Me myself an i

Well hello... im 36 a leo and my brain is very much awake... im not one for authority or rules set out by the elite scum... im also not a royalist for obvious happy to be here to read other peoples experiences etc and share some of mine...i care about the planet and animals some what more than most of the human race, saying that some humans have made me realise there are still some good ones about besides myself recently! Apparently i have a personality disorder, i say im just not dumbed down by the elite ?... anyway pleasure to be here, hope in some way i can help broaden the horizon in some way

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bluesbaby5050: Me Myself and I

We are very glad to have you here as a member. Welcome to Truthcontrol.

Maffiemaffman: Thank you... i seperated

Thank you... i seperated myself from earth and people so i could look in as an outsider, and through this i learnt alot, once i properly saw how the human race is and led, i was put into a mental health hospital because my eyes were open and to a certain extent new to much. I got diagnosed with a personality disorder too haha! I used to hate the human race but now i dont because i realised they/we are just puppets and this planet is controlled by the devil.. i will not fear or back down from that dark force because i LOVE and will not stop loving who we are as humans and what we stand for... im so happy i found this site its filled with so much of the right information and i feel guided by the right people with the right information... in a way i kind of feel out of my league but in this instance im happy about that... thank you for welcoming me

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