Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Could Be Employed For [ANOTHER] Possible 9/11 [FALSE FLAG] Attack On U.S. This Year

by UN.i1-PHI on August 29th, 2014
Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Could Be Employed For Possible 9/11 Attack On U.S. This Year, Suggests Ret. Lt. Gen.- Report
By jaskiran kaur | August 27, 2014 2:47 PM EST

This coming Sept. 11 will mark the 13th anniversary of the unforgettable terrorist attacks on the U.S. that took place on Sept. 11, 2001. According to an expert, the U.S. may still not be safe and should be prepared to tackle another such attack on the same date this year. Several media outlets report that Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney suggested that such an attack could happen again with the missing Malaysia Flight MH370 used as a weapon.

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A woman writes a message on a dedication board for the victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 airliner and the missing Flight MH370, in Subang Jaya outside Kuala Lumpur July 23, 2014. All sides in Ukraine's civil war must protect civilians and take what measures they can to search for the victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 airliner and ensure their bodies are returned, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Wednesday.


On Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, Thomas McInerney spoke to Uma Pemmaraju, the host of Fox New Channel's show, "America's News HQ" (via Breitbart). While speaking to the news channel, the network military analyst talked about the dangers America is facing in the wake of ISIS, the jihadist group present in the Middle East. Click HERE to see the Thomas McInerney's interview with Fox Channel as published by Digitas Daily on YouTube.com.

As the former Air Force Lt. Gen addressed the issue of increasing threat from the terrorist group, he suggested that "United States should 'go to DEFCON 1, the highest state of readiness and be prepared'" as the Sept. 11 is soon approaching. The report notes, he issued a warning suggesting that the U.S. may experience "a 9/11/14."

Thomas McInerney has been a command pilot who has participated in 407 combat missions. Besides being a military analyst for Fox News, he is also a member of the pressure group called the Iran Policy Committee.

During the interview with the channel, Thomas even brought up the topic of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and a book that he thinks would be significant for the Americans.

"On the seventh of September, a major news network and publishing network are going to put out a book," Thomas McInerney told the channel.

"It is going to be earth shattering of what's happening and what happened. The fact is we may even see a 9/11/14 MH-370 surface again," he added.

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014. The missing Boeing 777 lost contact with the radars just few minutes after it took off and disappeared with 239 people on board. On 24 March, the Malaysian government announced that the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean. However, no traces and debris related to MH370 have been found yet. Thus the tragedy continues to be aviation industry's biggest mystery.

The host also asked Thomas McInerney to shed light on the publication he referred to while talking about 9/11 and MH370. The officer refused to elaborate on the topic but hinted that it is something that is going to be of great significance. He even suggested that Americans should take note of it. He believes that the country is not as safe as it was six years ago.

Based on the officer's interview, Personal Liberty reports that Thomas McInerney suggested that MH370 "could be intact and being readied by terrorist for use as a weapon against the U.S."

Previously, during an interview on Fox Channel's "Hannity" show, the Lieutenant General suggested the possibility of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 landing in Pakistan with the motive of using the plane as another act of terrorism. According to Fox News Insider, Thomas McInerney explained that the plane "could have been flying in the shadow of Singapore Airlines flight 68 over India." He referred to the LIGNET reports suggesting that the plane could possibly be found in Pakistan.

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UN.i1-PHI: that would be 3 times boeing 777 ff event and another 9/11!

so could this just be a trick to divert attention, awareness and even consideration away from the theory that this mh370 could have ALREADY been used for another (false flag) event wich was the mh17 and/or could this be really the NWO and its Propaganda Premising/Promising/Predicting/Preparing/Preaching/Propagating/Pretending for another 9/11 using another 777 telling it was the mh370, so they could be using like 3 777 planes for it or even just 2 planes if they use 1 of the planes once/1's again on 9-11 and even involving pakistan with isis... or even 4 new planes in total if they have used 3 boeing 777's already, namely,-aside from another for the crash(if it was not mh370 then already 3 planes and..)-, another one for shipping the mh17 passangers off in the plane wich explains the picture a passanger made before entering the plane with yet another registration number ending with a C instead of the D that the official mh17 should have, or the O in the end of mh370's serial
i wonder if we're going to have another malaysian airlines plane 'crash'/highjack story/event (and if it even then would again have the/a wrong reg serial lol...)

also notice and check up more of the numerology involved in these events,
MH17 777 & IMF Occult #7 Numerology Message! (review) July 18 2014

and that the spokesperson for the IMF held a whole mysterious speech about the occult numberology of the magic number 7 in the beginning of the year

Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

she even mentioned compressing numbers but when she was doing '2014', instead of adding/compressing 2+0+1+4=7, she said to drop the zer0 and that you have 2 7's hence the 2 and the 14 are indicating 7 because 2*7=14 ofc... this indicates a deeper double/another meaning/way and now when i consider that possibly "they"re about to use mh370 again, notice 370, drop the zero, let the left represent the repeating of the right and you could come to 3 7's = 777, and the same for mh17, is 1 7 , and putting these malaysian airlines flight numbers in chronological order of the occurance of the 'disastrous event' including the predicted/presumed re-occurence of 1once1 again mh370 and 9/11:
so that would be 370 17 370, if we would add it all up/compress you just get 28=1!(1 NWO?/4*7)
but if you look it in another way i described about using the left as the repeating of the right number you get*:

first mh370 ( [3***]7_=777_)
then mh17 ([1*]7=7)
again mh370 ([3***]7_=777_)?

370 17 370
777 7 777

and yes the zero was dropped but that doesnt really matter to the 13, only to the 777 being 7770,- but why not 707070? because for visualisation of repeating numbers and the decimal represenation (like [7*******]7=7777777) the sum of decimal position powers of 10 multiplied by that number could be used, so 3***7_=700_+70_+7_ = 777_, but we dropped the zero right, well- then its still 7000+700+70=7770
so if we would add 7770 + 7 + 7770 = 1561=13! see also notice the 1 and 1 surrounding the number with 56 in the middle wich is 5+6=11 so 1561=1+11+1=13,
notice the middle is the eleven number symbol wich is composed of a double 1, and that the first and last are the same 1, could this be so far fetched to connect it with what they're saying the 1 is the same mh370 plane wich they say could possibly be re-used again and the middle with 11 is the DOUBLE 1one ,or would i mean the second one1/plane (mh17) in the trinity (1;3), possibly indicating that the second plane was the real double/re-used one(mh370 reused as mh17) if that is true, if not it is also possible they used new planes everytime up to 4 777 if they'd used 3 already and soon they'll use another one amounting to 4 boeing 777's...(4=2^2=2*2=2+2) (7^2=49=7*7*7*7*7*7*7=49=13)

also if you just do

and another 370 would make another
so that is 21 7 21
oh yeah we dropped the zero_0
so is this all,,.
4or 2o se7en, for t(w)o seven77?

LOLlol101 191 911 numerology...

UN.i1-PHI: 9/11 - 2014

after all it will be the 13th anniversary of 9/11 - 2001
11+9+2014=2034=9! (neutral master number)

lets see what happens i 'HOPE' nothing too bad / at all ofc...
but ya never know the mother of all false flags may be (soon) (ready) awaiting around the corner, with a more heavy (NWO) impact than 9-11 as 13th celebration ofc... or even if its on another date, anyway, false flags all the time all around us...

HebrianDaniel: sometimes numerology don't

sometimes numerology don't always work

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