Michael Tsarion on Fallen Angels, Atlantis & the Future .

by Chris on September 8th, 2013

Author Michael Tsarion returned to expound on his theories about the Nephilim and their genetic experiments with humans. Based on his studies of Celtic, Indian and other ancient mythologies and apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch, he concluded that the Nephilim came to Earth thousands of years ago, setting themselves up on the continent of Atlantis, after they were ousted from their own star system.

They were being pursued by another race, who after finding them here, put up a kind of quarantine "membrane" around the Earth, so that the Nephilim could not leave, he said. Tsarion believes that some of the genetic descendants of the Nephilim (created through a mixing of their genes with humans) have been working towards breaking this barrier, using various types of technology. The next 10 years is likely to reveal an outcome to this struggle, with various destinies possible at this point, he shared. Additionally, he suggested that some of the original pure-bred Nephilim still exist in a form of suspended animation, and were buried in Iraq, waiting to be revived.

Tsarion also touched on his work with divination techniques. In addition to running an online school teaching these skills, he has introduced a new numerology website, personaltimescope.com, where people can plug in their birthdate and receive forecasts. In his prognostication mode, Tsarion predicted the downfall of Pres. Bush through a major scandal soon to arise, and the eventual presidential election of Hillary Clinton in 2008.


Alternative historian and author, Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult history of Ireland and America. Born in Ireland, he has researched mythologies of the world, as well as his own country's magnificent and mysterious Druidic history. Michael's work considers the consequences to civilization of extraterrestrial involvement and answers many of the quandaries that have puzzled other "visitation" experts. It clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of pre-history and it shows that the orchestrated chaos of today's world has roots in ancient times. Looking ahead, Michael offers profound solutions for the future.
Michael Tsarion on Fallen Angels, Atlantis & the Future . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8meJhXcIyQ

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bluesbaby5050: As we can Now See Hillary Clinton was NEVER elected.........

Obama was. And the Bush regime has already been exposed, along with the mutual exploits of the COMBINED Bush, and Clinton's plots to extort money from at least 2 countries, Japan, and Haiti, (and there was 2 other country's that was approached for money, no quakes happened there, because it would have pointed obvious fingers in their direction). The Bush's, and the Clintons wanted to take refuge, and HIDE OUT in Central America to allude the American laws for their crimes against humanity, because the American laws could not touch them there. So when those country's refused to comply, Earthquakes were used to get revenge on those countries for refusing the funds that would of helped those criminals excape from the clutches of the American laws for planning 9/11, and for planning wars for profit and to gain more control over this planets resources. They have been under so-called house arrests, and they have been ordered NOT TO LEAVE the United States. Their Assets have been frozen where they are being held in banks in secret country's all over this world. They had also been refused any entry into any countries because they will be arrested on the spot, as this was already reported in the world news by those country's that made the statements. All possible events are not set in solid matter, and so they are always subject to change as stated above. Many events are on many different timelines, and they verve off into many directions according to the collective mindset of the planets peoples during those times.

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