interaction. These electrons are spinning at very high speeds with equal and opposite momentum. Monoatomic gold creates a light vortex that is spinning, or spiraling at tremendous speed with zero momentum, a null particle/wave. (A particle is a wave that is brought into form by attention and observation)

The vortex created is no longer truly a particle or wave in space/time. These "null waves" exist in a state beyond your blockages, yet they intersect physical reality carrying more and more Light thru your bodies. White powder gold allows for the path of growth thru struggle to fall away, opening you to a more joyous process

bluesbaby5050: Thank you meb1974---

That was very interesting information.

SpiritualWarrior92: Very Interesting..

Wow this is valid information man..

-Thank you very much meb1974!

antoinepeterson: A common, metallic gold

A common, metallic gold molecule is formed with atom clusters bound together by shared electrons. Upon breaking these bonds it is possible to isolate a single gold atom, or “mono-atomic gold”. The gold then sheds its metallic properties and takes on a powdered, edible form. This is necessary for the body to process the mineral as taking it in metallic form would cause heavy metal poisoning. Monatomic Elements however, are completely safe to be processed by the body while retaining their super conductivity. In essence “gold-plating” your central nervous system.

LettersToCleo: its a powder

and non reactive cuz it has all its electrons filled.

so the stuff they selling in solution is not the real stuff.

real monoatomic gold is a powder and insoluble in solution.

so the liquid ormus they selling isnt monoatomic gold.

tjw: Monoatomic Gold On the Brain

Yes, Monoatomic does have certain characteristics, especially in the brain. It has been known to put the two hemispheres of the brain in harmony with one another. I can personally account for my own experience using monoatomic gold. When I began taking it, I noticed right away I started to feel a complete sense of clarity within my mind and my feelings. It wasn’t a very intense feeling, but it almost felt as if an entire weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Supposedly Monoatomic Gold increases Alpha waves which are associated with clearer thinking and stimulate imagination and luminous dreams. You can actually learn more about Monoatomic gold at That's where I learned on their science page. Other than that, Ormus elements have changed my life for the better. It was once said the that Egyptians had a "Light Body" and a "Physical body" I feel that far too often we focus on our physical health and not enough on our light body.

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