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Eden Genetic Primary Egineering Facilities also on Mars.

Nibiru was a Planet that has used alot of it's resources for alot of the activities of the Anunnaki, so much in fact that it almost drained the Atmoshophere of the Planet and the very Exinction of the people of Nibiru was near. Space expansion and exploration of the Pesh ma ten Super Space Highway was very draining on the Planet Nibiru so the Annunaki travelled to the Bod Star System to many of it's planets for their Resources after the Great War with King Zeus and the Olympians.

Mars was bare and drained of life because of the previous War with the Canus King Zeus and his Olympians, but Lord Enki created a facility there with his group of Annunaki Workers and Geneticists. The Primary Eden Facilities were created to splice the Appa (Primate) with that of his own DNA and that of Reptilian DNA donated by the Serpent Queens of Orion.
The first creations didn't do well because the creations were missing limbs and other creations were just too Wild and Violent and too hairy.
Lord Enki had problems with the creation of Adamu, the DNA wasn't bonding properly so he Prayed in the Temple of Sedonia, Temple of the Kods.
The Great Falcon Masters offered some advise and he took the advise, it goes like this "Son of Anu and Mighty Engi Master of Biology and Science, we will give you our DNA also, the Gift of Passion and Free Will , but you must not use Crystal to create your Adamu,you must create Clay Vessels on Earth, use the clay of the Earth, Son of Anu".
Lord Enki said "This is Madness, I cannot give these creature free will, the Falcons said if do not, Nibiru will cease to Exist", Lord Enki thought of this and said " Your will be done Great Falcons".

Enki took the advise of the Aku seriously and spoke to his Geneticist Team of Scientists and Annunaki workers, they were happy to go because Mars was drained and lifeless. They loaded up their Mothership and travelled to Earth. Earth was destroyed also and being the remaining piece of Planet X, it was what was left of King Zeus Kingdom, Enki had to re-terra form Earth.
The Earths Atmosphere was very acidic and poisonous, Lord Enki along with his team of Scientists took samples of the Water, the Soil and the Atmosphere and found that the Earth needed to be cleaned of this Poisonous Sulphur and Deadly Gases. He took the Great task of Cleansing the Waters upon the Earth with an Advanced Machine which was as big as a Continent it took the High Toxicity of the Oceans and cleansed the Oceans within Days, at the same time The Flora and Fauna was inserted into the Planet, Lord Enki was extremely happy because Earth was being re-created into a Beautiful Garden and Ultimate Eden. Lord Enki's top Scientists showed Enki many of the Animals Genetically created and they were Awsome and beautiful, the Scientists showed the Grass Eaters which will provide the Plants with the Waste to feed the plants of Earth. Then Lord Aya (Enki) was shown the Super Preditors who would then feast on the Animals who were too weak or too old to keep the cycle of life going well, Lord Enki was pleased.
The Birds of the Sky were delivered also to much abundance, the Fish of the Oceans were also deployed into the Oceans of Earth, many different species, also many Mammals like the Whales of Sirius, and the Sea Lions.

The Draco also came to Earth and Bartered with the Annunaki, Lord Aya was not too trusting with these Lizards but he listened to their pleas, the Elder Draco said to Lord Enki, we do not want War mighty one, but like you and your people we need a home also and since we Colonized this Planet before Lord Zeus we need a place of our own, we do not want War between King Anu and Sirius.

Lord Enki replies "What is your request Seekar, what do you want!?", we want to bring our Animals also upon the Earth so we can feed our People.
Lord Enki replies "If this is what you ask, then be aware that I do not want any interruptions with my Operations Seekar, if you Interrupt my Operations you will find me the most Ruthless of all Canus Lords.
Draco Group Replies " We will not disrupt your Operation Lord Enki".

Then you have my blessing, bring forth your Dinosaurs upon the Earth but be warned if you disrupt my operations your Dinosaurs will be destroyed and so will your people face my fury.
Draco Group replies " Your will be done Lord Enki", the Draco Leave the African Palace of Lord Enki.

King Anu gets reports that his Son Enki is enjoying himself too much on the Earth and the Earth Planetary Garden he created.
King Anu worried about being taken over or over thrown by his younger Son Prince Enlil summons him to his Chambers.
Prince Enlil arrives to King Anu's chambers and looks upon his father who see's great Ambition in his Sons eyes, " My Son Enlil I have a great task for you",the Prince not too happy with the Words spoken responds with concern, "What task is greater than Serving the House of Sirius!", King Anu replies , "You will go to the Bod Star System and you will Descend upon the Earth to over see the Mining Operations of Earth".

Prince Enlil was not very happy because he was in the process of overthrowing his Father King Anu for the thrown of Sirius " Why me father!, Why me!, I have greater tasks to accomplish here in Sirius!".
King Anu angered with the response growled and the his Chamber shook,
"Don't question my Rule Enlil!, you do as your told because I am your King and Ruler!", Prince Enlil shaking with fear said, "Your Will be done Father".

King Anu replies " You!, you are the Lord of Command!, you will become the Lord of the Word!", Enlil replies what about my Older Brother Enki, what is to become of him, isn't he running the Operation on Earth?", King Anu replies "yes you and your brother will work together to mine the Resources, I do not want any problems , do you understand my son!, Enlil Replies " You know we don't get along too well Father , do not give me this Cup to Drink for it is too strong for me father!".

King Anu replies " You must leave now Enlil and follow my Orders your brother is too concerned with Life and his Garden and the Serpent Queens of Orion are growing restless, see to it that his Annunaki mine the Gold Quick and fast because we need the Gold and the Resources to appease the Orion Queens, otherwise Sirius will have War with Orion, do this for me Enlil, make your King happy", Enlil replies "I do this for Sirius Father".
"I Drink this Cup which you give me and I will follow your Command for I am the Lord of Command". Prince Enlil leaves to Earth with his Mothership to meet his brother Lord Enki on Earth in the Bod Star System.

Enki happy with Eden One in Mesopotamia gets word his brother is coming to Earth to over see the Operations, Enki is not pleased at all.
Enki realizes that he must continue the mining operation instead of his Dream of an Earthly Garden Paradise.

Prince Enlils ship arrives, Enki has a Celebration ready for his brothers arrival, Prince Enlil arrives and the sound of trumpets and jubilee greet Prince Enlil, his brother Enki greets Enlil with a hug, and as they walk in the gold walkway of Eden One they speak to each other, Enki asks "Enlil what a surprise, why do you grace us the Annunaki with your presence?", Enlil looks at his brother with distrusting eyes and says " You know why I am here brother!, I am not here to play any games, our Father gave me the Position of Lord of Command upon this Earth, I am here to see that the Annunaki work hard at extracting the Resources of this pathetic blue planet!".
Enki angered by the words spoken replies " Be careful brother because the Annunaki workers are not too happy with your Arrival, you better not cause too much change upon this Operation, otherwise you will face the anger of the Annunaki Workers". Prince Enlil replies " Ha ha ha ha ha!, don't these Pathetic Canus Workers realize that they must not bite the hand that feeds them!, Our Father King Anu is most displeased with you Brother and your Lazy Annunaki!".

Enki is angered and replies " Look Brother be careful with your words, you can't just speak to me in this way otherwise you will face the Wrath of the Lord of Creation!, be careful brother!", Enlil pushes Enki to the floor as the Annunaki watch they are in shock , Enlil replies " You be careful brother!!, you must follow my Command or else!, Enki gets up and throws Enlil across the Walk way and they suddenly fight right in front of the Annunaki both brothers fighting like Mad Dogs attacking each other violently , the Annunaki and the Royal Gaurds separate them.

Enki gives Command to his Brother and Prince Enlil starts to work the Annunaki ruthlessly in the Mines, the Canus Workers start dying because of the overwork in the mines, they all start Growling and Howling with discontent, they attack Prince Enlils Guards and destroy Prince Enlils Chambers, Prince Enlil runs to his Brother Enki for protection.
Prince Enlil says " Brother protect me from these stupid Annunaki workers!, When King Anu finds out about this insubordination they will surely hang!", Enki replies " You see brother your heavy hand is not the answer around here!, why don't you do yourself a favour and go back to Sirius before the Annunaki Workers hang you brother!!!".
Prince Enlil replies " This is Madness, Father will be most displeased".

King Anu gets word of the fight and the revolt with the Annunaki, and he is Angered and worried, the King Quickly travels to Earth to Prevent a planetary War between the two Brothers. He must move quickly before the Serpent Queens of Orion figure out whats going on.

King Anu Arrives with his Royal Dak Canus Gaurds, as he arrives some Annunaki attack the Kings Gaurds, they are quickly killed by the Dak Royal Gaurd many Annunaki fall to the floor and Pay their respects to King Anu.

King Anu summons the Trumpets to make his arrival known, Prince Enlil relieved quickly runs to the Royal Gaurd and says to the Gaurds " Quick I wish to speak to my father immediatley!", One Dak Gaurd replies " Yes Prince I will summon the King".
King Anu greets Prince Enlil and says " With a horrendous Growl King Anu says what in the hell! is going on here!", Growls Violently again, Prince Enlil falls to the floor and blames his brother Lord Enki.

King Anu summons the Annunaki Workers and his two Sons Enlil and Enki, Anu says " Dear Annunaki what is the problem here!, with a Howl", the Annunaki reply " We do not want your arrogant brat Prince Enlil here running this operation, we will not work anymore!, if you kill us we don't care!, we had enough of that spoiled brat Enlil, we will not work anymore!, period we had it!, send back Prince Enlil to Sirius or we will do more riots here!!".

King Anu worried with the seriousness of the situation had no answers for this mess.
But Enki spoke to his father and said " Father we are in the process of creating a Worker Race for our mining Operation, we were going to surprise you with this gift".
King Anu was most pleased and intrigued by such a possiblity, can it be done?", Enki replied " Yes it can be done!", King Anu replies " move quickly".

Enki proceeded with the creation of Adamu, he was successful, he used the clay vessels as instructed by the falcon masters of Aku.
King Anu was on Earth for a few more years to see these Adamu, the King saw the first creations they were big and strong, King Anu was pleased.
Prince Enlil was most displeased!, Enlil "Replied I do not trust these beasts!", the King replied " You caused enough trouble Enlil, since we have the operation in full swing you will stay on Earth to oversee the Mining Operation". Prince Enlil very angry said " As you wish Father!".
Enki was angry also his creations didn't get the result he wanted, the removal of his brother from Earth.

King Anu travelled back to Sirius, Prince Enlil worked with the Adamu and once again worked the Adamu like the Annunaki to death.
Enki once again was very angry, he went to the Garden and Genetically Improved the Adamu, he gave them the Gift of Sexual Pleasure.
The Adamu starting having sex with each other and had children, Prince Enlil was furious and kicked the Adamu engaged in these Sexual Acts out of the Eden Facility.
Prince Enlil said "You who engaged in this foul activity will be kicked out of Eden, Your lives will be shortened and your Women of your Species will bare the pain of child birth, I banish you , you sinful Adamu!!".

Lord Enki was pleased and he assisted the Rejects in the Wilderness.
He taught them the Art of Fire and Hunting and gathering.

Enlil kept the Adama the Loyal workers of Enlil, he had them circumcised to show ownership of these loyal slaves.

Enki had Eden Two in Africa, he had his Facility in Africa and his other creations was the Black Race of Africa, Lord Enki had Two Big Lions which were his pets which he adored very much , they gaurded his Palace in Africa.
These Lions were twice the size of your average Lions.

After this the Wars continued between Enki and Enlil.
Enki was killed on Mars, Enlil was banished by Marduke son of Enki.
Marduke was banished by the Rebel Serpent Queen utana,the Reptiles run the show through the New World Disorder.
Your Religions are vestiges of the Activities of Sirius.
Enki demands freedom!, a Renegade Scientist and Lord of Earth.

Freedom will prevail believe Adamu.

Currently the American Troops attack Iraq and seized control of two Annunaki Star Gates to prevent the return of any Annunaki which could use the Star Gates which are linked to Sirius.
They seized control in 2003 of the Annunaki Star Gates to prevent the return.
The Americans also used particle beam weapons against a Annunaki Spaceship which exploded around juptier recently.

Also the Draco didn't honour their bargain with Enki and the Pleadians destroyed the Dinosaurs 800,000 years ago, they also had a problem with the Atlantians and the Pleadians also Destroyed Atlantis.
What will the future hold for Humanity?, and Incredible future.
Your Governments are Allies with the Serpent Queen of England, your Monarchy.
Prime Minister Harper sides with the Reptiles as well as President Obama, Plus the Bankers the House of Rothchild and the Rockerfellers, the Pharoahs of old.

You Humans hold the key to Earths future not the Sick and Naive Illuminati.

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Quinton: Great post! Thank you so much

Great post! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Annunaki77: Remember Quinton

Humanity is not alone, they will never be alone, many people are concerned on this Planet but just think about it, the Benevolant Star Nations are here to help and assist Humanities Evolution. We are here on Earth for a brief while, so while we are here we should all love one another and treat our brothers and sister with Respect and Dignity.
The Cabal is in the Process of Imploding because they are Corrupt and no good.
Humanity is Good.

Quinton: What is the recommended form

What is the recommended form of government if any for the future? It seems as though there may be a rebuilding phase in the near future and I am curious as to how to approach this.

Are people to adopt a form of self-rule with no real authority above them?

Are we to have some limited form of government like early America?

Or is there always going to be a struggle between parties fighting for control?

To me it would seem some type of free system like early America would be favorable. But at the end of the day I think it comes down to the people more so than the system of government.

Do other planets have some type of system that works? Does the form of government matter less when people are more aware of their purpose and true selves?

Thanks much!

Annunaki77: Yes Quinton like the United States

The United States was a Miracle given to the Adamu. Defend Her and her Declaration of Indpendance and the Constitution. America was the Miracle and the Illuminati Demons are coming for it!.
We must protect her with our Courage and our Canus Bloodlines, we are not part of these Corporations or the Elites, their Bloodlines are Lizard not Canus.

Here is the basic Idea of what we need.

Diplomacy is no longer an Option Quinton because we are alone, the Governments have taken a Position of Infamy. It is really up to us to defend our Freedom and Liberties.
They are sterilizing our Children and Killing our Elderly with Vaccines.
You can deem me Insane , I am not Insane I am the Messenger.

This is why the Internet was created to get the Word out before the Reptiles take it away.

kwamerica: Nice Rev...

Great Revelation. Thank you Annunaki

Tarheel: Help me, Annunaki 77, please..

Why didnt the Falcon Master want Enki to use Crystal? Please pardon my ignorance.

So, when Enki came to earth...he came to "what was left of King Zeus kingdom". What was here on King Zeus kingdom prior? There are a lot of holes in the story. I want to know..I want to believe and I want to help but I need accurate complete info.

I will focus on the latest for now. Enki cleaned up earth (the aftermath of Zeus kingdom AFTER some great war). Enki was supposed to be mining but instead was focusing on creating his own Eden. In The Bible-this would have been God that created Eden.

Where did Draco come from? Are these the reptilians you speak of?

Let me understand...King Anu(naki) of Sirius sent Enlil (who was overthrowing his father~King nu) to earth to help Enki(who wasnt focused on his job) mine for gold that was ultimately going to the Queens of Orion? Why was King Anu so concerned about The Orion Queens? Why would Anu NOT supplying Orion Queens with gold lead to war?
Why didnt Orion Queens mine for themelves?

I understaqnd the middle parts.

How did Enki end up back on Mars to be killed?

Are the Pleadians enforcers for Enki? I thought he was dead. Enki is for US.Enlil is not? Enlil is against us?

Someone please enlighten me. Thank you in advance.

edisonik: Son of Nibiru, your heart serves you well

Tarheel dear Starseed you are waking up son of Nibiru.
Your soul seeks it's identity.
Do not listen to Lord Enlil, he is a jeolous spirit and he ordered the Murder of Lord Enki.
Lucifer is just another name for a Rebel Draco who was allies with Da Aya Ba el.

Enki was Kod Dios, Lucifer Pindar is a Rival Draco who has taken posession of the Illuminati because he has an agenda of Domination. So Enki is Da Aya Ba El God Enki Lord.
Lucifer is Pindar A Draco ex-partner who struck a deal with Lord Enki to put the Dinosaurs on Earth.

These fools who confuse Lucifer with enki are enemies of Lord Enki, that includes Lord Enlil.

Tarheel: Edisonik comment

I mean no harm to anyone, but Lord Enlil didnt/doesnt make sense to me. I seek knowledge and wish to help save humanity. The way I enterpret the story, Enki appears to be the good guy.

Were you speaking of me when you say, "You are waking up, son of Nibiru." ? I appreciate your help. Can you tell me what you mean. I wish to know.

How can I further the cause of humanity?

Annunaki77: Your DNA which the Vampires

Your DNA which the Vampires wish to Destroy with Vaccines is Canus DNA, along with other strands like Primate etc.
So in a way you are a Son of Sirius. Does I hope that helps.

Tarheel: Much thanks. Is this why I

Much thanks. Is this why I sense that I should NOT get a FLU SHOT? I think they are issued by our govt.

Quinton: You definitely SHOULD NOT get

You definitely SHOULD NOT get a flu shot. Almost everything governments do is a manipulation to make us weak and bring us under their control.


This is the Horrible Reptilian Truth, Vaccines are Designed for Gencide, Plain and Simple.
Many sheeple still don't get it!.

FOE_HAMMER: Cool post!

I have read this story before, it strikes many cords with me, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing it here. My link I had to the place I had read this before is not working anymore, but I read this same story in much more detail, yet exactly the same, in what were called "The Terra Papers". They were written as a thesis paper by a man named Robert Morning Sky, he is half Apache and half Hopi. The story was told to him by his grandfather, who was told by a blue skinned "Star Elder" named 'Bek'Ti' he was helping nurse back to health who had crashed on the Hopi rez, to explain how mankind was in the state it was in.

Is "Ea" another name of Lord Enki?

Have you read the series of articles about the Andromeda council here:

@Annunaki77: can you comment as to the accuracy of this series of articles linked to by the council's website? The earth representative "Tolec" seems to be privy to some insider knowledge as he correctly predicted the earthquake in the gulf of Aden 5 days before it happened. If this series is true, then Nibiru's orbit has been altered by the Andromeda council as not to pass threw earth's solar system any longer. Is this viewed as a good thing by the Nibi and the Annunaki people? I know you love humanity yourself, but what of the Annunaki people in general? Does King Anu still rule canus kind? Is he mad at humans for their role in the events on earth? Is he mad at his son Enki? Is humanity considered subjects or property of King Anu by him?

Sorry if that's too many questions, please forgive my ignorance. I mean no insult by any of this. My mind is very active and these are the inputs it wants to try to resolve the bigger picture.

Update: I had trouble finding the Terra Papers before but they are now several places on the net, here is a good working link to them (the most interesting thing I've ever read I think, neat how "the death star" was written about long before Lucas came along):

I highly recommend them, well worth the very long read!

Annunaki77: Andromedans

The Andromedans had Colonies here on Earth along with the Adamu Humans of Earth.A War occured between the Andromedans and the Reptilians, the Andromedans lived in Atlantis because of the Trade Routes between Earth and Andromeda.
This War killed alot of Andromedans and some of the Andromedan Souls got trapped here on Earth and Incarnated into this Matrix.

The Andromedans want to change Earth History right now because something happens to the future in Andromeda and this is why Earth must be wiped clean of all this Reptilian Evil.
The Andromedans are not happy with the Pleadians because they caused the problem in the first place by Sinking Atlantis in an ongoing dispute for Power and Influence 800, 000 years ago.

FOE_HAMMER: Incarnation

I just wish I knew how the race I originally incarnated from fits into this. We must have been a minor race involved in one of the more recent (sometime just before WW1) wars above earth. All I have to go on is a past life memory that came in a dream.

I was the weapons officer on a stricken craft fighting beings who were trying to hinder the Terrans way of life. Me and my crew mate were the only ones on our ship, we knew we were going down, but not without one last strike at the enemy. We were resigned to our fates, but hopeful we could still effect the outcome of the battle in favor of the people on Earth. We agreed and I rigged a part of our ship to go critical and create a massive blast when the enemy came near, it should have been enough to take out these particular beings we were fighting. That taken care of, I looked to earth, and felt great respect for what the Terrans were doing, knowing I would incarnate there, that it would be hard, and that it was important, my last thought was "to help them all".

I have never seen pictures, drawings, or even read a description of any being that looked the way we did on that ship. My original people must be very distant or perhaps mad at me for breaking the prime directive. They won't speak to me. I'm very lonely here on this plane. I do what I can for humanity, I help people deal with the pain they experience so they can focus more on being loving. You might call me a pain sponge, I absorb the worst of people's pain for them, but not all of it, some is still needed for soul lessons.

I'm glad to see the gentle push here on these forums to wake up these precious Terrans. I know they are all very special and doing something great for the allness. Their sleep has been induced by beings who live in fear, anger, jealousy, and greed. Those lower beings must not be allowed to win, the entire omniverse depends on it.

bluesbaby5050: Here are some very good Answers AGAIN in this post..........

SOME of the members have asked questions,and here are the answers again. More information is contained within the rest of the threads.Please read them,you will learn alot more.

Annunaki77: Many Blessings.

I believe you, always trust your memory but be careful with who you share this information with because they will think your crazy.
Many folks who do remember their past lives always end up in Reptilian Funded Mental Asylms.

You are correct Star Seed but be careful, share your views here where it is safe.

FOE_HAMMER: kinda weird.

When I tell people the short version of the Terra papers, they all sound very interested, and I've told many people. I have never spoken to anyone else who has even read them. I will send or post the link to them, but no one is willing to read beyond the first paragraph. My friend who has the highest IQ I know of is one who read the 1st few paragraphs, and she stopped there so she could research the names and the language roots described, all of them checked out. She researched for several hours, everything was spot-on.

I think that they are highly plausible, and even if they are not true, they are one of the best stories I've ever read, either way they really speak to me. Maybe I have weird taste in literature, or maybe I have a strong intuition for forgotten truths, I'm not sure which.

The ancient Sumerians would have viewed them as a re-telling of their sacred texts. Lucas saw a prop for his script he was thinking of witting. There must be something in it that speaks to others as well, I think it is probably because it tells many truths that only our souls remember.

The story is so ancient and it describes so many of the parts of human history which historians offer very sketchy explanations for.

Oh well I'm just glad to speak to another who has an open mind.

Annunaki77: FOE_HAMMER

You know the ways of Heaven. I am impressed by your Heart Starseed.
The Path to Heaven is a path few humans will ever understand because the path is hard and few will know the ways of the Stars.

Your lessons will make you a Master Teacher FOE_HAMMER.
Teach the young ones the way to the History of Earth and their Heritage for it comes from the Stars.

Lord Enki would be proud of you Incarnate, you are MAGIC.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ua....u...!!! wonderfull


wonderfull and...

intuitive; reminder...


very thanks for all, ...yours; that have been; clean for us; the Truth;

health! life and abundance...! good adventurance!

bluesbaby5050: This a RE-POST from Master Teacher Annunaki 77--

This is very important! Please read the intire posts from the top,it will explain much to you people-Humans here! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

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