"Mirror Mirror on the Wall" World Mystery Conspiracy limited-edition Lithograph

by kilmer47 on September 7th, 2019

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Hope everyone has made it through Dorian okay. A couple exciting updates from this end as some of my work is stepping out of the normal military fine art arena.

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall" is absolutely my boldest move as some may hopefully find this uber-eccentric & fascinating as it illustrates 28 of the strangest, unsolved mysteries of the world. Some of the topics depicted are The Mandela Effect, the Voynich Manuscript, Missing Time, Oak Island, the Kensington Ruinstone, and origins of the Egyptian Pyramids.

To make things even more exciting is that Coast to Coast AM will support with a website post & article this month. Printing is scheduled for next week which will include 25 Artist Proofs & 100 Prints. If interested please visit soloveyart.com / Strange & Unexplained. Or email me at [email protected].

Thanks again for the great support. Warmest, Michael Solovey

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kilmer47: Image of the new Lithograph

Attached is the print image.

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