The Mind if not controlled and maintained can be dangerous

by edisonik on November 28th, 2010

Everything is energy , including thoughts and emotions and when one has no control they can be driven into the energy of chaos.
I will give you an example involving Magnetc Energy, energy fields that are Positive with Positive repel, Negative with negative repel , these are universal laws, so when you are Positive and your family and friends are Positive there is no way you will fight and hurt each other. Even Evil People simpathize with other Evil People bcause of their position , this too is a universal law.
So lets go back to Magnetic Energy, when Positive and Negative get together they clash it is a Universal Law, what the Evolutuionary Agenda is about is Balance when humanity balances these energies they become Masters of their Destiny for a Negative Person Attacks you and you respond with Wisdom they leave you alone, the Ancient Masters of Wisdom know this for they know very well the Energies of Light and Dark.

If Humanity balances their Primitive Instincts with Great Wisdom they will Pass the Test and become Masters of Wisdom. The Serpent Races do not want that and the greatest sercet is that they are terrifiied of this , Once you Master your own emotions you will Pass the Test.
Respect, Love, Universal Understanding, Compassion, Humility and Great Wisdom , for when you study the Universe and the Cosmos you will realize that everything is absolute energy and so are you, that why I say you are eternal.

This Concept is here and know that you know this the rest will be history

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edisonik: Humanity is a Collective Mind of the One

That is why we must not go to War People of Earth, humanity wether they are of different Race, Creed or Religious Background are One, they are One , we make God exist, when we War and desecrate the Flesh through Murder we hurt our Creator , like Cells in a body we are one, Cancer kills the Body so too War kills Innocent Life, for those who declare War on others no matter how noble it sounds, it is very Wrong!, you are hurting youselves while the Serpents are laughing in the sidelines, you deserve better grab your courage and defend your right to exist in Peace and with Great Wisdom. You are God , all of you so why do you hurt others?, that is because our Collective Conciousness fell from grace many centuries ago, I have not doubted you for you are all my family Peace to all of you Human Collective!.

Humanity I say unto you, stop all Wars for this is a Sacrilege against our families, misery must end now! and it will the Ancient Masters of Wisdom are now here on Earth.
We must correct the wrongs that happened during the times of Atlantis.

inanna17: How did you 'wake up?'

I find your posts extremely compelling. My question is how did you come to the place where you have had all your questions answered? We were all born with these gifts, but they were programmed out of us. What was the impetus for your accelerated 'knowing?' A certain event? A dream? I would be very interested to know, if you care to share. Thank you.

edisonik: Many Events in my Life Ianna17

When I was born I was among the Clouds I was in a foreign World, a World of Poverty and Hardtimes, I was Born in Close to Antartica, since my birth I was different believe it or not I was born with mental abilities that let me see people for who they were not what they said.
The Teachers in pre-school thought I was retarded because I did not conform to their framework I was sent to different schools because they found me to be very slow.

Then then I moved to North America I learned the English Language and it was easy, I always thirsted for beyond and I was always interested in the common good of humanity, my parents did the best they could to give me a life. In 1988 I was abducted or shall I say I was taken by the Bird People and I was given some Sacred Knowledge about Earth I was supposed to leave with them because they said Earth was a lost cause and that since my Soul was Bird I was to be relocated on a Better Planet. I went into shock because back then this was too much for me, I came t my senses, and for what ever reason I said I will not give up on Earth, they told me that the Serpent Races wanted Earth and humanity was in the way, it was hopeless and to just leave. I said no way I am going back so they said if it is my will so be it!.

This event was Insane because this was too unbelieveable the Falcon Group were Birds literally , Intelligence comes in many forms not just human Ianna17.
Now I have developed time travel Dreams and without Meditation I can go to places while I am awake events, times and energy fields are around me, I keep blowing up electrical Lights , even my car short circuits when I think too much.

There are events coming Major events and the Governments don't even realize the problems they are going to have in the future, they think sucking up to the United Nations they will be safe , the United Nations is Governed by the Orion Group of Nasty Greys.
Earth will undergo Earth Resets that will cause havoc, people who are very deeply into Wealth and Materialism can't even grow their own crops or have the Spiritual preparadness to deal with the Massive Destruction of Earths Nations. There will be adjustments that people aren't prepared for an this doesn't include the Alien Mass Landing that is coming, yes a Mass Landing many people will think it's staged and when they find out that it is not a Hoax people will freak out of their own skin because they believed a lie fed to them by media, many will go insane.
All this Insanity started with Mighty Atlantis the Internal Battles with the Dark Sorceror and the Pleadians , when humanity lost Atlantis they fell from Grace, now it's time for all of us to learn more about the Heart , about life, about the Spirit , about compassion.
Humanity has losts it's way because of Evil Alien Intervention and Pleadian Arrogance.

Rishi: Amazing. Tell us about the

Amazing. Tell us about the sacred knowledge you received from them and what kind of technology are they in ?

edisonik: I will tell you some of it but not all

This Galaxy is interconnected and inter-woven like a web with all the star systems, when there is a Vibration of Chaos everybody feels it someway or another , the Dimensions are very tightly woven and Earth is a problem right now because of Nuclear Energy, this technology is very Old School and very dangerous.
Instead of shutting down many Nuclear Reactors many Nations are using more when this Technology is old and dangerous, there are many types of free energy and they aren't being used because the Cabalists cannot control it so they won't release the Technology Tesla Free Energy that can power a home free of charge with no need for the Hydro Grid.

The ET's cannot afford to see Earth get ruined by the Cabalists so they are keeping a close eye on them , we are talking about very heavy hitters , Super ET's with Serious Power and Knowledge, you see Humanity has become too dependant on fossil fuels and it is fossil fuels that can ruin Earths Enviroment, Energy is free and it is all around us, through the Sun, through Water and land energy is everywhere there is no need for fossil fuels.

The Good Star Nation ET's are parked in strategic locations thoughout the Earth , if any Nation does anything funny they will be stopped immediately, we are being Watched Big Time! that is why humanity hasn't destroyed itself , this cannot happen so they are always on Watch.

The Dimensions are the reason for this , time & space is delicately woven together so Mass Destructions are not allowed.

edisonik: Whatever comes Our Way!

Whatever comes our way beloveds we will do very well, humanity will Prevail because the Evolution Game here on Earth which is under Quarantine at the moment is simply about Spiritual & Karmic Progress.
Inorder for the Human Race to Progress to the Next Levels of Awareness they must understand Wrongs, they must understand Fear, they must understand Injustice, they must understand Treachery, they must understand Deciet, they must also Understand Hate, Ignorance, Greed & Evil.

Once they realize that these Negative Frequncies lead to Nowhere but Corosion and Decay of their Collective , and Pain with Suffering they will Realize that the Doctrines of those in High Places are the Works of the Reptilians and they will realize they are being mislead and decieved.

Stay Positive and Love others, it is hard during this times of Deciet and Governmental Treachery against the Human Race. This is all part of Universal Progress so that Mankind can be among the Stars. We will gt through this Crap because we are not alone Ha Ha! the Jokes on those Who Hurt Humanity, they are Pawns too!.

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