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by BamfOttO on December 20th, 2016

For the longest time like most people who stumble on this site, I see the wholes in the mickey mouse, Mc Donald's America. You do not come to this site and post by accident. My follow statement is by no means an insult or judgement of anyone on this site, it is just my opinion of my thought process and what I intend to do. This plan is so hard because I am deeply in love with a woman who is so deep and so young in thinking freely that she is not yet able to detach. This is not a solution I came about lightly but if you have aqn open mind and are able to truly judge yourself I think this will really open your mind. I am by no means stating I know it all, if fact the way the universe works, the second you can define anything in it, it crumbles on it's self. The sooner we realialize this the better. Look at all science ever know, even to quantum physics and we as humans try to define and understand, is good and natural, but if you think you will figure out any thing of value other than more questions, you are spinning your wheels. On the other hand to not ask is to be lost in the universal mist of ignorance, but we should realize it is four spiritual and mental growth, not answers. Enough shit lets get to it.
I do not want to make a four hundred page essay. I will asssume anyone on this site knows how screwed the world is, that there is some powers that dominate all we think we know, and that none of us have a single thread of proof only a bunch of endless ideas. We you begin to actually dive into what they call "alt history" you find it is lies. When you dive it the stories you are taught in school about nations it's lies" the list goes on and on. David Icke said it best, and I appologize that I do not want to go back and spend hours finding the clip of him saying this, but he was quoting someone esle, and that person gets the ultimite credit. David Icke quoted "Everything in this world is backwards, goverment controls rather than frees, religion trapts your spirit rather than free it, the law in unjust rather than serving justice, and so on.). We all see that, and we spend outr time chasing boogie men. The Illuminati, Rothschilds, Zionists, Nazis, Bohiemian Groove, Council of Foreign Affairs, Trilatteral Commision, Reptilians, Annuaki, Saturn, Devil Worship, etc. Guess what IT DON't Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to say.
Non of this info really helps you grow. It is an eye opening experiance and exciting. It dopes you little good, in fact it hurts you. It takes you to worry about a large picture you can never effect, never prove, or ever effect. The only effect you can have is on the community around you. The people you are around everyday, That is the real trick. All info is misleading. It is all a lie. It may or may not be true, learning and understanding and questioning is the important part, but this constant nonsense of people debating over ancient alien hiostory is so stuoid and pointless it is just a pissing match, nothing more,. I would asume your personal goal in all your questioning anbd research which anyone on this site has done loads of woiuld be to beeter you and the world, if not then who cares? To use it only for yourself is pointless. You DIE!!! to not pass on knowledge is worthless knowledge. To think aliens and governments asre killing us(they absolutly are one truth that proves that the fed us government forces this on us even when cities fights is hard truth they are out to control you and that is Flouride in your drinking water. Enough said.
I found my late nights of constant web searchin and book reading was good, but made me crazy. So I thought I would put it to use and converse with people online. That is also sad, cause who the fuck is reading this??????????? I then took it local and am making some progress when I came to the realialization that, tthe public is fucked. The fact is, people can make a community of free peoples and can exscape and live off the grid. We do not need to be apart of the matrix, and if so many people have a problem with Reptilians and Governments killing us and making us dumb, let's leave, and all the time I spent relearning the old history I was taught for 20 years, I don't know if that is just not another faction of lies. We think we know, we know nothing, the universe can not be defined in any way, shape or, form, it would collapse on itself if it did. This is not the way a spirit should live, it's a prison of the mind, body, and soul, and I want out, but it will not be easy and I will not be fun. The outcome will make you as free as the native american people. No disrepect, just my opinion. Sorry for that misspellings and bad grammer, I am not the best at typing and would lose my train of thought if I constantly stopped to correct misspellings, I know it makes me look dumb. This is not a term paper it is just my opinion of the world and the message is the point. Thanks

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