'In The Mind of Plants' - Full Film by Jacques Mitsch

'In The Mind of Plants' - Full Film by Jacques Mitsch. [click on to image to enlarge]
Rice Has More Chromosomes than Humans.

Alexandra Bruce
July 1, 2015.

This film by Jacques Mitsch investigates the notion that plants are intelligent, through interviews with researchers across the globe that are exploring the boundaries between animal and plant.

Researchers in the Savannah desert find that populations of Kudu are mysteriously dying off and make a surprising discovery: Acacia trees have developed a survival technique in response to dense herds of Kudu overgrazing. When the trees sense that they are being overtaxed, they defensively release a toxic gas, eliminating the threat to their population.

This small but growing area of research, with scientists from Germany to Japan to South Africa studying plant intelligence is considered somewhat controversial and met with skepticism by the larger scientific community. 'In the Mind of Plants' provides valuable insight into this developing area of investigation and inspires viewers to consider our relationship with the botanical cohabitants of the world.
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