In memories of Aleister Crowley

by dvogel on February 16th, 2014

I don't agree with all the man did, but I consider him and his works to be a great added value to occultism.

The Poet

"Bury me in a nameless grave!
I came from God the world to save.
I brought them wisdom from above:
Worship, and liberty, and love.
They slew me for I did disparage
Therefore Religion, Law and Marriage.
So be my grave without a name
That earth may swallow up my shame!"

- Aleister Crowley

M. Manson's ode to Crowley

"Go ahead and build a better messiah, we can dig another grave
this is your calling
if you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do
something has grown in my chest
and I have seen it
it is hard and cold
it's been dormant for many years
I have tried to save you, but I cannot come to save you
but this is what you deserve
this is what we deserve
this is something that we have brought upon ourselves
we are not a victim, you are not a victim
we are not a victim, you are not a victim
god will grovel before me
god will crawl at my feet
these are the dying years
these are the dying years
when you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you"

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UN.i1-PHI: hahah burn!

that video was pretty funny and meaningfull xD
thank you ;p

UN.i1-PHI: crowley and 666 minions

gon burn too
stand down, time's up, scare the shit out of him and tell' him to go play his black disney sorcery with himself and to FUCK OFF!!!

UN.i1-PHI: just sayin somehow

he'll get back what he gave and got comin right?
Want More | BM Rastaman Vibration
Crazy Baldhead | BM Rastaman Vibration
but theres always still a way you can change?.. :)
Peter Tosh - Downpressor Man

UN.i1-PHI: let the dark side turn against their (no-mo)'masters/controllers

let the pyramid of control crumble and devour itself from the bottom to the top
oh and stamp on its eye ;P

V for Vendetta - Chancelor Sutler's Introduction
he got it comin
killed by his own men

but they continued to support the agenda
so they got to meet the V from Vendetta
V For Vendetta (2005) final scene HD

bluesbaby5050: Some Information on the BIO of A. Crowley...............

In his Bio. as a youth, A. Crowley was brought up in a religious environment. He attended church on the weekends, and this was routine with his family. He rather enjoyed it he said. When he grew older he said that he wanted to become a priest, but events unfolded for A. Crowley that made this impossible. As a youth, Aleister was very overcome with his sexual fantasies, and this he kept secret to himself. Most people would consider this as normal, but not in Aleister's case. A. Crowley always pushed everything to the limit in what ever he did in his life. His sexual behaviors got the best of him, and this is where his weakness, and curiosity had lead him. His interests turned to the occult during his early teen years. The Dark Occultist (in these books) know very well how to trap certain people, mostly the young, and curious, but Crowley was interested in learning all there was to learn of the Occult, and he wanted strength, and power (another trap). In the occult books he figured out that to look for flaws, and any weakness's in people (victims) that can be used as a tool for them, and against the people they want to control. Aleister had a few close followers ( young teen girls, and teen boys that were looking for some excitement in their lives, and they saw a chance with young Aleister Cowley. Crowley had received a large sum of money from one of his deceased relatives, and this provided him with a larger means to explore his interests in depth. He could devote his free time to his research, and free life style. So he didn't have to seek employment to earn a living. Crowley had some serious sexual ideas that got him into some very deep behaviors that most normal people would rather not be involved in. He pushed these to the limits. He got so deep in the Dark Occult, that he had INVITED DEMONS to join him in his body, and in his mind, this way the demons can FEEL ,and INDULGE in his experiences, and this was part of the deal for knowledge. Drugs, and Alcohol, and Sex were often used as a means to break these weak people down, and to get them hooked even deeper. (Remember that during the early years of the 20th century, people were very moral, and had respect for the family unit). The means was often provided though many channels. Blackmail is then often used against these people. They are usually set up/framed in the beginnings, as they hardly ever see this coming once they are in, and weakened even further. And these methods are still being used today, with the now added weapons provided, and given to the drug lords, and then given to the street gangs though the secret governments ( with our money) to break down families, and to break down society all over this planet. Crime, and mass starvations, and disease is at an all time high in large, and small cities because of this. The world's Mafia's are also providing the means to carry out murders of high ranking government, and state officials, and whistle blowers, and anyone that happens to get in their ways of corruptions on a vast scale world wide. Aleister Cowley was just one of these people that was deep in the occult. (I do not admire him). BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Some more information on A. Crowley.............

He is the GRANDFATHER of Barbara Bush, the wife of George H.W. Bush Senior. They are Reptilian Hybrids! These Hybrid families are running world affairs right now. Jeb Bush is governor of the state of Florida. The Clintons are of the same Hybrids, and so are their OFF-SPRING=Children. Never put your vote in Hillary Clinton for a female president in the future, because she and Bill are both reptilian hybrids, and these hybrids also marry other hybrids to continue their bloodlines . Even New Medias, and in the Entertainment Industry too! They are the RICH, and FAMOUS! ( NEVER A POOR PERSON) SO BE WARNED, and BE VERY AWARE!

Crackdown: People's vote does not matter ...

... in a current state of system

Hybrid, or puppet - results would be the same

bluesbaby5050: Your Right CD!

I'm very aware of this fact, but I gave this information because, OTHER PEOPLE ARE NOT AS AWARE OF THE FACTS AS WE ARE. Thanks for your Input though. The people should NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE, because both sides are the same people, just different title of groups on both sides. The people will only get the SAME THING AS BEFORE, and then see what happens. They will STEAL the White House as Usual. This same Tactic was used when George Bush JR. became President Before the 9/11 event happened. They just OVER- RIDE the people anyways. People should just rely on their own states, and its issues, and become independent in that way. The governments should become separate from the states, and not get involved with States Affairs in the country. The States make money to support their own needs from it's people that reside in those states, and this is better for the people in the long run. (my opinion).

bluesbaby5050: When the States have certain needs.........

Then each state can buy, sell, or trade with IN any state that can provide any state with what it is looking for from it's own peoples. People in each state has, and can learn from the Master- Crafters, the people that have important skills already, and they can grow, and build, and repair from WITHIN their OWN towns, and cities. Provide their own goods from it's own resources. This way, jobs will become available to the states own peoples, for it's OWN people. Our state officials will become very active with new programs for it's own people, and these people in these states will elect their own people from within their own states. This way the people will have a DIRECT INVOLVMENT IN IT'S OWN STATE AFFAIRS. It's time for new changes to take place in the U.S. This would only be The New Beginning, as a New Start.

Crackdown: it would be better without states

it would be better without states, countries, and other
artificial borders between people. Yes, that seems like NWO, but I want
people's NWO (not NWO as an extension of OldWO)

bluesbaby5050: I was not involving the whole planet............

I meant just for the U.S. and it's people, and to bring back the needed jobs, and revenue to it's own people, and not to give it away to the countries overseas, as it is right now with this OLD SYSTEM. I do not label it as a New World Order, as this is ORDERING PEOPLE AROUND AS SLAVES. No Freedoms there. I was THINKING IN TERMS OF FREEDOM FOR PEOPLE. This was only one example I gave. This OLD SYSTEM KEEPS THOSE AT THE TOP RICH, AND IN POWER, AND ONLY SCRAPES FOR THOSE AT THE BOTTOM. Yes, get rid of the borders, and have the people involved with this whole production in their regions. I just said states, because I had to label what I was talking about, so the people around this planet will UNDERSTAND what these ideas are about. They can take it from there.

dvogel: It would be interesting

to see some source info on the relation to Barbara Bush if possible.

bluesbaby5050: He IS The GRAND FATHER.............

Just read her BIO. I did just that a long time ago. They were very active where I am from in my state/country, and so I know this for sure.

dvogel: ah I found it

He is the possble father not grandfather. I thought it would be a bit odd.

dvogel: However I do agree

that he has been living an extreme life and as I stated I don't agree with all his actions. However this is to honour his work within occultism, which is truly of great format.

bluesbaby5050: Barbara looks just like A.Crowley.........

She looks like him in the eyes, and the nose, and the mouth/jaw line. EVEN HER SMILE.

bluesbaby5050: I would not call any of this- His Works..........

Because all he did was EXPLORE THIS SUBJECT, and ACT OUT many demonic behaviors in Blood Rituals, and the actual eating of the human flesh in many of them! HE LEFT NOTHING OUT! HE WAS EVEN EXILED OUT OF ITALY, because of his demonic behaviors. The local village people would not even cross the road where he was living in a very run down building, that still has some crazy paintings on those walls while they were high on drugs, and acting out in there. It is all boarded up now, and the talk is that the building they lived in will be torn down soon, because it has bad vibes, and is hated by the locals.

dvogel: This indeed what

many Christians say. I understand that the occult can seem scary to some, but if one actually dives into it and actually read some of his books, one will see that he really knew alot. Especially his work with the Tarot is amazing.

bluesbaby5050: I am not ignorant of the facts...........

I am not religious either. This does not scare me, it will only scare the Ignorant people. Knowledge is strength, and nothing to fear.

Tim Lovell: to be honest if he did open

to be honest if he did open himself upto stuff like that he was inviting other entities to enter him and he would have a very long hard time getting rid of them and good luck whats left of his essence after... don't be a fool with stuff like this



bluesbaby5050: Always Study BOTH/ALL Sides...........

And this will help people to understand how things do work. I have an open mind, and always have. I never limit myself, because there really is no limit to any achievements.

bluesbaby5050: Yes Uni..........

They all belong to the same CULT! Walt Disney was a famous artist, and he rose to fame, and fortune, because he had created For The KIDDIES(Sarcasm here) The famous "Disney World". It is said that there's Dark Occult Rituals taking place under this castle that involves, and also employs kids of all ages that preform in those classic stories, and the theme parks there. Most people that seem to progress in life and become rich, and famous have places that cater to them with these children from, and to these famous people/members to these cults. These are the kids that have to become "special" in sexual entertainments for the adults that are serviced to them behind closed doors. What a Swell place to have Access to your favorite past time! (More Sarcasm). Most kids do not live to tell of these secrets. Some have paid the price with their lives.(I could name a few here.)Most are also kidnapped and sold as sex slaves to these adults all over this planet, and off world too! Those FREAKS are EVERYWHERE'S!

UN.i1-PHI: lol too bad i'm not a fan of the BEETLES xD

sorry tar, but i dont know how to interpret your message,.. (suggestion;)do you mean sarcastically that you think that, that cockroach crowley is NOT alive crawlin in his headquarters under disneyland !??or what do you mean!?

eevie: disney

I have the disney mind control programming. Began when i was 8 years old. I have many alters, some of which i have been able to incorporate into my conscious awareness to be used for the true light. Crowley has been sending out triggers like mad thru peeps, even thru his son Duncan to those of us with this programming.

bluesbaby5050: Yes....I figured as much......

I was also aware of the fact that A. Crowley had a son, because I had read about this a while back, but I had forgotten his name. It's been a while since I read his Bio.

eevie: crowley's son

His name if Duncan O'finiaon. spelling? lol a super soldier who is still being used by the govt/nazi regime. I feel sorry for him. He believes he is free of much of the programming but he is not.

bluesbaby5050: I think it is sad how..........

Your family uses their own children as pawns to do their bidding, such as the Bush's, and Crowley - some examples. They are cold blooded by nature, and lack compassion, and true love for life in the true sense of the word. They even murder in the name of power, and control, and destroy a planet for this. This is BLOOD-LUST! They feel nothing without power. What Egos they have.

eevie: sacrifices

I won't even go into the sacrifice rituals. they are too fucked up to talk about, but yeah, no hue manity in them at all. They awakened to the negative false dark as we awakened to the positive true light. There is nothing they will not and have not done to cause suffering and torment, even to tiny children, their favorite sacrifices.

bluesbaby5050: I think it is sad and I..........

I want you to know,that I hope you find happiness just your knowing that you are making a positive difference in the work that your doing eevie. I wish the best out come for you.

eevie: :)

Bluesbaby, that went right to my heart, sweetie. =) Tears of joy. Thank you so very very much. I wish your hearts desires come to quick fruition. =)

bluesbaby5050: I will not hold your family .............

Against you eevie. You are not like them, because you love all life, and Humanity, and this is true, because of the work that you do. A quote: Know them by their Labors = Fruits.

eevie: thanks

Thank you. I do admire your knowledge and wisdom. :) You have much of both and a good solid basis of understanding. We are changing our timelines as we go. WE are stopping prophecies from happening, which were written long ago by the elite. ha self fulfilling on their account. Anyway, enough peeps believe something, it happens. That is how prophecy works. At least the biblical/religious prophecies. Timelines......we are changing almost daily now. I have lost many online sites due to these changes. They are there, but i am unable to interact with them. Really funny. Kind of like a ghost that can't get anyone's attention. lolol Are you experiencing similar? Hey, we are still here together. =) That says it all.

bluesbaby5050: Yes eevie..........

We are still together moving forwards, and this says plenty. Our work is NOT in Vain. We will continue to make many positive changes for this planet, and for Humanity, and then to the rest of this galaxy, and though out this universe. There is always good works to do. We will make this difference become a reality :)

eevie: Truer words never spoken!!

Truer words never spoken!!

dvogel: that sounds odd though

since Crowley died before the Disney parks were build.

UN.i1-PHI: meybe he(*crowleys)'s still/again alive and kickin*

never that sure with em (unless you experienced/know it)!
they probably have the technology and 'alien backup' to reembody crowley or sumthing,
or he's ghost?
doesnt sound that strange for what i'm used to read

maybe eevie can tell us more about that situation?
sounds like *crowley* is alive doing his evil mind control and molesting shit
there down under disneyland playing boss over his 666 minions and black goo and stuff
but his scared the shit when he hears time's up and to standdown!

bluesbaby5050: I Wouldn't Doubt this for a Moment Uni............

And Maybe Aleister Crowley is right here On Truth Control with us too?!! This is most possible as you just said Uni. Clones are abundant on this planet, and with the Technology we know of, they can also do this with our government leaders, and our military leaders, and our high ranking police, and this is just some small examples here.

eevie: crowley

Crowley is alive and well. The Bush family had him time traveled to the present. I've met with him since his return and he is very busy with his agenda. It is the bush/crowley regime causing the majority of problems and loss of freedoms. The nazis didn't die, they are the nazis.
but all in all, i see "grand dad' as a failure, not one to take seriously =) they are in negotiations to stand down.

dvogel: More explanation

Can you explain more of the plans of Crowley and what you mean with the Nazis didn't die?

eevie: nazis

The nazis went into space and have been there since ww2. they also went to the south pole which is a portal as well. The Bush family worked hand in hand with Hitler and Crowley during the war. The Bush family was under another name and were born in Germany. They are nazis. The regime is still run today under one of the cabal factions. There are many of those and at times work against one another. The other factions in the cabal are communist.
Crowley intends to rule the new world order. The sex rituals are at an all time high as they know they are out of time. It's over. but they refuse so far to see this. even looking glass told them all that they lose. lol Idiots. Our current govt is nazi.

btw Barbara Bush is Crowley's daughter. I have her dna in me. I am one of the Barbara programs. Lovely eh? That makes Crowley my grand father in a fucked up way. ha I am a hybrid, mostly reptilian.

dvogel: Well

I didn't expect it, but I do agree with you on 1 point. "Our current govt is nazi" in lack of a better term. For the rest; I guess I can say we do have freedom of speech, so all is to be expected of course.

eevie: nazis

I can only share my experiences. =) What you do with teh knowledge is up to you. Another thing, about knowledge vs information. Info is not what we seek, it is saturnalian in nature. We seek knowledge. Our words defeat us when we use them incorrectly. =)

bluesbaby5050: I wasn't far off eevie!

I get my information from my memory, and I was close. Her mother went on a get-a-way with Crowley, and this was when Barbara was conceived. I think her mother was a dark blond at that time. They only had one child together I think, not sure on this. I think you can fill in the details for me eevie as my memory faded on this :)

eevie: =)

lol Not off at all. From Barbara he created the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. There is a program i recently became privy to that has made Barbaras from b bush's dna. I feel like this may be a sleeper group i am part of. Always hated that name, barbara, now i know why. ha
Crowley is/was the greatest necromancer who ever lived. I think maybe one more better than him was king Solomon who commanded the archons/demons, rather controlled them.

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