The Merging 2 Party System

by Tarheel on January 14th, 2016

Before I start, let me say I am neither Democrat, nor Republican.
In seeing the tiresome, relentless election coverage, I noticed how all MSM isn't even mentioning Bernie Saunders, let alone giving him much of a chance. His ideas are so anti-current system, and are mainly about overhauling this debacle we are living in. He seems like the best candidate to me, based on his ideology.

If you pay close attention, you will notice even the potential GOP candidates aren't talking about Bernie Saunders, but rather they are acting like it is a foregone conclusion that they will face Hillary. That made me start thinking, why would the GOP want to run against the person I think they would have the biggest problem defeating? Answer: Because if the GOP isn't elected, they want a like-minded controllable current-system person in The Chair.

Then, I saw this documentary and started watching it. It's by Ralph Nader, and it's about the merging 2 party system. He details what most of us should know, how there is so very little difference in the current 2-party system. The differences between the parties are few and they both are about fascism and not democracy.

Anybody else ever seen the legislation the USA has to keep a 3rd party from coming to power? It's ugly and anti-American.

Anybody else remember McCarthyism? I'm sure most do.

Check this out and let me know what you think. I have a short version and a full version(much better). It's a real eye-opener. Ralph Nader calls for citizens to wtfu and realize what most of us should already know. (full version/much better)
or (short version)

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