Money & Media complex is destroying America-PSA

by Tarheel on December 30th, 2013

The following PSA is posted by Tarheel in hopes we will all wake up. These guys spell it out nicely and in elementary terms.

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Sky: my view how Big$has turned candidates into a INDOLGENCES prepaid

This link I found well worth viewing in entirety. I feel this link shows how out of proportion donations to the statical means of disposable-income of the voting population has turned candidates into a priestly-class OUT of touch for generations from their body polytic they claim to represent. Huge donations and PACmoney have been for decades a form of prepaid Indulgences in my view that the protestant reformation Monk Luther was inspired to brake away from the monolithic cabal system he has been serving. I make this analogy of the protestant reformation (THOU it too lame) to the present hold of the CFR hand picked candidates two party system where the only people who have a degree of believing in free enterprise with a straight face are the somewhat corrupt multilevel-marketing people of AMWAY.

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