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by sun on May 28th, 2013

"Our past is not from this planet.
When the earth was born, we were brought by our mothers/fathers to live here.
They left us this wheel, as a connection to the spirit world, where they come from.
We are 'Star people' and the wheel will be our help to claim once again what is our heritage."

(Words by the Native American people as part of the teachings from Ike West)

When I stumbled via dreams and signposts into the spiritual world, I learned about the four elements and the Native American way of living. This was 20 years ago.
I had just finished my study and for my free project I had chosen the Native Americans. I was shocked by the information I received through research about how they had been treated and felt ashamed to be white.

As I walked this path amazing wondrous things happened, unexplainable, magical, mystical. But most of all did I come in contact with Hyemeyohsts Storm, a Zero Chief from the teachings of the Maya medicine wheel. It proved to be a way to balance myself through knowledge of the five elements. It has helped me to learn more about who and what I am, and is definitely a very useful tool to get to know oneself thoroughly, when there is understanding needed. But also to understand other people, why they react in certain ways and how you relate to them in this way. It is nearly never wrong, because it is a life philosophy, a path to follow, not a mere religion or believe.

It starts with the Zero, the All and Nothing, from which creation can emerge, in the Centre.
East is the Sun, Fire, Spirit and Illumination, West is Earth, Stone, Body and Introspection, South is the Plants, Water, Emotions, Trust and Innocence, and North is the Animals, Air, Mind and Wisdom.The Fifth direction in the Centre once again is the Human, Ether, Self and Free Will. This place at the centre of the wheel is the integration of all the four elements that precede it.

But the circle doesn't stop there, because there are in total 20 directions to follow and each time you walk through this wheel, you peel of the layers of self to reach further into the core/soul and the universe.

This knowledge was brought to the NA by the Ancient ones. It was a map to be able to understand the workings of the universe and it's dynamic flow from the earth's point of view.
The 20 directions show the multidimensional way of universal balance as a guidance, a map, to obtain full awareness of yourself as entity.
There are many interpretations of the medicine wheel, even with different colors and places for directions and was delivered by the Star People, an alien race that visited the earth long ago. As a present they left the wheel as a guidance map for the soul to evolve and to show humans that the earth is a part of a great community of beings, planets and stars.

The directions taught in the Medicine Wheel show that every circle is divided into other circles and so it goes on endlessly, much like the splitting of cells, each circle carrying information about the essence and the challenge of the circle. In the circle their is no linear timeline, but all is infinite, as the circle itself represents.
Many only master the five directions which symbolize the material plane of existence. Some pass the gateway of the fourth dimension and experience the etheric level and few continue to complete the cycle to the 20th direction, where the Zero lies, the All and Nothing, the begin and the end, the integration of all duality.

In order to balance yourself, you have to be aware of the essence of the first four directions, to feel the meaning and understanding the simplicity of it.
When you want to initiate, fire sparked by willpower will create.
If you then want to materialize it, the willpower in connection with earth will make it.
If you want to feel it, your heart should be open like that of a child's perception and if you want to understand it, you will have to be immersed in the manifestation and let it be a part of you.
It has then become a part of your being, your awareness, and a new level is opened to explore further.
There are many traits that are associated with each and every direction, positive and negative.
Each person makes his/her own circle, as every soul/human being is unique. (click on the image of the sacred Twenty Count to see the meaning of each direction).

Hyemeyohsts Storm quotes about Life and Death

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bluesbaby5050: The Native Americans were Indians..............

In your above statement you stated that the Native Americans Indians were white. This is incorrect. They were Red Skinned Native American Indians.

bluesbaby5050: Let's not forget that EVERY RACE, and SKIN COLOR on..........

This planet was Held in Bondage,and was held as a SLAVE in Earth's history. Every Skin Color was Tortured,and Raped, Murdered,and Abused by their Masters! Believe this or Not, WE STILL ARE! Even in mordern times Humans are Born into it Slavery from their Births. If you are NOT of the Elites, Then YOU are a SLAVE to THEM!

obsrvantlouie: I am slave...

to nobody, including the elites, reptiles, illuminati etc. While I do agree "most" humans are born into servitute/slavery (social sec #, mass deception of human nature and potential, institutes of indoctrination, fiat money leading to a life of dept for slavery). Even still, throughout this process and scheme of the PTB, it is possible to discover and reclaim individual power.

Tarheel: I didnt get that interpretation, Sun.

It appeared you were saying you were ashamed to be white.

Good post. Are you a Ra follower/subscriber?

bluesbaby5050: And from your ABOVE STATEMENT Tarheel...........

You DID NOT GET IT EITHER! RE-READ YOUR STATEMENT ABOVE THIS ONE! It is SELF-EXPLANITORY! I was Not the only person here that was confused when reading the original post made by sun.

bluesbaby5050: OR..........

They were ashamed to be RED SKINNED because of their Treatment?

bluesbaby5050: OR..............?

Because of their treatment, they were ashamed to be Red Skinned.

sun: My God dear blues baby....

My God dear blues baby....
What I am sharing is knowledge from the red skinned people, but I didn't know I was offending anyone. The poem in the beginning was shared with me by NA and you will not be able to find it anywhere on the Internet. The rest is knowledge passed down to me and although I was lucky to be able to be a part of this knowledge, I do not own or claim this knowledge as to come from me. Perhaps you should find out more about the teachings and find out what your balance is, perhaps you will find some peace within.
And...thank you Tarheel, yes, I was ashamed that they could be a part of such atrocities, I had no idea at the time.
But by all means blues baby, take the post down, do what you will with it. Perhaps it is time for me to leave this forum. I am a messenger, nothing more, nothing less.
Respect and peace to all.

Quinton: No need to take the post down

No need to take the post down at all. This is very interesting information and I'm glad you shared it :) Please stay on the forum, you are welcome here and a great addition. You are free to post whatever you want here, especially something as thought out and sincere as this.

Tarheel: Leave it up.

Like I said before, certain factions are incapable of reality.

I like the post. Consider the source of anti-sentiment, enough said. You're cool with us, Sun.

bluesbaby5050: Like I said BEFORE THIS TarHEEL..............

Try reading the complete postings BEFORE you TarHEEL reach for your Sarcasums again. There was a MIS-UNDERSTANDING,and it was EXPLAINED when I returned to the Forum later! Your SO RUDE,and Hateful,while you think your being NICE, and Your NOTTTT ! It's as plain as EGG ON YOUR FACE!

sun: Colors

To be read correctly:
I am white in this life, the bloodshed (6 million people!) was cast upon the red skinned people, the Native Americans by white people. Therefor, I was ashamed of my own race after reading about this and doing research 20 years ago. I hope that clarifies everything. And... I am not a follower and no leader, I just am.
Peace and respect to all :)

bluesbaby5050: I didn't mean any offence to be taken by you or others.........

I thought you had made a written mistake. As I Tried to figure this out. You weren't on at this time, and so you couldn't reply then. I thought there was a typo error as I tried to state this above as shown. I thought you were taking about the Native American people,and that you said they were Ashamed to be white because of their treatment. This was confusing when reading it.

MarbleMaster: Your statment about a

Your statment about a confusing remark is confusing, Are you a black person or a white person or an Native American Indian, BB50/50 ? I never heard of Ike West either or the teachings just spoken about, some of it makes sense. Zero is the 20th pathway, huh , I think we all make our own pathways myself. And each person is a world mostly unto itself. Welcome to my world. Mooove your mind and your ass will follow, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya , George Clinton''s phase I think Captain of the Mothership, Parlamint .

sun: Our different worlds

Zero is the start, 20 is the end, and so you start a new cycle again, beginning with zero, because all is nothing, empty is full. No duality, but oneness. All is circular, as in nonlinear time. When I started working with this knowledge I was amazed by how correct my inner self manifested itself in the outside world via working with the medicine wheel. How your body reacts to your mind, how other people react to you. It has taken me years to be fully aware of the five directions, and I now can say I can be aware of ten. Not more. But as time passed I moved on and I now live based on intuition and empathy, a trait that lied dormant for years due to my excessive amount of willpower. So I do not use the wheel anymore on a daily basis, but it was a good start to become aware. And yes, everyone has their own way to harmonize themselves, and that's great and necessary. Because of the diversity in different pathways we can learn, and benefit from each other. :)

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