Michael Tsarion - Subversive Use of Symbolism (1 of 11)

Michael Tsarion - Subversive Use of Symbolism (part 1 of 11parts)
Michael Tsarion's Subersive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media presentation at Conspiracy Con. In a well presented fact filled seminar regarding many of the symbols of corporate companies, the media, the goverment and even of nations around the world and their occult meanings. Tsarion stresses how we should all become symbol literate and provides us with an extensive arsenal of knowledge on this subject. Please pay real close attention when viewing this as to not miss anything and take what you learn and take it into the outside world and you will see how these symbols are everywhere. The question is why and Tsarion gives his opinion. It's up to you if you should agree but the information in this presentation is accurate and its what should be soaked up the most. ENJOY!!!!!


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