Missing Air Asia Flight Was Predicted, Warned Two Weeks Ago!

by bluesbaby5050 on December 29th, 2014

Missing Air Asia Flight Was Predicted, Warned Two Weeks Ago! Air Asia CEO, Tony Fernandes Sold 944,800 Shares of Tune Insurance Stock within a Week Before Incident. ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
Alexandra Bruce
December 29, 2014.

In my rough translation from a Chinese-language page of the Epochtimes.com, it is claimed that as early as December 15th, someone using the moniker, "The Landlord" made 39 posts on Baidu (a Chinese version of Facebook) to the "End of the World Community", predicting that something bad would happen with an AirAsia aircraft.

Epochtimes.com is a New York-based media organization associated with the Falun Gong movement. Falun Gong is a growing spiritual movement in China and elsewhere, that is a blend of the traditional Chinese spiritual practices: Buddhism, Taoism and Qi Gong. The group has been subjected to human rights abuses by the PRC on its home turf, due to its popularity, its promotion of spirituality within an atheist State and the inevitable cognitive independence from same.

"The Landlord" repeatedly warned "all Chinese people to stay away" from both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, lest they become the next casualties in the "disappeance" of a commercial airliner, saying that the "Blackhand" extended to AirAsia, as it, too was Malaysia-Based.

In a subsequent post, European and American tourists were also warned away from using these airlines.

Alas, among the 162 missing/casualties, almost all are Indonesian nationals in this as-yet unsolved case where a thunderstorm
is being blamed for the crash and "disappearance" of a completely modern and well-maintained Airbus commercial jet, amid reports that some family members received text messages that the plane had landed safely and that nobody was hurt.

It has also come to light that AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes, who the BBC reports as "devasted," sold 944,800 shares of Tune insurance stock within a week before this incident, where no distress calls were made prior to the plane's disappearance over the Java Sea.

- See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/911--false-flags/missing-aira... MORE HERE: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/malaysia-airlines-missing-flight-sends-searc...

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Quinton: This whole thing is really

This whole thing is really interesting.

Crigitine: Did they ever figure out why

Did they ever figure out why the plane that was shot down was full of dead bodies in Ukraine?

Tim Lovell: another Asian jet goes

another Asian jet goes missing it is very strange ...

Tarheel: They found the flight in the Java Sea.

Sad, but true.
May their families find peace.

Crackdown: "The Landlord" ?

If i am not mistaken, "the landlord" is a mistranslation of "original poster" from Chinese, so his nickname could be different. Please tell if I am wrong... Also, a link to the messages at Baidu will be nice

dsr: Air asia?

The missing plane is a Malaysian Airlines plane MH370 not an Airasia plane.

Tim Lovell: yes it , and also they have

yes it , and also they have founf pieces of ther missing plane now confirmed to be parts of the missing airplane via parts numbers , but yes you will say these could be fakes etc but really? tbh I think the plane went into the ocean , like i did when i first saw the news reports , always trust your first intuition guys , for some reason it a leason that takes us ALL many times to learn ...

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