The military releases information on possible invasions.

by Crigitine on April 27th, 2012

Above you is a video recording of a broadcast that was shown to Australia. The odd thing is it talks about America's plans......incase of an Alien Invasion. This is an actual news feed with officials and anchors talking about it. They are planning, however helpless it is. Sheep can deny it all they want, scientists can lie about it until they run out of words to use.. When you prepare for something, when you think of is there and it is real. I am with you truth control.


bluesbaby5050: Thanks Crigitine for the video.

I found it interesting. Looks like they ARE getting ready for something down there. Do you think they have enough satelites? lol! They are seriously looking for something. Falcon.

Crigitine: The only thing I can think of

The only thing I can think of is some sort of false flag event. Going off of Chris' information the black government, or the real president of the world will order the crafts we have learned about into the range of the satellites and start screaming wolf and actually attacking. These are either just props or will actually be used for when the real star families show up. The stage is setting though thats for sure lol.

wmarkley: attack

i dont believe that we will have an attack from ET. but the evil cabal will try to run a fear campain.

bluesbaby5050: Yea- I think so too----

They have the Might ,and the tecnology to actually pull it off. I would not put anything past the goverment.Falcon.

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