Michio Kaku: We're in the Bull's Eye

Michio Kaku: We're in the Bull's Eye Monster Storm: "Ripple Effect" ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce. November 9, 2014. Michio Kaku joins CBS This Morning to warn 250 million Americans that we are in the bullseye. By midweek, he says "all hell's going to break loose," as America prepares to be pummeled by something sounding almost Biblical. Kaku warns that air, train and vehicle traffic could be paralyzed next week, and schedules disrupted: A massive disruption that will peak around November 13th to November 15th Kaku informs us, before telling us that we could feel the "ripple effects" throughout November. Kaku also warns the Earth is changing and we need to get used to seeing more violent swings. - See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/end-of-the-world/michio-kaku-... More here - How the impending Arctic blast will unfold

November 7, 2014, 7:05 AM| How does a typhoon in the Pacific impact the weather of the continental U.S.? CBS News science contributor and City University of New York physics professor Michio Kaku joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the science behind the coming Arctic blast. - How the impending Arctic blast will unfold. - How the impending Arctic blast will unfold. - http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/how-the-impending-arctic-blast-will-unfold/

More related news - The polar vortex returns? - http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/polar-plunge-arctic-air-could-impact-250-m...

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bluesbaby5050: Polar plunge: Arctic Air Could Impact 250 Million Americans....

Polar plunge: Arctic air could impact 250 million Americans. November 7, 2014, 7:02 AM| The remnants of a super-typhoon are approaching Alaska, and the storm will disrupt the jet stream, driving a cold blast of air across the U.S. Temperatures will dip below freezing in much of the country, which will likely set off another Polar Vortex like last year's. Dean Reynolds reports from Chicago. - http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/polar-plunge-arctic-air-could-impact-250-m...

Tarheel: ...so buy your heating fuel now. Please.

More fear mongering, meant to make you facilitate "BIG OIL's" bottom lines.

Just last month NOAA was pushing an "El Nino/mild winter" agenda and now we have TPTB trying to steer people's consciousness for their own dark agenda.

Put on a coat. Nothing to fear. Their game's transparent. Laugh about it.
The harder they try, the more desperate they show they are.

bluesbaby5050: I would not take these reports as any laughing matter........

Just L00K at what happened when Hurricane Sandy wiped the New Jersey Coastline clean, and displaced many people, and their pets, and killed people during this Calamity with the help of HARRP! Those people are STILL DISPLACED,and with out a real home. Look how long it's been and they are still struggling to get by. California is also a MANMADE DROUGHT WITH THE HELP OF THE DARK FORCES AND THEIR HIGH TECHNOLOGIES AT WORK TO CULL THE HUMAN HERD! Don't be left out in the cold by not being ready for their BS!

bluesbaby5050: Please TRY to read between the lines.......

Michio Kaku is trying hard to get his point across to the human population in a suttle manner by helping us prepare before hand, without his coming right out in the media [ our enemy] and telling us that our weather is not all natural disasters, and that we should heed his warnings. He really does care about people. HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE MURDERED BY TELLING US STRAIGHT OUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO US when the dark forces manipulate our weather with the use of HARRP, as they have been doing all along.Michio Kaku really cares about people.

Tarheel: I've always been a MKaku fan

We agree that when Kaku has to go MSM, he's reaching. But, that forbiddenknowledge crap is fear-mongering exemplified. You sell yourself short.

You are WAY ABOVE that hhs, BB.

bluesbaby5050: Who are You to be Judging me?

I tell it like it really is Tarheel. And your always on my opposing side. This is how it's alway been. I do NOT laugh at people's hardships done by the PTB such as HARRP ETC. You do, and did ABOVE these threads. Do NOT try to cover up that dark side of you, by diverting this topic as FEARMONGERING AS YOU ALWAYS DO! We are still dependant on oil as sad as this fact is, and some people DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF WOOD STOVES AS SOME PEOPLE DO. Clean energy for most people is still a ways off in the future, and you, and me might not see this happen in our lifetime Tarheel. What I post for topics is the truth, and I never seen you post anything worth reading except what we already know.

Tarheel: Welcome to The USA and TruthControl

I have an opinion and I'll voice it whenever I want. You're pushing a fear agenda and either you're incredibly naive or you're lying. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and blamed your source but you're making an argument that you're aware of what you're doing.

You're telling nothing like it is-you're pushing fear agenda under the guise of forbidden knowledge. Everyone agrees-knowledge from that site is forbidden, in fact NON-EXISTENT. Give yourself a little credit.

But, go ahead and exercise your free will. I rarely read any of it except for your headers, which tell anyone all they need to know.

bluesbaby5050: Not the Truth at all!

It's forbidden knowledge because WE HUMANS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! That's why it has that title in the first place! Your foolish to think , and take it that way. But, each to it's own. It's forbidden for a reason as I just stated, and your the Naive' or just plain negative of what ever I should post. And I will also speak my truth as well. Your not my judge and jury. If you don't like what I post go someplace else, and fight with others because I don't care what you have to say Tarheel. You also make fun of new members, and their avatar names, while I noticed no one else does this except you. But that's just you being TarHEEL.

TillToTheWhen: Hey Blues, just curious to

Hey Blues, just curious to know why is it "Forbidden" ? I mean, I've heard of forbidden knowledge before...but I never bothered to ask exactly why it's forbidden? You mentioend it's for a "reason"....but I can't seem to figure it out on my own. I mean, as far as I know I'm human but I don't see why one race of beings would be better than another. Why are "they" allowed to have the knowledge, but not us? Are they afraid for humans to have the knowledge for some reason? Maybe humans are evil and they will use the knowledge in the wrong way? Most likely it is, to control us and they don't want us to be free? (The saying= Knowledge sets you free)

TillToTheWhen: Don't you think if it was up

Don't you think if it was up to the universe itself, that it would want all groups or races to have equal knowledge?

Tim Lovell: Erm TT you are like saying

Erm TT you are like saying under the auspicions of a religious point of view , as you know you always create your own reality and you always have done, thought create reality this tenate dose not change, well try to remember this ok...

bluesbaby5050: I will also add this information to this thread as well.......

At the very bottom is a statement and a link to more subjects listed in order from A TO Z toread about. This has always been there for the viewers of any video, and IF YOU Tarheel bothered to check this site out rather than appearing ignorant of the contents of this site, then you would have seen this for yourself, and checked out the huge lists of videos to watch on all kinds of topics provided within this site. So it REALLY DOES EXISTS FOR THE VIEWERS, and the curious alike. All you have to do is Google it, and it brings you straight to the website, NOTHING HIDDEN THERE AS YOU ALWAYS CLAIM!

Tim Lovell: sigh... are you two STILL ,

sigh... are you two STILL , at it ???

gods sake , give us a break.

go have a fuck already its clear !


bluesbaby5050: You Tim have a badd attitude........

And just because you have problems with your brain tissues does NOT give you any right to use your sarcasm with us. I have bad days too, and I do not disrespect people in this forum as you have. Sorry , but that's how it's been for a while. And if people do not like it when the truth is posted, then just move on to another topic that resonates with you. When someone tries to divert the subject material for what ever reason, it should not be overlooked as so much in this world is already. If more people stood up to the bullies in this world it would be a whole lot better to live, and bring up our families, THOSE THAT DO HAVE CHILDREN, and GRAND CHILDREN that is, and I for one do.

Tim Lovell: Im not a bully BB I hate

Im not a bully BB I hate bullies as you know and I apologise for what I said ok sorry ,pls accept my apology ...


bluesbaby5050: Here's another LINK on this topic.....

Michio Kaku: WE'RE IN THE "BULL'S" EYE (ARCTIC BLAST) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQSaCUwYx8o I posted this AGIN just to show that this news report is all over the place on many DIFFERENT News Sources. [ It's Not only found on Forbidden Knowledge] I sub to this site, andsos I also post news BEFORE it's news from this site, and so you have seen many of my postings from this site, and IT'S FREE TOO! I also use many other sources, and I leave the links included to show people the sources of the information posted by me.

Tim Lovell: sorry BB ...

sorry BB ...

TillToTheWhen: I don't watch the News, but I

I don't watch the News, but I accidentally signed up to some alternative news site online (mostly BS fear mongering or religious crap they send....) It's called "Before it's News" and yesterday I received an email saying that 200,000 people would die. Nothing happened here that I know of. I did notice the date though was 11/9 (which is 9/11 backwards)

All this other stuff you talked about in this thread....I haven't heard of any of it. Doesn't really sound scary to me. If we die, we die. Big deal! Lol we are eternal. Nothing to be afraid of.

bluesbaby5050: I don't watch the news either, but Michio Kaku

Was referring to the huge Pacific storm brewing out west from Russia onwards to Alaska, and it will move in a eastern direction as this happens on the West coast as usual. It will move into the coastal regions with storm surges, and flooding ON A NORMAL BASIS, but if the PTB use HARRP to increase the power of this huge storm then it will be bad news for most of the western, and middle sections, of the U.S. and then some as it move eastwards. It will increase in power in all areas, and it will cause much distructions as it moves along into the Great lakes regions that gives the Eastern parts of the U.S., and Atlantic coastline it's weather. And as of June this summer until January 2015 is hurricane season for the U.S. , and anything can happen in the U.S. during this time, and so Michio Kaku was just bringing all this to the attention of the people in the U.S. and to prepare for any, and all kinds of weather coming our way this winter, and beyond.

TillToTheWhen: So, this is the event that he

So, this is the event that he was refferring to as being "Bibilical" ?

bluesbaby5050: There are many natural events coming with the changing seasons

And TPTB have the abilities to cause massive disasters right now in the coming months by using their HARRP, and other weather modifing technologies. TPTB will use any method to cause great havoc, and death to humanity on a large scale, and then put the blame on nature. They dry out the soil to prevent food crops to grow, as in California, and in the bread basket of the U.S Nebraska, and down south in Florida where we get our fruits, and vegetables. Flooding and droughts are often used for this. Tornados are increased to distroy homes, and cause deaths too. They can control the Elements -Sun- WIND-FIRE-WATER-Mudslides etc. We older members on TC are wise enough to know that this is how they operate, and so humanity must wake up to their games used on us. So it is always wise to be prepared for anything during thses times of Earth changes.

TillToTheWhen: Yes I have heard of all this

Yes I have heard of all this before. And I hate to admit it, but I do believe they have the power to do all of what you mentioned. But on the bright side, I've been hearing about this for years...and they still have yet to do anything serious. (I mean, I am not downplaying Hurricane Sandy or any of the other disasters which took many people's lives....) but what i mean is that they have yet to do anything on a grand scale. Anything that would warrant Martial Law or anything super serious like that. So, if they have the abilitiy, what are they waiting for? Obviously they fear something. They are not ready, or they do NOT WANT to do a grand scale natural disaster at this time.

TillToTheWhen: I should of put the word

I should of put the word "Natural" in parenthesis!

bluesbaby5050: Fukoshima Was Done on a Grand Scale, and TPTB DID cause that

To happen, along with Haiti, and other land masses when they don't get their own way.

bluesbaby5050: The BP oil spills were also done to distroy the food sources

All along the coastline, and to displace people, and the workforce by removing jobs that fortified families for generations, and so was the disaster of Katrina too. These were all done on a large scale. When you distroy the seas/oceans this will have huge effects on all of humanity all over this planet, and with the sea animals, and the air, and land animals also. Without clean oceans this will disrupt the weather patterns, and the sea currents all over this planet, and alot of the animals will soon die off, as well as humanity from all of the negative after affects. They only want 500 million humans to survive on this planet as a slave labor force for the elite, so that they can sit back in comfort to reap the rewards at the hands of whats left of humanity. Have a look at the Georgia Guide Stones I posted just last week, because it's in many different languages, and their plans for humanity is all stated clearly in them.

TillToTheWhen: I agree with you. I apologize

I agree with you. I apologize I used the wrong word when I said "Grand"....I was meaning "Super Grand" I guess...as in hundreds of millions of people or billions of people dying. I have a lot of family who lives on the Gulf Coast...luckily I wasn't in Florida when it happened but I still don't think it affected their lives too much. The illuminati card game predicted the oil spill as well. So obviosuly it was planned. But luckily people still go about their lives and nothing's really changed as far as I can see. I guess they are doing it so "gradually" so that we don't notice, until it's too late?

I know all about the Georgia Guidestones....very interesting the way they worded it. They make it seem like it's a good thing to kill billions of people. Maybe the world is over populated. But I don't have a problem with it personally. You'd figure nature would take its course. I really don't know what to think about it.
It's hard for me to believe they want billions of people to die, when our population just keeps increasing by the day.

If they have all the power, and they want the population to decrease, why does it seem that it's actually increasing?

bluesbaby5050: It's a BIG FAT LIE that the planet is Overpopulated!

Actually this planet is able to comfortably hold 4 billion more humans! It could also feed, and water all of those billions too! People have been lied to for so long. To answer your question on why it seems humanity is increasing at a rapid rate. Yes we have been, but not as fast as they are telling you/us. ENKI gave humanity the gift of procreation, and to mutilply, and that was ENKI'S GOAL! AND THAT'S AWESOME! GOOD FOR HUMANITY, AND BAD FOR TPTB! LOL! YA ENKI!!

TillToTheWhen: Oh I had no idea about that!

Oh I had no idea about that! Not that I beleive everything I read or hear....but thanks for letting me know. I assumed that it was true, because I've never heard otherwise.....so are you saying that there is NOT 7 billion people on the planet?

And I also agree, through my own experience, that the planet is not over populated. If it was, we'd be running into people left and right. We all have our own space. Even in crowded cities, traffic is managable (maybe not in NYC...lol) and everything seems to be in order. I think there's still room for plenty more people.

But I honestly have no idea about the population...I mean how WOULD we know? You know what I mean? We only have to go by what we are told. No possible way any one human being can count up every person on the planet. So we just believe what we are told and accept that "7.4 billion people exist here" (or whatever the exact number they told us)

I just don't see why they would lie about the number. So I assumed it was accurate. But we know that they do lie about pretty much everything!

TillToTheWhen: True....although I haven't

True....although I haven't seen any proof that the radiation has reached america. I've seen these reports of certain areas being on the Alert level, but everytime I look at it, it changes. It seems to be random and not accurate.

bluesbaby5050: The radiation signs are already showing up in human births

All along the western parts of Alaska, and the Oregon state, Washington state, and California state. There are manyhuman birth defects way above what is considered normal! Also in the Hawaiian Islands ithe radiation levels are dangerously high, and many sea life has been distroyed on a large scale in the Pacific ocean, and it has been studied since 2011 when the Fukoshima disaster had started. The southseas islands are also widely affected by all this radiation, and there is no way to get away from this. The animal life in Alaska has shown radiation burns, and radiation sickness in the polar bears, and the seals there. All along the western coastline, and in the waters, the seals have been washing up on the shores of California coastline covered with radiation sores, and burns, along with many species of fish, and sea life showing the same signs of radiation sickness. I posted the pictures on TC a while back when it was shown widely in the world news reports, and they were pretty awful to look at. People were warned not to each the fish from the Pacific waters, and it was reported on the world news as well.

bluesbaby5050: The PTB have HARRP IN other areas of this planet, and......

I think there are a total of 12 stations all over this planet, and they can use anyone of them in any area of this planet to cause more havoc in the weather systems all around planet Earth. The HARRP located in Alaska was shut down because it was for sale. Who owns it now was not released. They also use sonic waves to cause earthquakes under the grounds though out the Earth such as was the case with Fukoshima. They have many advanced high technologies to use as weapons against humanity to achieve their monsterous results as we all have wittenessed already. Too bad we didn't have our money [tax money] they used to build these horrible weapons for the betterment of mankind, and for the cleaning up of this planet etc.

TillToTheWhen: There is a song by Jedi Mind

There is a song by Jedi Mind Tricks called "Into the Arms of Angels"
It's an awesome song...


Tim Lovell: Even tho I don't like this

Even tho I don't like this song (It makes me sad...)
I will play it because it is good...


TillToTheWhen: Into the Arms of Angels by

Into the Arms of Angels by Jedi Mind Tricks is a sad song too, but I like it.

pasqualie: I think Haarp was shut down in 2013 May

its reported in news.

Also americans is not the only ones with Haarp technology. Russians have the Woodpecker Array, and I think the chinese have one as well. Americans actually sent the russians a 40 ton magnet to power it a while back.

As for what is happening, I am not sure if its nefarious as people say. We are going to have volatile weather. With the shumann resonance of the earth having risen when it was constant for centuries, i think its evidence earths energies are rising. The problem with this is 99 percent of humanity is in slumber and have bought into the phantom matrix so nothing can be done about that. With rising earths energy, things become manifested more quickly, so the 99 percent are giving into their base conditioning and nature, and causing alot of this. It will only get worse. Its not something you can do anything about, you cant save others, because you cannot do the internal work for someone else. So work on yourself. Things accelerate as the earths energy rises, and so what energy you put out will affect it as well, so dont be in fear.

With all the history and stories in the new age movement, no one knows for sure. Only things you can verify is by consistency and cross referencing.

pasqualie: we know only a certain things from cross referencing

Schumann resonance has raised, and has been rising. Verified by science, as well as Greg Bradens report when he was measuring it, and saw it rise. Americans tried to change the historical data and deny it, but everyone in the science community had hard copies and called them on the deliberate lie. Its the natural frequency of the earth and connected to all living things as apart of their biorhythms. As it increases it will affect the neurology since we have magnetite in our brains. Which means as it increases people will think and feel more according to the nature of their belief systems. If they operate on fear based anger belief conditioning then they will project out those energies. Its why they say the veil is thinning as the energy of the earth rises because people will be able to manifest their feelings and thoughts more easily, which is not a good thing when 99 percent operate on psychopathic conditioning.

Also the only other thing I have concluded to be possibly true is based on written history in ancient religious books they all talk about the fall or the rebellion.

Eevie even mentioned the black hole she sees in the center of the galaxy.

Jordan Maxwell also mentions this, he doesnt know but he says this black hole is activating and he does not know what happens beyond 2020.

Drunvalo even touched on this in his flower of life workshops but backtracked on it saying all the evil alien greys and others left, and so the recycling of the universe as he described it has been halted. Which I am not sure is true. But he talked about how they sent ships into the void and none returned and so he said the martians are scared. He is the only one that mentions the martians as the evil ones and not the other alien races. So dunno if there is disinformation going on there. He mentions the Galactic Federation and Thoth are our friends so I would take a grain of salt with that if you do your own research on it. He also says billy meier and the pleidians are spreading disinformation in his flower of life workshop, as well as calling bashar a hybrid grey. As for the Martians, no clue because he is the only one that mentions them. He says the martians are the illuminati and the secret government.

But the black hole and the phantom matrix is the only other thing mentioned by a few that has consistency and makes sense.

Based on the rebellion, the annunaki ripped a hole in space by destroying the gate in an attempt to destroy the draconians. The result of that ripped a hole in the space fabric and sucked them and alot of other planets and galaxies into it, until it was repaired.

I believe Barkley also mentions this black hole in the middle of the galaxy that nasa has found.

This black hole created two matrixes, one the phantom matrix where everything runs in reverse as the matrix on the other side. Upon repairing this rift in space mentioned by ashayana deane in kathara, they had a choice. Close it or try to bring some of the beings sucked in by no fault of their own out. So they decided to try, knowing the previous times this happened, they had to close it eventually because the phantom matrix tries to spread out pulling in more. When they close this black hole and seal it, the phantom matrix and everything in it eventually implodes because they get cut off from source. Over the millenium the battle of the portals was basically for control of this black hole. The annunaki and others trying to get access to prevent it from shutting down as well as opening it up so they can spread and enlarge the phantom matrix. But they have been prevented form accessing this, and i think its partially because they are sending out higher energy from it, trying to raise the energies of those planets, so those who are awakened can raise themselves up in consciousness to get out to the other side of this black hole.

As for the annunaki, some did come back to the other side back to source, but its not the ones inside the phantom matrix. As for enki and enil and thoth, enki and thoth may seem to be kinder to humans, but at the end of the day, they are apart of their kind, and know they are on the wrong side of the black hole. And so they will not turn their backs on their race. If you ask me what it is, its the same good cop bad cop scenario we see in politics. Both using their nature and tactics to sway the group to the common cause of playing on one team. Anything on this side of the matrix is basically fallen unless they came across to help pull some people out. The annunaki as a whole did not go back to source as a collective race so they have chosen their side. Their view of humans is similar to how humans view bugs and insects, as is shown in their actions in history.

So in this big network of disinformation going on, the only way to know is to work on yourself and connect to your higher self. Your higher self is the only one you know for sure is on your side.

There is rumor and disinformation about the acension period. Some say its 2017, others say its 2024, and some say its been stopped and others say its been extended 200 years.

No way to know. Can only go by cross referencing again, most say its 2017 from vedas and indian history, as well as Simon Parkes saying 2017 is the year. Simon says its why there is this push to spread fear in the news right now from terrorism, war, global climate change, ebola. It makes people think and feel on their base conditioning which is 99 percent of the global population. I know there is talk of this mass awakening, but I think its only those few that are attracted to this type of material, which you know isnt large. For the rest they go on with life watching tv, going to work, and doing what the governments tell them to do. They have bought into it, and even if you told them the truth and it was right in front of them, they would not want to believe it.

Either way worrying about it wont help you, just do your internal work, all the rest is distraction.
Because I think everyone feels it, even the ones still sleeping, that change is in the winds. Way i see it, if someone is meant to awaken, they material is brought to them, if they are not, then they may see it, but their nature wont allow them to learn about it. Because it doesnt resonate with them. They dont really feel something is wrong with the system as many of the awakened do, and they on a deep level just want to fit into the system. So their higher self has chosen them to be in an incarnational state where they will experience polarity at this lifetime and not be aware of it.

Its why you hear many say work on yourself, dont get pulled into the drama or polarity of world events and news, or this new age spin of saving the world and others. Because you cant save anyone but yourself. You cant do the internal work for someone else. They have to want to and do it. As well you do more good by just working on yourself and being the example than running around distracted by this martyr or save the world philosphy. As well you cant save others until you have gotten out and gone all the way yourself. Doing so only mires you down and slows your progress with those who are not open to it.

Tim Lovell: im sorry I am going to say

im sorry I am going to say this, mabey this is the truth,

all of this shit means nothing and you should just live your own life like it was meant to be and not WASTE it on this shit?
I mean guys sorry but I am coming to this conclusion atm , we wate our lives WHY?

does it help does it change the universe pfft... I think not sorry,,,


pasqualie: Most of the world

Happy to sit infront of their big screen tv, under a mountain of debt, and with their light beer watching tv or the football game.

So I dont see this huge awakening of humanity as everyone says as a whole. I just dont think it will happen, people just too programmed. So my thoughts is the ones that are meant to get out will, and the ones that are not meant to well they keep watching tv, and drinking their budweiser, because its what they choose to do.

Tim Lovell: ahahahahaha :)

ahahahahaha :)

pasqualie: Tim I would suggest

Instead of trying to change the universe, work on yourself and change yourself. Because you only control yourself in this world. World governments, financial systems, global events, news media, you have no control over that, you only have control over yourself. And it begins with the thoughts and feelings you have each day, which determines the actions you decide to take.

Tim Lovell: I am trying daily trust me...

I am trying daily trust me....

pasqualie: Also I dont think there will be some grand culling

At least through violent means. They already have the magic pill in gmo food that makes people sterile in 3 generations. And this way people just die out without having kids, and it doesnt destroy the planet. And you cant have kids unless you pay like 200k at fertility clinics.

Its going to be through genetic manipulation not some great war or acts of violence. Too messy that way. There is not enough soldiers without using nukes to take down the worlds population on that scale. It will be through food and water, and disease.

harrison orono: The truth about ascention of

The truth about ascention of earth to fifth dimention is real for even at the moment you can read "the ascention blue cronicles part7 which talk of 2017 to be the time of the unvailing." It is true that several predictions have been made concerning america sinking to the ocean as aresult of ahuge earthquake,this has been spoken to happen in the near future according to cosmic conveyence but even the cosmic beings themselves admit that theire dates are not accurate bute approximate so it my be or may not.But they mention such date to alert humanity to awaken to be prepared.So the above news bulletine has nothing but fear for today is 21'st december 2014 and the event was supposed to occur on 15'th november 2014.Why do you want to turn things round truth wll remain truth so that prediction is not true.There is agenuine reason why the blue oraphin travellers gave 2017 to be the year for ascension according to them,that year is the earth wll complete its cycle and begins another cycle on ahigher dimention(5'th).

pasqualie: i just dont take much stock in those that prophecize

reality is those prophecies do not do you any good unless you do the inner work and cleanse the ego, and get out of polarity and separation and stop juddging all things. its not important what happens in the future, its what you do within yourself in each moment. if you are not doing your own inner work to raise your consciousness, but caught up in the fantastic stories of doom and gloom that will happen, where will your energy level be. the world seeks to direct your awareness and attention outwards, your job is to go inwards and get out of polarity, separation and judgment. your job is to work on yourself, cuz you only control yourself.


as it says in the quite of marianne williamson, you do your own part by allowing your own light shine, it gives others permission to shine as well. you are not here to control others, just work on yourself, and by doing that you do your part in this world.

besides people are only concerned about doomsday scenarios if they are fearful of their own death or mortality. its something that has to be released to get out of polarity, or it can be used to control and trap you.

Tarheel: Prophesying (sp?)

A wise man once said, "Prophesying is one of life's less profitable occupations."

I honestly don't know. Jeane Dixon made $ doing it. LOL

pasqualie: People who do predictions

usually do it to control people by creating fear of some unknown and yet unmanifested event, which may not manifest. so by creating a fear of some future event which may not happen, they can control peoples thoughts and behaviours, and their wallets, so the people believe they can be informed and be saved in some way by giving away their power and blindly following someone out of fear.

put it this way, if there was no money in it, people in the new age movement would not be making predictions and creating fear to control wallets. fear is a great way to control people who are conditioned by religion.

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