The Milkyway, and it's Dark Rift over Cape Neddick,York Maine

The image in this picture was taken on the beach at Cape Neddick in the state of Maine, in York County Maine,U.S. Right Where I Live and I just wanted to show some more beauty on this awesome Planet Earth of ours. In the background is the Cape Neddick Lighthouse. ( Click onto picture for a larger view.)

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bluesbaby5050: When this picture is ENGARGED to A FULL size.........,

You will be able to adjust the photo on the right side top to bottom, and left to right at the bottom to be able to see all of the objects in the Atlantic Ocean, and on the horizon, which are ships, and their lights glowing, along with stars as well. This is just one of my many favorite spots to visit. I'll post some more of the scenic areas in my state soon, including scenes of (both of the ex-presidents) the Bush family's summer estate on the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine soon.

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