by bluesbaby5050 on October 12th, 2013

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M3RT0M: Hello

You made a mistake with the title it's 'SYMBOL' not 'SYNBOL' :)

UN.i1-PHI: big deal..;p as long as we

big deal..;p as long as we understand eachother its no problem

funny enough she was showing the SYNonym in these SYMbols..;o

UN.i1-PHI: perhaps we could use a new

perhaps we could use a new word for a SYNonym in other SYMbols (language with other symbols)
but wich would be better, SYNBOL or SYMONYM ?;p

bluesbaby5050: I ALREADY KNOW THIS.........

Please have a look at my other postings, and threads for the correct spelling, because I know how to spell, and this will prove this tiny infraction I made. I'm only human. And it was too late to correct it, as I had already pressed SAVE! Sorry if this Annoyed you. I will do my best next time around so I don't annoy you again. Maybe you should tell everyone this when they do the same thing at times. I was not writing a book, just posting a SYMBOL.

M3RT0M: I didn't mean that way

and no you didn't annoy me -_-

nivine: hope u don't mind my interference

But that case, Thank God u didn't read my posts, they are full of mistakes
Sometimes i look like i just came out from kindergarten :p
its just that the aim is much higher than those details while typing
But thank you for providing the chance to state my reason :d

M3RT0M: -_-

I understand the aim is much higher, i've been in this forum for more than a yaer now it's simply that i just post rarely and you are very myuch welcome :P

Crackdown: Pronounciation is just a form

There are a lot of forms in our life: names, pronounciation, titles, etiquette...
Most people from developed countries are paying too much attention to forms.
For example, before having a conversation, they just _have to_ know your name,
or asl in online chat. And I could answer: "Call me a "Misty Cloud", like native people ;)

In order to advance, people should pay more attention to what stands BEHIND the form

M3RT0M: ok im sorry

I accidently pointed it out :P

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