Men and Women of Valor and the Star Nations Tribute

by edisonik on October 9th, 2010

I dedicate this piece to the Men and Women of Valor and the Star Nations that are fighting the Good Fight to save the Human Species against those ET Forces that are bent on destroying the Human Species out there in Space and here on Earth.
Humanity has to know that battles are being fought in space to save this Galaxy , Good will prevail always. Never , ever give in to Tyranny,

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edisonik: It is your destiny Humanity to Travel the Stars!

I truly believe in my heart that this will be the Century that Humans will bodly go where they have never gone before. Humanity will prevail , one way or another they will Travel the Stars, it will be tough and it will be hostile, but that comes with the Territory.
Humanity belongs among the Stars , not just on Earth. Earth is your stepping stone , not your prison. I know humanity will travel to the Stars.

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