Media is trying to Discredit Alex Jones

by edisonik on September 29th, 2010

Alex is being targeted by Controlled NWO Media, Big Brother is getting very Nervous and now Big Media is trying to discredit the truth about the NWO and the Global Treason being commited against humanity. Wake Up folks.

Gerald Celente says America is Broke and other frightening things!

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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caseyhue: I used too!!

I don't hate Alex Jones,.. an most of what he says is pretty reliable, but I think it's more of a diversion for the real action... These are my views.. I think people are waking up an the real threat know it.. they now need a diversion to keep them from the whole truth an Alex Jones is it one of possible many.. solutions. I listened to him for the first time last week an he sounded ok, but I also got the willies. I stopped listening to him. I believe David Icke as well, but I found elsewhere he was a Freemason member of course it's up in the air whether Freemasonry is all good, maybe I just don't understand them.. So David Icke is still up in the air I really don't trust him too much.. he's more like Alex Jones a diversion to keep the awakened population occupied..

Quinton: I agree with you sort of, but

I agree with you sort of, but I think people like Alex Jones aren't trying to keep people from awakening to the REAL truth. I just think they are waking people up at a very low level. They're mid range teachers and they know they are. They don't get into the super deep stuff because most people don't need that right now. People are so far removed from reality that even the idea of their government being owned by International banks is completely foreign to them. So Alex Jones doesn't get into aliens and stuff because people aren't ready for it. He can't prove it with documentation so he sticks to things that people will believe with documentation.

You don't get upset at your 3rd grade teacher for not teaching algebra. That's not their purpose. They are there to teach addition and subtraction. This is Alex Jones' purpose and he's damn good at it. I think Alex Jones is the one of the greatest leaders we have right now for waking people up. I have great respect for the guy and what he is doing.

caseyhue: yes...

I see your point about the human race not completely ready for alien talk an the documentation of proof. Still i think everyone still needs to be careful an alert.. In my opinion he seems to stir people up an some idiots will stand up with all that emotion an rage an they will be removed from the equation.. it's just a thought of more issue that need not be.

obsrvantlouie: Good comments here

AJ is more than likely a tool not unlike Quinton has said - I don't think Icke is. Even still, a tool can still disseminate good info while spreading fear. It was obvious to me AJ was a tool when he went on CNN piers Morgan attempting to debate gun ownership in America and he totally embarrassed himself. This was totally out of character for him and he definitely could have debated stronger and/or more professionally on a platform of national TV that really could have reached new audience.

Eric John Phelps exposes AJ

Same with Jesse Ventura - he had David Icke on his show and totally ambushed him with a character assignation.

Alex is more entry/mid level into conspiracy/awakening compared to Icke being far more advanced. Icke not only entertains ET but talks about consciousness, physical and spiritual potential. MSM sites like huff post etc have wrote numerous articles about Icke in attempts to make him look like a shyster. His books are excellent and his is one of the most knowledgable persons in the public light today. Icke is also excellent speaker - he doesn't need note cards or TelePrompTer. Last time I saw AJ radio show I am fairly certain I caught his eyes reading many of his responses.

BB just posted a good/new Icke interview on Ukraine and ISIS destabilization.

UN.i1-PHI: Making the opposition look ridiculous

sometimes it's really this easy

edisonik: I understand

The Star Seed will undo the wrongs of Mankind. It will materialize the Globalists know this and they are in great Fear, there is nothing that will stop this.
It is inevitable, for when the Galaxy wants change there is no Military or Technology on this Pathetic Little Planet that can change the Tsunami of 4TH Density, even the Overlords are Fearful , the Light will shine through , Darkness will be a thing of the Past.

The Force of Light is truly Frightening it's coming brace yourselves it's almost here.

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