Methods of Depopulation- A Closer Look/ video

by bluesbaby5050 on November 13th, 2014

Methods of Depopulation- A Closer Look/ video
Dire Consequences on Human Health and
Irreversible Damage to the Intellectual and Genetic Endowment of Humanity

Alexandra Bruce
November 11, 2014.

This segment by Kevin Galalae describes the chemical and biological methods used covertly by the depopulation lobby to undermine human fertility, as well as the psychosocial and economic methods imposed on the world's people to subvert the family structure.

By this double-pronged approach, he says the global population is being forced into an unnatural process of decline with dire consequences on human health and irreversible damage to the intellectual and genetic endowment of humanity.

He says this socially-engineered genocide is happening with the full knowledge and consent of religious authorities the world over, including the Catholic Church, which is why Kevin Galalae appeals to Pope Francis to speak the truth and "deliver us from evil".
- See more at: For more on Genocide check out the many links below-



'A World Without Water' - Full Film (1:16:15)

'Aftermath: Population Zero' - Full Film (1:29:34)

'Beyond Treason' - Award-Winning Documentary Feature Film (1:28:54)

'Blue Gold: World Water Wars' - Full Film (1:29:41)

'Collapse' - Full Film (1:36:02)

'Declassified: Human Experimentation' Full Documentary (45:31)

'Hitler's Search fo the Holy Grail' - Full Film (56:06)

'How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?' (58:12)

'Logan's Run': Carrousel Scene (4:39)

'Mobilize' - Official Trailer (2:18)

'NoBody Needs Mercury!' Animated Short (8:39)

'Nuclear Aftershocks' - Trailer (:32)

'One Mile Diameter' UFO Filmed by Space Station Now Confirmed as 'Real' (17:52)
'The Atomic Cafe' - Full Film (1:25:27)

'The Cult: Heaven's Gate' - Full Documentary (54:28)

'The Fluoride Deception' - Full Documentary (28:32)

'The Great Culling' (9:45)

'The Great Culling' - New Teaser (1:53)

'The Great Culling' - Official Water Trailer (1:00)

'The Great Culling: Our Water' - Official Movie (FIRST 33 MIN) (34:56)

'The Last Days on Earth' - Full Documentary (1:26:50)

'The Origin of AIDS' (2004) Full Documentary (43:50)

'The World According to Monsanto' French Documentary (1:49:03)

'Three Raging Nuclear Meltdowns In Progress' (2:45)

'Toxic Skies' - Hollywood Does Chemtrails (1:26:26)

'Why in the World are They Spraying?' - Official Trailer (8:27)

7 Steps To Survive The Coming Economic Collapse From Water Shortage to Cannibalism (1:59)

8.4 Magnitude Libya Confirmed: Official Cover Up! (1:14)

Aerial Footage of Ft. Calhoun Nuke Plant Flooding - No-Fly Zone Enforced (3:07)
Aerospace Worker: "I Installed Chemtrails Devices" 5/12/2014 - English Subtitles (3:14)

Airport Body Scanners Can See Your Junk (1:11)

Airport Body Scanners: The New Porn? (1:00)

Apocalypse Conspiracy 2013 Illuminati World War III (3:06:50)

Are We Electromagnetic Radiation Guinea Pigs? (6:58)

Argentina's Economic Collapse (2003) (1:54:07)

Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener (6:53)

Behind the Green Mask - Rosa Koire (1:43:34)

Birth Defects in Iraq Surpass Hiroshima and Nagasaki (11:51)

Black Tears: The Oiling of the Gulf of Mexico (3:09)

BP Blow-Out: Caused by Laser Weapon? (5:45)

BP Oil Spill Victims Dying: Corexit Kills (4:16)

BP Spill: Gulf Loop Current Changing (9:44)

Brilliant Send-Up of the Ebola Scare (6:04)

Cancer Deaths Linked to Water Fluoridation (5:35)

Cancer Is Curable Now - Full Film (1:53:55)

Catherine Austin Fitts-Obamacare the Ultimate Fraud (46:07)

CBS: Texas Water Radiation Cover-Up (6:13)

CCTV: Full Core Meltdown In Japan Will Send Radiation Over United States (3:17)
CDC Admits The Flight In Is Harmful To The Ebola Victims (1:42)

CDC Responds: Admits Omitting Vaccine Data (15:54)

Chemtrail Pilots Cause Near Mid-Air Collisions (7:08)

Chemtrail Plane Up Close and Personal (1:06)

Chemtrails + HAARP: Weather Warfare (9:26)

Chemtrails: 'Aerosol Soft Kill Weapons' Documentary (10:59)

Chemtrails: 'What in the World Are They Spraying?' (1:37:45)

Chemtrails: Explosive UN Testimony (17:47)

Chemtrails: How They Affect You and What You Can Do (8:39)

Chernobyl-Like Radiation Found in Tokyo (4:20)

Chicken Nugget Production Line (2:23)

CIA Vaccines: Spying or Sterilizing Program? (3:07)

Civil War And The Litmus Test - "Will you shoot Americans?" (10:29)

Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization (1:17:20)
Cover-Up: California, Northwest USA, BC Canada (23:34)

Damaged Gulf Stream Is Affecting Jet Stream: Global Abnormalities in Weather (22:14)

Dane Wigington: the Geoengineering Assault Against All Life on the Planet (44:40)

Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused by Chemtrail Testing (4:22)

Decontamination (4:00)

Depopulation Agenda: Weather Wars by Lauren Moret (23:16)

Depopulation Policy Exposed (4:27)

Directed Energy Weapons used in Iraq (8:19)

Discovered: Hitler's Secret Escape U-boat Type XIB Sunk off Cape Cod (31:49)

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (5:20)

Do You Support War? Listen to This: Dahlia Wasfi (4:09)

Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight (1:33)

Dr Magda Havas, PhD - Conspiracy Theory: Population Control & Microwave Radiation (9:28)

Dr Russell Blaylock: Nutrition and the Illuminati Agenda (48:36)

Dr. Barrie Trower: Microwave Weapons (35:44)

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima (9:54)

Dr. Russell Blaylock: The Hidden Truth Behind Obamacare (38:50)

Dr. Russell Blaylock: What Chemtrails Do to the Brain (50:14)

Ebola Virus Hybrid Bioweapon Invented by CDC (5:08)

Ebola: What You're Not Being Told (6:28)

ELE 7/7/2011 Warning Video (14:51)

Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier: Dr. Leif Salford (19:56)

Elevated Radiation Levels Detected in Tokyo Tap Water (1:49)

Empty Store Shelves Coming to America (6:14)

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with the United States Air Force (3:05)

Fake Snow that Won't Melt is Really Nanobots 2014 (10:01)

Famous Baseball Player Gets Morgellons (4:58)

Fire at Flooded Nebraska Nuke Plant Leads to Level 4 Emergency (14:49)

Fishy Catch: Fukushima Bluefins Spotted on US Shores (2:50)

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - Pt 2 of 2 (5:01)

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - Pt. 1 of 2 (9:59)

Foods and Supplements that Protect Against DNA Damage: Dr. Russell Blaylock (24:19)

For Japan Farmers, Radiation Fears Mean Economic Pain (3:59)

Fort Calhoun Meltdown Simulated on Egyptian Website (3:41)

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Swamped as Flood Wall Collapses (2:53)

Fort Calhoun: Main Building Underwater, 10-Mile Mandatory Evacuation Area (2:53)

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (1:38:54)

FoxNews: Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philadelphia? (3:48)

Fracking Hell (17:53)

Fukushima 'Virtually Hopeless' (16:05)

Fukushima = HAARP/Nuclear Attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London Banks: Leuren Moret (1:05:13)

Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Seawater Model (:20)

Fukushima Daiichi: The Truth and the Future (34:16)

Fukushima Debate: Two Points of View (8:16)

Fukushima Disaster Update with Yoichi Shimatsu - Part 1 (11:57)

Fukushima Disaster Update with Yoichi Shimatsu - Part 2 (10:43)

Fukushima Mutant Rabbit: Earless Bunny Born Near Radiation Zone (:30)

Fukushima Now: in the Aftermath of Nuclear Disaster (29:04)

Fukushima Out of Control 2011-2014 (10:01)

Fukushima Radiation Dispersal Area (10:01)

Fukushima Radiation Leak News (6:46)

Fukushima Radiation Map Clouds Stream (2:09)

Fukushima Update: Over 100 Radioactive Cattle Shipped to Market & More (11:09)

Fukushima Update: TEPCO Limiting the Flow of Information 4/2/11 (7:44)

Fukushima Workers Speak Out: TEPCO-General Electric Scandal (2:37)

Fukushima: "People Don't Want to Know About the Effects" - Trend Forecaster, Gerald Celente (15:08)

Fukushima: 400,000 to Develop Cancer within 200 km Radius (5:44)

Fukushima: Fuel Rods Ejected 2 Miles! Uranium Found in Hawaii & West Coast of US (8:10)

Fukushima: Gundersen Doubts TEPCO Claim of "No Fission" & Lack of Radiation Monitoring by FDA (9:14)

Fukushima: Playing with Nuclear Fire (13:34)

Gaza Gangnam Style (4:28)

Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison (46:48)

"Global 2000 Report": You've Been Warned (1:40)

GMO A-Go-Go: Truth about GMOs Explained in New Animated Cartoon (9:23)

Gordon Brown's Shocking, "It Was the Right Decision" (4:07)

Government Plan to Depopulate the Earth (22:59)

Greenpeace Measures EXTREME RADIATION 40km From Fukushima Daiichi Plant (3:43)

Gulf of Mexico Legal Biological Military Operation (1:55:23)

Gulf Oil "Spill:" The Destruction of America (9:46)

Gulf War Syndrome: Severe Deformities from Depleted Uranium (2:59)

Guys and Dolls - Full Documentary (46:54)

HAARP and Weather Modification and Weather Warfare (6:51)

Helen Caldicott: "I'm NOT Fearmongering...This Is All Too Real." (14:45)

History of Capital Punishment in the US (4:45)

HIV/AIDS: 'House of Numbers' - Full Film (1:29:11)

Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government (21:20)

"Hot Particles" From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable When Inhaled or Swallowed (6:00)

Hugo Chavez: US Weapon Test Caused Earthquake (:42)

Innocents Betrayed: The History of Gun Control (57:53)

Inside Big Fracking (2:36)

Inside Report From Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Evacuation Zone (12:05)

Iran Nukes, "Chrislam," Toxins In Gulf, El Paso Flu, Tony Blair Foundation!! (20:24)

Iron Mountain: Blueprint to Tyranny - Full Documentary (2:20:56)

It's a Girl - Official Trailer (3:11)

Japan Dumps Nuclear Waste in Pacific with Support of IAEA (20:33)

Japan Warns of 'Partial Nuclear Meltdown' (2:03)

"Japanese Nuclear Disaster is Chernobyl on Balco" - Seriously Rough Language (10:03)

Kent Chemtrails Awareness, UK (7:00)

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET Invasion Has Already Occurred and Governments do Not Want Us to Know (1:03:44)

Leuren Moret Exposes Fukushima (1:17:05)

Leuren Moret Radiation Poisoning: Effects on Global Population (1:54:15)

Leuren Moret: Fukushima Radiation Food Contamination Grows in Japan, U.S., Canada (46:08)

Leuren Moret: Fukushima Tectonic Nuclear Warfare Monitored by World HAARP Partners (1:10:33)

Leuren Moret: Mega-Tsunami, Total Melt-Through, Radiation Levels and Illnesses (1:01:43)

Leuren Moret: Nuclear Genocide of Babies & Children in Japan, U.S., Canada Grows (55:58)

Look Up! (29:56)

Maafa21: The Black Genocide in 21st Century America (2:22:06)

Major Radiation Release in Carlsbad, NM (3:45)

Mandatory Evacuation of Los Alamos, NM Wildfire Threatens 1.7m Tons of Nuclear Waste (2:02)

March against Monsanto May 25th, 2013 (3:13)

Mass Murder- Fluoride, Aspartame and Agenda 21 (9:39)

Meteorologists Begin to Admit to Climate Engineering (4:21)

Methods of Depopulation (24:56) NEW!

Military Cancer (9:59)

Missing Links (2:05:42)

Missouri River Breaks Flood Records In Nebraska & Iowa: Aerial Photos by Pilot (2:57)

"Monsanto and Government Merge into One": Anti-Monsanto Protests Planned Worldwide (6:48)

Monsanto Convicted of Poisoning (1:06)

Monsanto vs Farmers (14:09)

Mystery Micro Object: UFO, Morgellons, Microchip? (3:39)

New Aerial Video of Fukushima w/ Analysis 3/28/11 (7:02)

New Plant Disease Found in GM Feed Crops Causes Infertility & Spontaneous Abortions in Livestock (10:21)

Nuclear Accident after Opening of Morganza Spillway (5:15)

Nuclear Detonation Timeline "1945-1998" (10:00)

Occupy: Farmers March (8:05)

"Oil Rain" Confirmed: NASA Chief Mission Scientist (10:00)

Operation Compliance: Detroit's War on Small Business (5:17)

Overpopulation is a Myth (9:52)

Plum Island: Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura (43:50)

Prediction for the Next 18 Months (7:53)

Rabies Vaccine Dropped from Planes by the Millions (4:00)

Radiation Detected in California Today (:59)

Radiation in Food a Nationwide Problem (17:42)

Radiation in Ocean: Animated Infographic (1:25)

Radiation In Your Home And Your Body: Tim Flanagin & Jeff Rense (17:43)

Radioactive Breach Feared at Japanese Nuclear Plant (1:33)

Radioactive Plume Headed for the West Coast (2:50)

Radioactive Rain Falls in Canada (7:04)

"Really Alarming": No Baby Oysters in Louisiana's Most Productive Areas (2:49)

Red Ice Radio: Depopulation Disasters, Fukushima, E. Coli & Stuxnet with Ian Crane (1:04:24)

Reflections and Warnings: Final Interview with Aaron Russo (1:35:46)

Retired USDA Biologist Francis Mangels on Geoengineering (41:54)

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About! (8:49)

Roundup: Aerial Spray Drift and Birth Defects (5:01)

Royal Babylon by Heathcote Williams (1:11:54)

Science Under Attack (59:39)

Scientist Leuren Moret - Japan Earthquake & Nuclear "Accident": Tectonic Nuclear Warfare (1:06:10)

Scientist: "Gulf Loop Current is Broken": Mini Ice Age Predicted for Europe (4:41)

Scientists Declare Northern 1/3 of Japan "Uninhabitable - Should Be Evacuated": Leuren Moret (1:00:56)

Scientists Declare Northern 1/3rd of Japan Uninhabitable & Should Be Evacuated (1:00:56)

SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Is this a Chem-Tracking Device Being Dropped Near San Diego? (6:35)

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document (1:03:33)

Skeptical of "Cold Shutdown" at Fukushima (8:38)

Smart Meters Surveillance Devices Spying on Your Home and Family (4:33)

Something Is Going On: Strange Weather Around the World 2014 (8:36)

Stuxnet, Japan Division: Michael Rivero Show (7:01)

Synthetic Proteins Have Entered the Food Chain (18:27)

Syrian Girl Warns of Chemical Weapons False Flag Months Ago (4:31)

Syrian Invasion Planned 10 Years in Advance (4:29)

TED Talk by Chemtrails Proponent (16:04)

The Chemtrail Song: "A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception" by trillion featuring Luca (7:24)

The Cooking of Humanity (1:32:19)

The Emperors New Virus? (1:36:12)

The Future of Food: Dr. Vandana Shiva (8:22)

The Gaza Bombardment: What You're Not Being Told (9:20)

The Global financial Crisis with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (10:23)

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda... (1:12:29) NEW!

The Gulf Blue Plague (4:08)

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception - Dr. Stanley Monteith (1:08:18)

The Odessa Massacre: What REALLY Happened (10:59)

The Truth About Teflon (9:50)

The Truthseeker: Obama's Arrest, Bush's Trial (12:22)

The Unspeakable: Low-Level Radiation Poisoning is the Primary Cause of All 20-21st Century Diseases & Fukushima = More! (1:09:26)

THEY Want YOU! (11:13)

Traditional Diets: Benefits of Raw Whole Milk? (7:34)

Two Nuclear Crises in the US Two Evacuation Zones (5:15)

Updates on Fukushima: 3-31-11 (7:05)

US Air Force Academy Chemtrail Manual (8:33)

US Covert Support for Libyan rebels (2:47)

USA Inc.: NASA, Depopulation & You (35:57)

USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Suffering Radiation Illness (3:43)

"Very Disturbing findings" in Chemical Tests of Gulf Residents (3:25)

Video Documentation Reveals Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails (3:32)

War in Iraq: Authority and Expectations - Full Film (1:35:13)

"Weaponized" E-Coli Outbreak? (2:38)

What's Wrong with our Food System: Birke Baehr (5:22)

Who's Running America and the Climate Action Plans (1:35:25)

Will Fukushima Plutonium Contaminate the Planet? (6:38)

You Get What You Pay For (6:50)
NOTHING HIDDEN IN HERE, Hence- " Forbiddenknowledge."

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