Miasms - Karma

Miasm (Miasma): An influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt.

From Greek: Defilement (to make unclean or impure: as a : to corrupt the purity or perfection of), from miainein: to pollute.

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

(Karma - Karmic Imprint - Miasmic Body)

Miasms are morphogenetic crystallizations of Partika (electro-tonal units of consciousness that form the base for anti-particles), cause by a collection of lower-vibrating thought patterns (thoughts create morphogenetic templates within the morphogenetic field of the body and consciousness).

Miasms manifest within the particle structure of the Hova Bodies as electrically charged anti-particles, which block the natural functions of the Hova Body merger, Merkaba Vehicle formation and Dimensional Ascension.

The build up of Miasmic Crystals within the morphogenetic field, DNA, physical body and consciousness, which accretes from one lifetime to another, impedes the natural evolutionary process, blocking the process of Soul and Over-Soul integration.

The Miasmic Body (collective of Miasmic Crystals within the morphogenetic field) is frequently called the Karmic Imprint, its contents becomes holographically projected into the body, mind and 3-Dimensional life experience through the inherent natural laws of multi-dimensional manifestation.

These distortions are known as Miasms and the repeated ‘outplay’ of the miasmic distortion is called "Karma".

The Miasmic/Karmic imprint MUST be transmuted for Hova Body merger, Higher Identity embodiment and Dimensional Ascension to take place.

Transmutation of the Miasmic Body is achieved by reversing the polarity charge of its crystallizations, merging its anti-particles/Partika with its corresponding particles/Particum (electro-tonal units of consciousness that form the base for particles), within the morphogenetic field and DNA, which dissolves the Miasmic Crystals through morphogenetic and inter-cellular fusion.

Through fusion and reciprocal fission within the next dimensional harmonic, the Miamic content and its corresponding body mass are transmuted into inter-dimensional light/sound/electromagnetic/scalar wave spectra, progressively freeing distortions from the Hova Bodies, to allow building the Merkaba Vehicle and the process of Dimensional Ascension to commence.

Reversal of Miasmic Polarity to dissolve Miasmic Crystals can be achieved in various ways:

1) The conventional method is to "walk the karma and make appropriate choices in this life time", which serves to heal the karmic issue (dissolve the associated Miasmic imprint) as the projection manifest in the 3-dimensional life.

Unfortunately, the buildup of the Miasmic body in most humans is so convoluted that the issues upon which "better choices" could be made are rarely clear or identifiable; most often the Miasmic Body becomes reinforced and expand in the present life, as the same disharmonic response patterns are repeated, due to the pull of the Miasmic imprint on the mental and emotional bodies.

2) A second method of dissolving the Miasmic imprint is to combine its disharmonic holographic projection with its corresponding harmonic projection in visualization practices.

In this method, the disharmonic content of a present-life drama is tracked back to its original incarnational point of creation, then visualize as if the opposite, harmonic action was taken in the past.

This constitutes healing the present by changing the morphogenetic program of the past, as it is stored in the DNA.

3) The fastest, most gentle way of dissolving the Miasmic Imprint is dealing with the imprint as energy, with energy, using Keylontic Science technique to reverse the polarity of the Miasmic anti-particles.

Once the polarity is reversed, through which the crystallizations dissolve, it is redirected the re-ordered energy into the DNA.

The Miasmic Body can be cleared in ONE LIFETIME, without one having to "walk through the Karma of the past", if the dynamics of Miasmic release through Keylontic manipulation on the morphogenetic field is understood.

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