Mega Earthquake Warning Now in Mainstream Media! Mega Quake Hitting the U.S. North West is Now in the Main Stream Media.

Mega Earthquake Warning Mega Quake hitting the U.S. North West is now in the main stream media. Shepard Smith of FOX News reported last night about this following in the heels of The New Yorker who published a major article with this warning.......
Everyone has been prophesying this for a while, but now Fox News, The New Yorker, The Weather Channel, and more have just reported that it is coming... What? THE BIG ONE! A mega-quake monster that will destroy the U.S. Pacific Northwest, followed by even more massive tsunamis.
Something's going on - something they know and aren't really divulging. But, they're leaking what they want us to know via mainstream media. Why?
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Here is the FOX News broadcast and below it the article by The New Yorker:


New Unrest coming - Earthquake Overview + 7 Day Global Seismic Forecast/ Video - 6/06/2015 -- Arizona Volcanic Plume COVERUP -- Main Stream Media + National Park Service RESPOND - Published on Jun 6, 2015.
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The main stream media, and National Park Service have "responded" to my video, and website post showing a strange steaming plume event at Sunset Craters Volcanic Complex in Central Arizona.

Main stream media took the time to disparage me publicly, and the National Park Service issued a full press release downplaying the satellite feed - denying any activity took place.

In the process of falling all over themselves in full denial, they made a huge mistake, and revealed they were out INVESTIGATING Sunset Craters for quote "Several days" .... however, my video had just been out for 1 day (or less) at the time of their response.

Why were they out "investigating" Sunset Craters for several days?

Then , to add insult to injury, the media + national park service call the SATELLITE FEED into question .. calling it "black and white"?!

I am showing the NOAA GOES visible satellite feed, it is the only streaming realtime live satellite (visible) feed that we can get our hands on on a daily basis.

The same media critiquing the "black and white" feed then show the same feed at 5pm on the nightly news weather cast. Or if you check the National Weather Service website... that's the "visible" feed you get! It's not some "black and white" outdated feed like they're implying.

The final slap in the face to logic, and independent thought, they then offer MULTIPLE explanations for what the plumes are.... mainly saying that the steam plumes (which evaporate off as they float away) are actually SMOKE PLUMES from a fire over 50 miles away?

We've all see wildfires, and control burns, these plumes come from the East side of the volcanic complex, not from the Southwest side of Flagstaff, and they look nothing like wildfires, control burns or smoke. They evaporate off after a distance from the crater complex. Smoke does not evaporate (obviously), we have seen several fires on this very same satellite feed to prove this point. See an example of a fire seen from GOES:

The OTHER explanations they offer are DUST blowing from a flood plain, and even more skeptics saying it's just regular "convection" of moisture producing clouds.

So we have THREE sets of skeptics with THREE sets of explanations.

Fire, Dust, and Moisture....... good to know THEY'RE on top of coming up with alternate explanations! LOL @ the wild various explanations... everything from Fire to Water!

Meanwhile, they dismiss the volcano, and dismiss the earthquake which struck hours before in Arizona at the Uinkaret volcanic fields. -


Original post the media and National Park Service responded to:

Geologists were out INVESTIGATING several days at Sunset Crater leading up to my video?! Say what?!
National Park Service issue press release response to my video and website posts:
Arizona hit by rare earthquake at Uinkaret Volcanic Fields hours before the plume event :
Mount Saint Helens hit by earthquake no one cares:
Rare France 4.2M earthquake on the English Channel unreported by the USGS:
5.0M hits Russia China border in Siberia, USGS does not report:
Kansas Fracking 4.3M earthquake 6/05/15:
Oregon earthquake swarm (off shore) directly at an undersea volcano:
Pisgah Craters 2011, USGS issued press releases responding to my videos and the media went wild:

(most videos will not work since my channel was DELETED and I lost near 1 years videos after fighting to get my channel back - terminated for daring to talk about weather modification).

========================================================================== Okay -- here's my (admittedly limited) perspective on it.
First of all this is not new news at all. The information about this has already been available for a long long time. And yes, scientists have been continually monitoring the growing seismic situation there -- but also in a WHOLE lot of elsewheres. This is because our Mother Earth is restlessly moving everywhere. She is preparing for a massive frequency shift which means complete recycling of this entire 3D hologram with its tight limitations and blockages of consciousness. A situation which ALL OF US originally volunteered for many many lifetimes ago. We are involved in a huge investigation to discover how to smooth the path back to our original FULL consciousness -- having taken a plunge into this incredibly dense hologram of purposefully induced amnesia and perceived separation from who and what we really are. We became entangled -- TRAPPED -- in this total illusion.

What is this about?

We are finding out what it takes to OVERCOME this limitation on behalf of EVERY OTHER BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. You see, every thought, word and action which we create is permanently recorded in the Akashic Records and can be accessed by ANY being in the entire Universe who is interested to do so. It is NOT hidden knowledge but given freely to all who desire it. Some have called this an "experiment" but, to me, that is far too cold and clinical.

It is the giving which you and I came here many many lifetimes ago to participate in. There are NO victims here. When we volunteered for this, neither we nor our super-intelligent, spiritual mentors had any idea of the perils and darkness we would face. This investigation is now AT ITS CLOSE and with the transmutation of the frequencies of our Mother Earth -- we too will undergo the process which many call Ascension -- we are about to undergo a punctuated equilibrium in which our vibrational occilations will be considerably faster.

This process is already well underway.

Our entire solar system has entered into a different and HIGHLY energetic area of space in which our entire Solar System is being bombarded by very very intense energies. The so-called "climate change" is not and never has been confined to planet earth. These intense radiations are coming from our Galactic Central Sun -- are bombarding our Sun and fully inundating us. This is greatly effecting our DNA -- and therefore OUR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

But . . . this entire transformation process has already been held back purposefully by our mentors who have been overseeing this investigation. That's why that NW tsunami has been delayed and many other things also. It has been held back for the purpose of allowing OUR personal transformations of consciousness awareness.

So.....this report on Fox News is simply another attempt at the Cabal owed and operated media (as is the NY times) to SCARE people into being further controlled, and considering HAARP and all the earthquake machines and government induced psy-ops and ridiculous false-flags..... do not fear. The outcome of all this chaos will be positive, not negative. However... if I lived in a dangerous earth-quake zone ... prudence tells me that I should most probably MOVE immediately. What are some of the conditions that we are currently experiencing on the planet? ◾Severe weather anomalies
◾Increasing earthquakes
◾Active volcanoes
◾Magneto pause collapse
◾Extreme Winters
◾Heat Waves

Are these natural or is something else causing it?

Is CERN helping exacerbate the escalating earthquakes and volcanoes?

Is Nibiru a factor?

Is it Cosmic Rays or the Sun's activity?

Is all this activity normal?

Are we at the verge of a geological pole shift? As we know, Earth changes are also a harbinger of transformation. Please note that due to the escalation of earth changes, we can presume that we are at the threshold of transformation, and that our spiritual preparation, and connection with Prime Creator will make the difference in how we experience these "changes".
So don't take any chances in high risks areas where these activities from......
Hurricanes and Typhoons...... and
Floods along with......
Sink Holes, and
Weather Extremes take place. Hardly any place on this planet will go untouched.
These are indications of Earth going through natural changes and unnatural changes, and
some may also be due to cosmic perturbations.
The purpose of these warnings is for awareness and preparation, as we begin to notice an escalation of these events in areas where we may be living in.
The information presented here is not to cause fear, but to allow us to make good decisions with enough time in order to come from a place of strength. Bluesbaby5050.

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