by edisonik on December 1st, 2010

Atlantis was a Crystal City , a city that was the Hub to other Star Systems, they did Commerce , they exchanged technologies and lifeforms, Atlantis was Spiritually tuned and was alot more Advanced then any other Civilization on this Planet, even now we are primitive compared to her.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, the Mayan Pyramids, and the Many Pyramids under the Ocean and Antartica were Outposts of Atlantis, many Humans have the History wrong and messed up.
These Outposts were part of her Power and Influence and when the Poleshift occured 12,000 years ago Atlantis and the whole World was beneath the Sea, the Atlantians were much larger then the conventional Human being, Once the destruction was over and with many Centuries the Oceans receeded to expose the Pyramids , the Mayan Pyramids and the other Outposts were beneath the sea.

When the Surviving Humans came across these Large Monolithic Buildings they knew that these Structures were created by the Ancient Gods, because after the destruction the Humans that served the Gods were sent back to the Stone Age and these Human Colonies had to start over again they decided to live in these Atlantian Outposts , there the Humans created statues and belief systems and Gods. Atlantis has given alot to the Surviving Human Colonies and some of the Survivors kept the Story alive throughout the Centuries. Atlantis will never be forgotten.

The Atlantians had Advanced Spacecrafts, they used these Spacecrafts to make it from Mars to Earth after the Great Destruction of Mars and Maldek which was blown up by the DRACO EMPIRE. Venus is not a Planet but a Large Plantoid Spacecraft of Reptilian Origin there are seven Different Reptilian Races living on Venus , they all represent Alpha Draconis and Earth was claimed by them , Lemuria was there Ancient City on Earth. Lemuria was created before Atlantis and it is beneath the Ocean of Japan now because of the Ancient Wars between the Atlantians and the Lemurians.

They were always at odds because of their Genetics and Bloodlines, the Atlantians were Mammalian and the LLemurians were Reptilian, so these differences posed big problems for these two ET Groups, they spliced their Gene Pool to create a Worker Race that would be mutually beneficial to both that was the first Primitive Human the neanderthals , the humans cousins. This Peace Treaty didn't last long and War ensued the Battles were brutal Dragon Armies vs Armies of Giant Atlantians Royal Guards, eventually Lemuria was destroyed and the Reptilians went into the Inner Earth and to this day live under your feet.

Atlantis was Destroyed because of a dispute between Lyrans and Pleadians , Atlantis was being corrupted from within and a War ensued, It could be that a Graviton Bomb was dropped on Atlantis by the Pleadians and the Destruction was beyond words it caused an immediate poleshift and the sinking of Ahamentaa.

The Primitive Humans that were supposed to be protected by the Pleadians were simply ignored and the Pleadians left Earth to Colonize the Pleadies Star Sytems.
I have alot of beefs with these Pleadians because they ignored humanity and now we have these problems , problems from long ago.
Now humanity was easy pickings for the Reptilians they Hybridized their Bloodlines with the Arstocratic Families and they are now trying to from the NWO ( Old World Disorder ), this Order wants to destroy humanity so they can repopulated the Earth with their Clones which are a smaller more feable humans that are brainless and that do as they are told with no Questions asked.

So you humans are on the Chopping Block are you going to submit and Die? to the Globalists!, or will you finally wake up and defend your families and your Nations against the Globalists, they use the United Nations, the IMF Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, all these Organizations are Frauds being used as tools to take over the Earth and to Ultimately Destroy Humanity, I say no way!, you do not deserve destruction you deserve Life and Liberty. As long as there is life in this Body I will do my best to wake you up, you exist and you are Divine defend your Families and your Nations do not let your Corrupt Politcans accept anymore Bailouts because when Nations do this your families become Slaves , it is all a game for the Reptiles.

I am just one Soul , I know that the Creator will awaken others and we will turn this Spaceship Earth around for the People and not for the few Tyrants that Understand Little about Life.
Love to all of you Peace forever.

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edisonik: Here is some Acheology regarding Atlantis

Learn more beloveds, Scientists get paid to Stonewall Humanity never trust Scientists.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTEOM_ZzKKk ( Part 1 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqFzm-stT7I ( Part 2 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mleISOMmyUI ( Part 3 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agoStnVrgn0 ( Part 4 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJiEWfJhSTc ( Part 5 )

In order to know the future you need to know your true Past!


Lost City of Atlantis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-k1jRHTXP4 ( Part 1 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2QcHnQeJpk ( Part 2 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL1mwlmRSJw ( Part 3 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebe1Uv9KrJI ( Part 4 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b878V01tVKo ( Part 5 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3A9abvNA-s ( Part 6 )

Now here we go Mars has Atlantian Civilization as well, Wow, bet the NWO would freak if you now this truth!. Yes the Planet Mars!, let it sink in real slow.


This video clip is the most frightening of all, the Divine truth about the Egyptian Pyramids



Mars was our previous Home after the Lyran Wars with the Draco Empire!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13v1XmncfRI ( Part 1 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2bIM4brkJM ( Part 2 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZhglkVDics ( Part 3 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9ChX2csWR4 ( Part 4 )


butterfly: videos

dear Edisonik, most of these videos are now unavailable. are you aware of other 'replacement' videos with the same/similar informative power? :-)

Ecbra de Oaoj: more one video to you navigate

with your ship, butterfly



hope you enjoy...

Peace and Love


ps- idioms arent important; Message is important.

butterfly: navigation

thank you for thinking of me with this video, my friend. i love the pictures a lot, it is a petty that it is in arabic and i could just understand it subconsciously.
i am wondering with what technique it is possible to make such videos...

Genio: edisonik

You really put alot of things into perspective with this narrative. were do you learn these things. online ? or through searching your own mind. or through a higher being or beings ?

Also you might know or not but . do you know if contact with higher beings is possible through meditation. if so would you recommend it or could i contact the wrong thing, and like, do you contact different beings based on your ethnicity or origin. like if your black or white or latino(im mexican) do you contact the same higher being(s) or do you each come from a certain ,how could you say, tribe ? maybe from like different planets or something . I dont know much of this, but i wish i could have a teacher or guide that could help me through telepathy or through my dreams . or maybe even meditation.

Reply what you can . please and thank you

edisonik: Genio

It doesn't matter the Race of Human you are, you are a Terran, Genio let this sink in slowly and I hope I don't shock you, but your Genetic Line comes from Ancient Royalty, Humanity did not Evolve here on Earth , for many Decades Humanity has been looking for Exraterrestrial life when Humanity is infact not a Native to Earth but a Native to other Star Systems, Earth was a place to live becaue Mars and Maldek was destroyed by a previous Disaster so the Alien Beings which were our Ancestors came to Earth to live because it offered a better and more promising future, the Pyramids were created with Martian Rock and other Material not from Earth via Space Crafts as well as the Pyramids in South America, Atlantis Also was created by our Ancient Ancestors , there was a previous Pole Shift disaster that destroyed this Republic, all Records of Atlantis were destroyed but there are Ancient Books the Vatican has regarding Atlantis from the Alexandrian Library and other Ancient Documents.

Genio if you want to contact Et's go out at night and when you see the Stars in a clear night say this " I am a Human Becoming!, Help me become! ", say this many times with sincerity every clear night then go home , listen to peaceful music. You will know you made contact when the lights from the street outside goes off and or on.
They tend to get your attention by moving things around you home, if your not prepared don't do this prayer otherwise you will freak out because funny things tend to happen around you.

Believe in yourself always because you are very special never let anyone fill your heart with Negative comments or energies because we live among Lizards so our Planet does have Negative frequences, when Atlantis was around there was no Negative frequency net around the Earth, we must break this net with Global Meditation on a Mass scale with Positive thoughts, your Heart is the key , not your Wallet, feel your heart , feel your Godhood Ancient Genio, your Much Older then you know for you ask Sacred Questions.
Live forever Genio, Incarnate again to Infinity, Immortal.

bardofhearts: Edi Sir, what comprise human race?

What races/tribes/species/beings comprise mankind/human race?

Genio: edisonik

I had seen somewere else that lumerians were tall white people . but you say this place was inhabited by reptilians ? . and do you know anything of the mayan king Pacal ? and about tunnels that lead to another world just like this under the crust . i read the earth is hollow and theres life in every layer except the deepest one . this would be were the reptilians would be hiding but theres also other things down there . do you know what its like down there ?

Beloved_Lives_O...: First of im not genio, im a

First of im not genio, im a cuzzin of his, 20 and mexican wich in the end dosent matter its just wrong how we kill our own races knowing we are all humans its wrong its sad its gonna have to come to some bad 4 us to relize that and know why we are here..but where to start of, i wanna say who are u and how do u know? im not no one to judge im just saying how do i let people know when theyre own eyes cant see the truth of wats around them and this planet we call earth, mother nature perhaps, i mean i lived this life and its been so wierd its like something i wouldnt be able to understand sometimes i wanna know the truth but yet feal like i already do but they dont open theyre eyes to see what it truly is,i wanna ask u do u belive in god? or a higer being, or who is he the call upon?who is it that they are looking 4..speaking to the one called illuminati.

i may be blinded at times, but i know gos exsist, the all loving being dat can never be seen but felt. inside of us, he gides us through our eyes,the birds and the bees,love,dat one white dove dat never leaves my window,it amazing really, be able to see and learn, like the humingbird dat just randomly flies away.Its hard to know wat the truth really is at times, one thing we must do is open our eyes and have a look around relize why we are here.release all does demos, and live wit love, all though death creaps around the corner we must never loose faith always have hope and love for ever, because fear dosent exist inside us, we must figth till the end like warriors and never give up on that one love,beloved and listen.but now i must ask u..do u understand?of wich i speak of or are u confused like the rest, or see through ur own eyes..that te world around is is more than wat we see, its strange. like i said i lived a wierd life, fucked up at times.now i relize im here 4 a diferent purpose one sometimes i cant even understand, all i know is to have patiance and strength to keep on going down the road, no matter wat obstacles there is life has its purpose and the time will come when the human races sees the world around it, to love and live for it, and at time die for it. im gonna end this wit a question. can u help thy, understand why.so we can patiancely wait to ride on dat ship of ligth and love. life is strange sometimes i think if people lived my shoes for 1 day, they would either go insane or try to rule wit power,i laugh though its funny how does poloticians can be lil puppets and think they know the knowlage to understand but theyre to incosiderant at times, freedom lives! let it soar like and eagle in the sky,and beloved.we must come togther as a race from this planet earth to live through wats coming and fight till the end.fuck the NWO,FUCK Hipocrites and liars,AND FUCK ALL THAT HATE!!....
i must add..i nver speak if it, but u seem different,
not like does fake scientist dat cant even explain the pyramids. show me how to know my path,the truth or must i wait for it 2 happen..its strange
peace one love

edisonik: You are God

God lives in you Brother, this is how this Eternal Force Experiences Life Sequences. This Divine Force does this to experience Life Sequences and to reveal new ways to experience itself. That is why when I say Brother I mean it!, we must not fight and kill each other because we are Family of the Creator.
The Reptilians are a Disgrace because they mock the One by Manipulating Humanity to Hurt One Another and they have been doing this for thousands of years.
You cannot truly die because like Cells in a Body you are a Piece that belongs to God Spirit Brother Live in Peace for Our Angels are here to Guide your Heart.
The Illuminati are simply Blinded by the Darkside , they too will realize this.

bardofhearts: Yes, The Nameless God lives in us

This is a context where statement, which says, "God is a circle whose centre is everywhere, whose circumference is nowhere" is logically correct. The Nameless is Everyone and No One. It is also the One. You can understand and approach It, even befriend it, impersonally, from many ways, from many angles. It cannot be known personally yet it can be if you inquire of It within yourself. The realms of reality and phantasm are the projection of Its quintessence, you are one of Its expressions.

Beloved_Lives_O...: You are rigth my brother,i

You are rigth my brother,i know god walks the path by my side,its unique and unexplainable.i started seeing this after i turned 15, for a while i was beeing blinded by the darkside,i thought satan was the shit maybe cuz of the people i hanged out wit, i lived a ghetto life the so called gangster life, i played the ouija board once or twice pehaps, and i know i opended portals and thats when life started 2 change, like i said i would think satan had all the answeres, till i opened my eyes and relize i was beeing guided by angels not demons my way is through the ligth even when darkness always fallows..a man once told me that, my mission is wit the angels, its just hard to know what i must do, let the people on earth to know that the only true answere is love and peace.like how it was thousands of years ago in atlantis.does reptilians just want 2 control the world and make us kill each other.but like warrior i will never let them take the earth and land we live upon,we still long live indigos and crystal people.

i wanna know something though, how can i get on the next level.i mean wat is the next level.some one once told me theres 7 demensions, the last 1 is where the universe live or god in other words.i want to know why i see the things i see and why me..ive read the contacting aliens part i just started doing it theses past days,but i feel like they have already contacted me wit out me knowing i mean like the wanted 2 make sure i was him.its wierd 2 explain,ussually in dreams and stuff around, but i wanna be able to get too the point where i can shake their hand,or something beyond the normal...

Beloved_Lives_O...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?


the song of the year!speaks 4 its self just wanna share it wit u

edisonik: Beloved_Lives_O I am proud of you, Immortal

You are evolving because you know it is not about Race or Creed , it is about your Heart because when we Incarnate on Earth we cannot ask what womb we wish to Incarnate into only God Decides we only follow destiny to it's fruition.
Think positive and follow your Destiny when situations arrive you will know what to do!, because only you know your ways better then anybody else and you are a Warrior so God will give you guidance so live in a position of Love and always be positive.
Always Pray to the Creator for Help and Guidance because the Alliance of Defenders are here ask and you will receive protection, they only need your command and the Ancients will assist you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE WARRIOR OF LIGHT.




edisonik: Many Humans need to tune into the Spirit!

Many Humans think that Technology and there Political Leaders from around the World will save them when Darkness falls upon the Lands, Technology won't save you and those Wonderful Politicians will hide in their Bunkers like little Girls, knowingly or Unknowingly they work for the Evil Extratterrestrials that Govern the United Nations.
Many will suffer those that have not moved into their Heart because when you move into your heart you Activate the Heart Chakra and once you tune into the Frequency of your Ancestors
Beloved_Loves_O you can Pray with confidence that the Good Aliens are hearing your demands for help because you are Praying through the Heart, remember for every Scumbag Reptilian Ship there is 10 Light Ships ready to kick Reptilian Ass.

Pray everyday before you go to sleep and help your other Brothers to do the Same Once connected as a collective you can summone your Royal Ancesters from the otherside to protect you from the Dark Forces of the Illuminati who Represent Lucifer, your Spiritual Atlantian Advance Guard will fight them and maybe you too will get a chance to kick some Ass as well.

Never be afraid because you exist in Past / Present & Future I sense you were a King Once but I cannot go into details Beloved_Lives_O , it is forbidden. Just Remember you are God , this Mighty Spirit see's through your eyes, do not trust any Politician because they work for Lucipher the Deciever of Worlds, you are bigger then Him or his fallen Legions.



You are Genetic Royalty , never ever put yourself down and always remain Positive no matter what the odds are. Ancient Brother incased in Human Flesh we are around and we will get through this treason, we will prevail. Believe in yourself always.


Beloved_Lives_O...: i wil do so as u say, pray

i wil do so as u say, pray for the ones i love so the ancestors help and guide me to the end.and thats cool we have buddys from outer space.and one day i hope i can kick some reptilian ass next to all the warriors of light, i know theres more out there like urself,some may beyoung and coming some already here but dont know it,i will pray so their eyes can open up to reality and know the truth...and when u mentioned the past and future i do sometimes tend to think i lived when the gods where around wat is now egypt, rome, its wierd.funny thing though i clicked on your links afterwards and it makes sence, i mean i always had something attract me to wat the pyramids egypt mayan, its something i cant explain but that lives in me this feeling dat ive been there done something....im gonna fight till the end and amoung me theyre will be warrioirs that live for the ligth and love unconditionally.. like it says they live in me.they live in us.ONe love too you my brother

edisonik: God Lives in the Heart of Humanity

Everybody must search from within their Hearts not with mere words or with their eyes because both can decieve, in the Heart there are no lies.
So it is spoken , so it shall be done.

LoveTruthPeace: Edisonik, how do we know

Edisonik, how do we know which aliens are for us and against us if the reptilians and greys walk amongst us and are good manipulators? And how will we know it's time to rise up and fight or will we be leaving to another planet? Lately I feel as though I may be going backwards in the sense that I'm becoming less positive and more angry as I grow older and as I go through struggles, how do you keep such a positive mind and what advice do you have to stay strong in my Heart? Thank you for your post, it cleared up a lot of questions I was having.

bluesbaby5050: The Warlocks Distroyed Atlantis by Misusing ............

By Misusing the Energies, though their Greed for Control, and though Corruptions of the Natural Sciences. The Warlocks were NOT Spiritual beings, because they were the Dark Manipulators of the Sciences. EN.KI Created Atlantis. EN.KI lived on the highest mountain in Atlantis with his wives, and some of his children during that Era. EN.KI Engineered the Waterways, and the Molts Surrounding Atlantis. He also Engineered many of the buildings, and the Sewers and the in home toilets. EN.KI had great knowledge of the Arts, and the Sciences, and his knowledge was passed on for the betterment of Mankind against the will of King Anu, EN.KI'S Father.

aloving81: Thank you!

My friend you have helped me put so many puzzle pieces together with this article! Everything you ha e said I've been seeing in dreams for years! I had to break free of control and manipulation through religion to see clearly and receive interpretation of my dreams.Bless you !

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