Minor victory AGAINST fluoride

by Tarheel on May 13th, 2015

We're making some headway, folks !

U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services reduced acceptable fluoride levels in public water supplies on 4/29/15!. Now if they will only confess that fluoride has absolutely no benefit, and is in fact poison and should be omitted from public water supplies altogether, we'll all be better off.

Fluoride Action Network
On Monday, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) admitted that the fluoride levels, which they promoted and encouraged as safe, has damaged children’s teeth. Because of the huge increase in dental fluorosis (white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth) in 41% of young teenagers, HHS says that water fluoride levels should be lowered to 0.7 mg/L (formerly most communities used 1 mg/L while the guideline was 0.7 – 1.2 mg/L) and in ten years they’ll check children’s teeth to see if they were right about this new level. http://fluoridealert.org/content/bulletin_04-29-15/

Expect more...... Tarheel

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bluesbaby5050: Reduction in levels is only a SMALL step.....

Stopping the TOTAL usage is what's really needed.

sdk: Interesting …. thank you for

Interesting …. thank you for sharing. There is not only fluoride in our water but it's in toothpaste and tea. Tea absorbs fluoride from soil so has high levels in the plant. But maybe sugar is worse for your teeth and your overall health than the fluoride…..

Tarheel: My research shows....

My research concludes the fluoride in the soil is calcium fluoride, and it is naturally occurring and often found in well water. My guess is tea has this form which isn't harmful.

However, the fluoride that is forced upon public water supplies is sodium fluoride & it's derivatives, an inorganic compound/s & an unused by-product of fertilizer manufacturing, uranium enrichment and aluminum refining. It is classified as a POISON by the UN & by the USA.

I hope this helps.

ronnyjohtton: From what I understand it is

From what I understand it is a by-product of phosphate mining, in its raw form known has hexafluorosilicic acid which is carcinogenic and highly toxic.
Has absolutely no value for our dental hygiene, and as you all know causes a laundry list of neurological disorders and not to mention the accumulative affects on our body as well.

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