Meet Bill Cooper : Murdered at His Home in a Cowardly Police Action/ Plus more

Meet Bill Cooper : Murdered at His Home in a Cowardly Police Action/ Plus more. [click on to image to enlarge view] Published on Jun 10, 2012.
Bill Cooper is a man everyone should know about. Few actually do. There should be statues of this man in every town across America! He tried to do the right thing, and it cost him everything.

His words are more important now than ever. His message is as relevant and true now as ever! He warned of the world we live in today, when I for one, couldn't even imagine it coming to this. He was murdered for telling the truth, and living by his morals and convictions. A true patriot hero!

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bluesbaby5050: How William Cooper got killed. Segment discusses W.C. Murder

How William Cooper got killed/ Video. Uploaded on Jan 9, 2010.
Bill, William, Milt Cooper, known to be one of the forerunners in the movement to inform the public about the secret societies of the New World Order and UFO's. This segment discusses how he was killed. courtesy of "The Legacy of William Cooper."-

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