Me and my robot lawer !

While i was in lock up for mental health , i had a robot syic come as my lower , his eyes where green like a blade of glass like on the show being human and he came in pulled out paper for me to sign and then just let me , he did not even speck , has any one else had this happen to them ,

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BenjaminFalkenrath: I can't say that I've exp

I can't say that I've exp that... Um... Sounds interesting.

bluesbaby5050: Me and My Robot Lawyer!

Hello, Did you bother to read the paper before you signed it? What was the reason you had to sign the paper? What makes you think it is a robot ? It could even be an impostor alien race, because anything is possible. So would you please explain in more detail for this forum, as Im sure they would be interested in hearing what you have to tell them about these events in your life. If your not comfortable answering any questions then that's ok too. Be careful who you open up to in private on this forum and in life as some people aren't who they claim to be on here and then they will pretend to be your friend and then talk negative about you behind your back. This is good advice for every member on Truth Control because, this has
happened plenty on here recently and in the past. I hope your life improves for you. Again, welcome back.

kaleohrile: it was like seeing a sinc form being human sifi formthe eu

no i did not get to red any thing as fast as he was in he was out , like i said eyes the green glass i never seen before , or it could have been a god in human form too , i been dealing with that side too , i just a lose being the son of enok and no one to guide me , i so ask for help form some where , my energy i had problems releasing and my chi and chkara is flaring it center all the time , oh and i do have a brother same age as me so enko had two sons not just one , if their any groups that could help me or get a hold of me i thanks and does any one know if the earth groups won the battle !

bluesbaby5050: Me and My Robot Lawyer!

Hello again. I'm glad your back. Yes Enki did have 2 sons. Some people on this forum as well as non members know this information because they studied the history of the ancient Anunnaki. Thanks for your descriptions of your robot lawyer. The glass green eyes seem special. Some people can not see what other humans can see. You could have an AI that you call your robot lawyer instead of a total human as it is safer to use AI intelligence in a mental insitution where no physical harm can be done to it to retrieve information and it is alot faster too. If your lawyer was appointed to you by your court system in the UK because you could not afford one, then this could be the case as this action is open for your statesmen to use this available method thinking maybe the client would not take notice as most people are medicated to keep them more manageable for the workers in those insitutions. Using medications on people in mental insitutions is a very common practice. You could still get the same results with a human lawyer. Maybe this type of AI are being widely used now in your situation and in other areas in the medical fields. And with all the modern high technology being suppressed from the people it's easy to use it in cases like yours, so it's quite possible. I can not say this is happening, but with the way this planet is being operated this would now be most likely as the military have
been using them for years now. It's also being used in computer systems, and most common people aren't even aware of the extent of it's use yet. It's being used in the US in big urban cities, and the police departments have combined the military tactical gear with the police gear. And the difference is being that the police wear navy blue uniforms instead of the camouflage uniforms. Just look at all the tactical riot gear they have. Now the police have tanks that resemble army tanks they use in the streets in those cities for protection against the people. It's rumored that the US has AI that look human and they are used in the police departments and they will be using them on the streets to deal with humans on many levels. The police know the Americans are armed to their teeth, and so the police feel the need to use extreme caution when dealing with it's citizens. And this speaks volumns.

Tarheel: I cant understand what you're saying, chief

I've seen some tripped out things but I'm not sure what you're saying.
Maybe try a grammar check so we can understand you.
Peace bro.

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