The moment you realize that our source, the creator of this universe, is learning right along side with you and every single one of us.
    You will truly be able to appreciate how awesome and wonderful it is, to be someone who is not simply on the outside looking in.

    Why do you think the soul net has be created? HUMANS have something that the all else who are not wish only to have. An experience in a physical body, on a place like ours, with a soul like have.

    An everyone wants in on the game. Except most are to afraid to even come here. They want to infiltrate and wrongfully scalp those of us down here, an link into us, like parasitic leeches to a yummy host.

    Well, I SAY! Fuck them! No, WAIT! They'd like that! Better yet. To Hell (Or which ever like place you believe) with them!

    We're here for us. An to experience our own lives. Not to be slaves to anyone! Time to BRK FREE!
    Now view you, your self, your higher being. Detach from anything which is not You, your soul, your higher self, which has it's own connect to source.

    You are not bound by any contracts, agreements, or anything of the like. You owe no one anything an you are absolved of any past karma or any ties.

    Be Happy
    Be Well
    Just Be

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    BenjaminFalkenrath: Hmm I don't think the picture

    Hmm I don't think the picture loaded right on there oh well...

    kaleohrile: Dam good post !

    I agree just enjoy life and if you live another just means your mean to more things for our earth and world , it a gift a curse it not a life for ever human !

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